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The Popular TV series "the vampire Diaries" has been completed, but the actors who took part in the project do not lose the popularity. One of them was the role of Elena Gilbert. If you want to learn about more movies with Nina Dobrev in the lead role, to once again enjoy the game of the actress, this article is for you.

Nina Dobrev in life

Love on the front line (2007)

One of the first in the list of movies with Nina Dobrev in the lead roles was the film "Love on the front line". The actress turned into a young Jewish girl, daughter of a Rabbi. The events in the movie show the most dangerous time for the people of the heroine of the Second world war. It was at this time Rachel meets a young German officer Oscar. The guy was disappointed in the war, refuses to understand its importance.

Rachel "Love on the front line"

It Seems that love just can't be together. The father of Oscar, German General, forcing him to return to the front and win together with all the army. The guy leaves, and Rachel getting married Reverend Bernard to hide from persecution. The lovers are no longer even hope to meet, but fate decides differently.

Too young to marry (2007)

Among the movies with Nina Dobrev in the lead role also has a tape "Too young for marriage". In this tape, she played the role of a young girl Jessica.

Nina Dobrev "Too young for marriage"

As a teenager, she fell in love with max, a guy from school. Soon among them began the relationship, and the characters believe that it's true love. After school, they decide to get married, but all relatives are against it. They claim that Jessica and Max are too young to get married and their love can't survive the first difficulties in life.


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Two-faced killer (2008)

A feel-Good movie with Nina Dobrev is considered "two-faced murderer." This time she plays the role of seventeen year old Justin.

On a typical afternoon the girl is going to spend time with her boyfriend Brent, but he comes to her home together with her brother. New friend is behaving quite rudely with a girl, but she gives no value. It turns out that the brothers decided to Rob a jewelry store and pulled into this story Justin. After the incident, the girl's life changes dramatically. She begins to drink, neglects the relationships with family, throws the study.

American alley (2008)

Among the movies with Nina Dobrev in the lead role is musicals. The first of these was the film "American alley."

Nina Dobrev sang in "American alley"

In the center of the story is the confrontation of two musicians. Guys for many years compete not only in music but also in life. Nina got the role of Ellie shepherd. It was she who helped the protagonist to believe in themselves.

The Flatliners

Pretty scary story shown in the film, Nina Dobrev starring in "Flatliners".

The Group of doctors decides to conduct a new experiment to find out whether there is life after death. They decide to enter into a state of clinical death and then come back and share what they saw. Suddenly everything gets out of control.

Nina Dobrev can be seen in projects such as "Three wars: World domination", "Roommate", "it's Good to be a wallflower". The actress also starred in "the ruins", "the hunt for the werewolf", "Flophouse", "Away from her", "Happy day", "the Last girls."

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