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Article is talking about a man with a capital letter - Voronov Igor, a photo of which you see in the article. Will highlight all the important moments of his life: childhood, youth, achievements and cultural legacy that he left behind. Art lovers will be interested in our article.

ravens Igor

Ravens Igor – artist, teacher, Man!

Nowadays, many popular (and not) figures blow on the problem of Russian culture. Indeed, the modern language abounds with foreign words, we hesitate to sing folk songs, not to mention the traditions and customs of the ancestors who are respected for centuries. Just left that t-shirt type “I - Russian». We are losing our roots, thereby depriving themselves of spiritual power, the rod that could break down any invaders and conquerors.

Igor Voronov – one who whole life was devoted to Russian culture, preservation of the historical heritage of their ancestors. Still he freely gives his knowledge to the grateful students.

ravens Igor biography

Life in art and art in life

Biography of Igor Voronov began in the distant pre-war time. Two weeks before the new, 1941, December 17, in a modest Moscow family was born a boy. Happy parents dreamed of a bright future, but six months later the war began. Childhood Igor recalls rare, with consistently bright, sad eyes. Grew up like everyone else: hungry, cold, and was moving, and troubles – the war left its imprint on the destiny. Songs accompanied the boy always: the people, the frontline, lyrics…


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And Therefore didn't think twice after high school-he enrolled in music school. Tchaikovsky in Moscow. He continued his studies at the Moscow state Conservatory. Talented, hardworking and motivated student noticed. He is the Dean of the G. I. Tietz celebrated his success. A few years young professional Voronov Igor, will receive from him a proposal to start teaching in home school.

They Say the artist must be hungry. And the singer? While still a student, Igor Voronov begins to work, while gaining experience and honing the skills of the singer. First in the Moscow art Theater, then on radio and TV. Even in the song and dance Ensemble of the Russian Army. In 1970, in the thirtieth year of his life, he received the diploma of the Conservatory. Now Voronov Igor was a soloist of the State academic Russian choir.

ravens Igor soloist


For a long and fruitful life Igor Nikolaevich had many students, and each was for him as a child. Because disciple-is a follower, one who accepts the cultural heritage, will carry it on, will maintain and increase. However the most favorite and expensive the brainchild of Igor Voronov – vocal Quartet of ancient music “Ross-Antik". It was organized in 1980 and since then has successfully toured the country and abroad. Singers and speakers with him in the Quartet, have become loyal friends and associates. They believe that their duty to the Fatherland - the revival and execution of the best examples of ancient musical art of the XVII-XIX centuries. As artistic Director I. N. Ravens carefully suited to the compilation of the repertoire and the performances of «Ross Antica”.

He carries out researches, working in archives and museums, looking for ancient manuscripts which contain the musical recordings of works handles the ancient melody for the vocal performance. Of course, a large part of the repertoire of the Quartet – the musical legacy of Russian composers and folk tunes. However, programs of performances you can listen to the masterpieces of Western European classical music and contemporary artworks Voronov: composers V. Dyachenko, V. Artyomov, V. Kalistratova, I. Kataeva, and many other colleagues.

ravens Igor photo


About recognized talent, indomitable energy, health, sociability, decency and friendliness Voronova, Igor Nikolayevich, you can talk for a long time. But it is better to view the gallery of awards and diplomas, photos grateful successful disciples, followers and make sure – this is really a great Man! He and the creative team «Ross-Antik" the subject of a number of TV shows, had organized many radio interviews. In 1987, directed by Boris Kustov made a documentary about the Quartet and its permanent father-the head of Igor Voronov!

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