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Since its invention by Alexander Graham bell in the second half of the nineteenth century, headphones have undergone many changes and firmly entered the lives of not only music lovers could not imagine their life without music, but all lovers listen to the radio on the way to work or “read” a new audiobook without disturbing the home. With the advent of almost every house personal computer headphones and all have become an indispensable attribute in every family. Do you know how to choose headphones and what aspects when buying this accessory, you should pay attention to?

The First thing to look for when choosing headphones is the frequency range. However, note that the principle of “bigger is better” in this case, does not always work. So how to choose headphones “correct” frequency range? For starters, it is important to know that the human ear can perceive frequencies ranging from 20 Hz to 20 kHz. The beginning of this cut is responsible for “bass”, and above are high-frequency sounds. For good headphone is important, not the width of the frequency range, and the correct reproduction of frequencies in this range, without obstructions, “?” or wheezing at lower frequencies, and without rasp or hiss at the top and mid frequencies. Typically, manufacturers indicate the main technical characteristics of your product, including the amplitude-frequency indicators on the packaging or accompanying instructions.

The Second important characteristic when choosing headphones is resistance. In fact, the more accessory this feature, the more powerful the device you need headphones for an optimal experience, and much less influence on the sound source has. Simply put, low-quality player can connect headphones with an impedance of 8-16 Ohms, but to fully enjoy the music fail – this will distract the crackling of internal processes, noise and other extraneous sounds. And when you connect this player large “monitor” headphones with an impedance of 250 Ohms, the sound will be very quiet and flat – the headphones will not play, and will “whisper”. The optimal resistance range for portable devices – 32-64 Ohms. Knowing this will tell you how to choose headphones for running “right”.


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Another important factor significantly influencing the sound, is the sensitivity. The more this characteristic, the sound louder. Accordingly, the smaller the sensitivity and the resistance, the quieter the headphones will play the sound.

Many buyers before purchasing this accessory thinking what to choose – headphones or “normal”. In this matter it is best to focus on their own feelings during the trial listening and the convenience factor. You should also remember that even when muted the world around us in a vacuum headphones “jammed” it seems that with such a device, it is advisable to very carefully cross the road and be on the street more focused.

And the last part of the question about how to choose headphones is the acoustic design of the upcoming purchase. In this respect, headphones are “open”, “closed” and “half-open". In addition to the appearance design of the acoustic effect on sound insulation – “closed” headphones the outside world will be as "smothered" of the music, and the surrounding will not hear what is playing in the headphones, even when played at very high volume. But in “closed” headphones there is one drawback-the sound is not coming out from behind the blank back wall of speakers and maybe a little distorted.

One of the most popular manufacturers of headphones at the moment are such companies as “Koss”, “Sennheiser”, “Sony”, “AKG” and “Philips”, but there are a number of other manufacturers, providing the market headphone high-quality and noteworthy merchandise.

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