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Show "Inexplicable, but fact", a list of series which are presented in this article is a documentary TV series coming out on TNT. In the air he started in 2005. The program is dedicated to unexplained and mysterious phenomena that surround us in this life. Each issue discusses one paranormal phenomenon.

Storyline program

strange but true series list

The Program "strange but true", a list of series which is of interest to all fans, was broadcast for exactly three years. In March 2008, she resigned from the TV channel. But many loyal fans are reviewing the best releases so far. And the project left a great impression on all fans of national television.

Each issue began with the fact that the presenter Sergey Druzhko told me about the letter which came to edition of the program, or showed unusual footage, which was attended by some mysterious, often mystical phenomenon.

In order to understand it, friend gathers a film crew and sent to the scene. Often in some of Russian regions. Arriving to the destination, it communicates with local residents, shoots video footage and then returned to Moscow, thoroughly analyzes them. Invites to the Studio of experts discussing what they see. Invites the audience to draw conclusions, how real everything. In such a scenario unfolding action almost all the episodes of "Inexplicable, but fact". The episode list will allow to choose any and make sure that it really is.


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Themes programs

friend inexplicable but true series list

Sam friend in one of the issues was recognized that for a long time have studied many of the popular mystical phenomena like Bermuda triangle, Loch ness monster or Bigfoot. But in normal city life, he claims, are often no less mysterious and fascinating events. As an example, he cites the case of rescue of a child who flew a thousand miles in the landing gear compartment of the plane, strange circles that appear from time to time in different cities of Russia. The investigation of such cases and was devoted to the transfer.

A Leading friend in "Inexplicable, but fact" (list of episodes of the programme you will see below) showed the audience of people who underwent clinical death, explained the nature of prophetic dreams, and the mechanics of time travel.

Also, the creators, at the request of the viewers of the program, not once addressed the nature of religious artifacts. For example, trying to figure out what myrrh-streaming icons, how to cast out devils, comes from the Sacred fire. Is it really all the miracles or deception?

The same friend is often formed of a program cycles. For example, did a series about supernatural forces, then about people with amazing paranormal abilities, then about historical facts, in which there are unexplained details. Or talked about the new little known to the wider public Sciences.

Leading Sergey Druzhko

inexplicable but true list of episodes with titles

Of Course, the success of the program "Inexplicable, but fact", a list of series which are presented in this article played a major role leading Sergey Druzhko. This Russian actor is a native of oral. His first role he played on stage of theatre "On moss".

Worked as a radio host, organized theatrical performances, performed bardovskie programs. In 2003 graduated from VGIK specialty "Director". He soon revealed his talent on TNT in the program "Inexplicable, but fact". The list of series names are in this article. After the success on TNT friend invited on REN TV, where he led the transfer of "Fantastic stories".

In the draft on TNT friend constantly discussed what is on the screen with experts, experimenting on yourself. All this he presented as a serious journalism project of the investigation of unusual phenomena. We know that he friend suffered clinical death. After that, many things in life, he began to see differently.

In the first year of its existence, the project "Inexplicable, but fact" was among the top five humanitarian programs of the country.

First season

inexplicable but true list of episodes season 2

The Debut of the program was called "In the arms of death." He was dedicated to people who like leading the project Sergey Druzhko, survived clinical death. And it did not affect their fate, and they are still alive.

Also in the first season were the issues of "Kyshtym alien" about the aliens, the "Triangle of death" about the place that turn people into bloody murderers, "the Enchanted lake" is about a mysterious body of water in the Russian provinces, "time Loop" about people who have travelled into the future or the past, "Prophetic dreams" in which Sergey Druzhko tried to figure out the nature of prophetic dreams, whether you can trust them, where they come from.

In the episode "the Woman in white (date with a Ghost)" friend told me about a woman that evening, walking through the corridors of the telecentre. "The People Mowgli" was dedicated to the phenomenon of people, Mowgli, where they come from, what behaviors they have observed.

"Holy miracles" was dedicated to the phenomenon of weeping icons and Holy fire. The tenth issue of the "Deathtrap" - the most dangerous places on the planet.

After the success of a pilot series project it was decided to continue. Only the first season released episode 71.

Second season

inexplicable but true list of episodes season 3

Show, "Strange, but true" (list of episodes season 2 we will quote right now) continued in 2006. The first episode was called "Messages from aliens". In it the authors try to answer the eternal question, are we alone in this Universe. Sergey Druzhko tried myself to get in touch with the mysterious green men, send them a message, or receive from them any information.

Vivid episodes were "Healers quacks", "weed", "Night people", "Legends of lake Baikal", "Telling person", "coincidences", "Ghost towns", "Games for adults", "Sex astrology".

All in the second season, took 53 episodes.

Third season

In 2007, resumed the show "Strange, but true". List of episodes season 3 opened the episode, "Sense of danger" about the mysterious and natural disasters.

Also, the audience saw the series: "Technology temptation", "Victim hypnosis", "Secrets of the bear lakes", "Fishers of men", "Road of death", "Curse of the psychics", "reign of fire", "Witch of the XXI century", "Life for two", "Mystic Peter. Shadow town", "science of the future", "Miracles and magic", "the Search for extraterrestrial intelligence", "Insomnia", "Supersphere", "downside of progress", "end of the world", "risk Zones", "Aggravation of feelings", "Things versus people", "the Road of death. A new investigation", "Bridges between worlds".

In the latest episode of "the Mysteries of the two capitals" participated Andrei Makarevich, who told what the riddle was seen at Patriarch's ponds in childhood. What it was, found out friend.

In Total, the third season was released 25 episodes.


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