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Among the figures the television such a figure as Alexander Z. Akopov, fairly well-known. His whole life devoted to film and TV projects of different nature. He converted on Russian television more than 100 successful ideas, including the famous series, children's and popular scientific programs.

Alexander Akopov, Z.

Previously, he was Director of the TV channel "Russia", and then founded his company — “AMEDIA”. However, it is better all the milestones of his work we learn in chronological order. So, the actual Alexander Akopov, Z.: biography, achievements, personal fate.

Biography Director and screenwriter

Born future Director of RTR in Moscow, 1957, November 22. He graduated from construction engineering Institute in 1979. In 1980 he organized the first project — student theatre "SNIP" and from 1981 began to write the script. Participated in the KVN games in College. For some time he worked as a foreman on construction.

Upon graduation, Akopov enrolled in graduate school. His dissertation written on the subject of ‘Systems design automation”.

This man is talented in everything. The wonderful Alexander Akopov, Z.? Their personal life is strongly related to TV and filming the TV series.

In 1986, is the editor of KVN. At the same time, he has been involved in other programs “Business Russia», ‘Magnificent seven’, ‘ My Family”, “Sellout” and others.

In 1988 Akopov has created one of the first in the time companies in the production of advertisements and some TV programs “Moderator". A few years later (in 1992), together with Mikhail Lesin, and other fellow organizes a company that specializes exclusively in the advertising — “Video international”.


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Alexander Akopov, Z. personal life

Alexander Z. Akopov worked for several months in 1992 in the US television network PBS, there was a responsible producer. Since 1996 occupies the same position in numerous television projects in various Russian channels. And then 1996, he was appointed Director of the production center of the TV channel «Russia». Until February 2002 he held this position, and was Deputy Chairman of VGTRK. But then refused, having decided to go «float freely».

Company "AMEDIA" and "Space movie"

In 2002, she created the company on manufacture of films "AMEDIA". It had its own Studio complex in Moscow, which built his own Studio volunteers. Part of the company "AMEDIA Group" was a distribution company and production. 2002–2006 Akopov — its official President.

Then he left the post of head of this company in 2015, has launched a new own project “Space film". Apparently, soon the Russian people expect new work of the famous producer and Director. A creative person cannot be passive, it is open to new stories. Probably to search for a new film in April 2016 there was a public meeting with the writer of Alice ganaway.

Wife of Alexander Akopov

Married Alexander Akopov, the only time in 1999. His wife was the actress who played the companion of the main character in the TV series "Turkish March” — Marina Mogilevskaya. Unfortunately, the marriage quickly disintegrated. And after a divorce, the filmmaker is no longer married. Children they have in common. How to live alone Akopov Alexander Z.? Wife Marina Olegovna Mogilev admitted in one of her interviews - she regrets that they broke up, and the blame for the collapse of marriage considers only himself.

Alexander Akopov, Z. book

Today Akopov completely devoted himself to creative activity. And still full of new ideas. Whether to marry again Akopov Alexander Z.? Family is a circle of film actors and directing team. In addition, all the powers it invests in the future of television, which one day will be graduates of his course, which he opened, joined them. S. A. Gerasimov. As for the ex-wife — Marina Mogilevskaya kept with Hakob's a good friendship. Subsequently, the Marina Olegovna also began to write successful scripts.


Alexander Akopov opened his own workshop in VGIK on the course “Producing in film and television”. And later became a Professor of screenwriting the art criticism in the modern Academy of the media Industry.

Alexander Akopov, Z. wife

Despite the fact that the family had not happened, the Director believes his life a success.

Alexander did not hide from journalists the fact that received her money, he does not cares and loves carousing with friends.

Achievements and successful projects

The Most important achievement in the career of the Director — since 2001 he is a Member of the Russian television Academy. Since December 2013 Akopov was honored to be the President of the Fund.

Over the years on Russian television Alexander Akopov, Z.'ve produced a lot of projects, namely:

  1. Poor Nastya, 2003 (TV series).
  2. Series “My fair nanny” — 2004
  3. Series “Team”.
  4. Other well-known works such as “Turkish March”, “Not born beautiful”, “Luba, children and factory”...

For all without exception children and adults, this joy, was a Russian Comedy television series “My fair nanny”.

A TV series-drama “Poor Nastya” in 2000 was a sensation. Beautiful costumes, interesting plot, and convincing acting has attracted a lot of viewers even beyond the border of the Russian Federation.

Alexander Akopov, Z. family

This show has acquired immense popularity in the United States and China.


On a successful career Akopova can be seen also at the following premiums:

  • Grand Prix «Kinotavr - 2002”.
  • In San Sebastian received the award for best screenplay, and also best cinematography. But the Director of this picture was Valery Todorovsky.
  • Prize "taffy" for the production of TV series (with Russian actors) on the TV channel «Russia».
  • As the head of the state television channel got a medal «For merit».

As one of the leading Directors, Akopov noted in released the book “who is Who on Russian television”. It describes in detail the biographies of a variety of leading writers — all film industry professionals of our time.

Alexander Akopov, Z.: the book

In addition, Alexander Z. Akopov known as one of the authors of the book for those interested in producing. It's called "How it's done: producing in the creative industries”. Among the other authors of this remarkable book refers to such authors as Konstantin Ernst, I. V. Kiriya, J. Belsky, V. Murugov, and many other accomplished artists.

Alexander Akopov, Z. biography

Here for the General public, a lot of interesting material for a quick read popular profession ‘producer of television”. All chapters of this fascinating book filed in a simple form. Alexander Akopov wrote a separate theme: “the Art of narration”.

Beginning with the history of the emergence of this profession to the basics of art continuously come up with new ideas — all aspects can be read if there is interest in the topic. The release of the book — a creative impulse rather than commercial publishing, the price is absolutely symbolic.

Fight with the Director of the piracy

In addition to the activities on the TV channel, Alexander Z. Akopov is an active advocate of copyright, so often violated in the network. In 2010 Akopov, then still the head of JSC «AMEDIA-Groups”, called “criminals” all users of the network "Vkontakte".

The representatives of the portal immediately responded, and reported in the press that if the holder does not agree with the placement of the materials on this site, he has the right to inform on violation of his copyright, then the material is immediately removed. Subsequently, Alexander Akopov apologized to the representatives of «Vkontakte».


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