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In the city of Rostov-on-don is the Philharmonic hall, which has a great history and popularity. The centre of creative culture of this region, which is filled with unique atmosphere of the music and theatre activities. Rostov Philharmonic – a place where creative collectives who are engaged in academic, folklore, music and mimic art. All of these nine groups, and they are all involved in carrying out arts festivals held annually in different directions of creativity.

Philharmonia poster

The Philharmonic was founded in 1935 and operates to this day. It is also worth noting that the building has and a designers and architects, and that's why she has such a unique and aesthetic appearance.

Location and address of the Philharmonic society

The Rostov regional Philharmonic hall is located in the center of the city, which allows many visitors and locals to quickly find her among the streets and other buildings. It is also worth noting that it is a cultural place is very popular among the population of the city. That is why the Philharmonic halls constantly filled with spectators who come to enjoy the beautiful moments, which for an artists show their performances and talents.

The Philharmonic hall is located at Bolshaya Sadovaya street, Rostov-on-don, Russia.

the Philharmonic society, Rostov-na-Donu

What rooms are there in the Philharmonic?

In the Philharmonic hall has two halls - small and large. The total number of places is 866, and 220 of them are designed for the small hall, and 646 for a big. An interesting factor is also the fact that visitors prefer the small room. It could also be due to the fact that in a smaller room better acoustics and under either option, the sound will be heard to the last rows.


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A Large hall equipped with comfortable seats and a large stage. Often there are performances and productions, which require game a large number of people.

Rostov Philharmonic also has an outwardly modern appearance, enabling it to match the appearance of the town centre. A small fountain located in front of the main entrance, creates a beautiful appearance, naveivali easy atmosphere of fun and bright impressions.

Rostov Philharmonic

Sound in the Rostov Philharmonic society

All visitors that have previously visited the Rostov Philharmonic, noted that the halls have very good acoustics, which allows you to hear the entry music groups and actors. No matter what a number of film viewers, they can enjoy the sound of that particular repertoire.

The Great hall has the acoustics of a lower quality, but its design and construction replace such a small negative. Ample space allows you to accommodate a large number of spectators, and bands that require a wide area of the scene make their presentations.

meet the musicians

Philharmonic: Billboard

Rostov Philharmonic society constantly holds different performances and concerts, which can be totally different subjects.

In Front of the entrance to the Philharmonic, one can notice that the most popular events have their own sign, and everyone can look at the list of musicians and actors who will play in this representation. At this point, starting from 15 January, will host regular concerts and events. In the beginning of the month will also be a lot of different classical music concerts, which conducts the Philharmonic.

The Poster also includes images of a team, in order to accurately understand what this group, or cast.

Rostov Philharmonic also does not hold only on specific repertoire. On the posters you can see that some artists are touring around the world, stopping in the Philharmonic and allowing you to go to the event for everyone. Despite what the man has taste, he can easily buy tickets for the desired shows. All the actors, singers and other artists only work at the highest level, and it is worth noting that performances are held at first-class level.

Meet the musicians

For many years the guests and residents of Rostov-on-don there is a tradition to hold special meetings with musicians. Such meetings can be interesting to different age categories of people. For the younger generation for the most part will be of interest to modern performers who are moving in the direction of jazz, rock. For middle-aged people might be interested in such a topic, but interested in other genres. Whatever it was, but each viewer may want to visit performances, concerts or other events to your taste, offered by the Philharmonic. Rostov-on-don is constantly aware of all the events and activities that are in this cultural destination.

Meetings with the musicians help to learn more and learn new things for themselves and their development. This can be a very interesting exercise for all people because each of us in one way or another, involved in the music.

What is remarkable Rostov Philharmonic?

It is notable for the fact that it is constantly large number of different activities that can be created in honor of some holiday or other event. It is also worth noting that every time the Philharmonic begins a new season of performances, everyone is welcome to come to any concert and see a real spectacular show that will impress with its scale.

Despite the fact that the Philharmonic hall has a modern external appearance, inside it looks not so rich. Still, the atmosphere in the hall focused not on the moulding of the ceiling, walls, elegant lighting, namely, to the stage, thereby, immersing its audience as deeply as possible into the holiday spirit, joy and only positive impressions.

Rostov regional Philharmonic

In the hall, at the entrance to the Philharmonic, you can purchase some Souvenirs and other crafts that are hand made. Copyright products can be very beautiful.

The Fountain, which is located in the front yard in front of the Philharmonic in the background also has a modern print. In this case the combination of such diverse styles can be very appropriate as a combination of modernity and classical sculptures are always manifested only with the best.

Bolshaya Sadovaya, Rostov-na-Donu


All visitors who were at the Philharmonic, noted that the halls are very beautiful and powerful sound. Also all the employees of the cultural sites relate well to the visitors and can tell you all that interested people. This is famous for such Philharmonic.


As you can see, at the moment are very popular of the Rostov Philharmonic. Rostov-on-don was always proud of her and our time also was no exception. In this case, it is worth noting that any visitor can effortlessly purchase a ticket to an interesting view and take in the pleasure of one or another form of creativity.

A Convenient location for visitors can guarantee a quick arrival to the appointed place. Beautiful and modern building of the Philharmonic society may provide guidance for those who do not know, how looks the building. Modern look and interesting fountain in front of the Philharmonic hall will help you find her in the city centre, as the structure differs in style from other, adjacent buildings. It is a popular place for meetings and friendly meetings, because to find it is not difficult.


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