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Annenkov, Nikolai Aleksandrovich was born on 21 Sep 1899. The real name of the popular movie actor - Kokin. The birthplace of the famous actor became the small village of Kalugino. First education Nikolay Kokin received, while still a very small child, in a local rural school. A little growing up, a young man decides to finish the Tambov school. He enrolled in 1909, and in 1916, it ends. The top is not going to stop, he continues to move forward and entered the Moscow Institute of engineers of ways of communication.

For the First time Kokino had the opportunity to go on stage in 1917. The young man was to become an actor in one Amateur productions in his native village. Annenkov never sat on the ground, he tried to get to know yourself and find a vocation. 1918 was for the young man's time at the evacuation center. Here he held the position of clerk. In 1919 the actor became a member of the Kirsanov uyezd food Committee. In the same period of time along with other volunteers went bravely to protect their Homeland in the ranks of the red army. Nicholas became one of the cultural workers. Immediately after the war, Victor went to study theater arts at the Higher theatrical workshops, held at the Maly theatre. For the entire period of his acting, the man has played more than 200 roles in theatrical productions and movies.

In 1941, the actor along with his theater was evacuated to Chelyabinsk. Here he continued his acting career as the head of the front concert theater team. In 1946, the man managed to achieve universal recognition and to get to work as a teacher at the theater school Shchepkin. The man has lived an age. Being a true actor, Kokin its one-hundredth anniversary was celebrated on the stage native theatre. Here he performed his last role, and in a few days - September 30, 1999 - died.


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Annenkov, Nikolai Aleksandrovich

Personal life of the actor

Nikolai Annenkov was married only once in his life. His wife was the actress of theatre and cinema, as well as the teacher of Theatrical Institute of Shchepkin – Tatyana Mitrofanovna Yakushenko-Annenkov. The actor met with her in 1961. By this time the woman managed to become widowed. Her previous husband was a famous soloist of the Bolshoi theatre V. I. Yakushenko. See Nicholas realized that he first fell in love. Mutual admiration led to a prosperous marriage. The actors lived together for 38 years. Tatyana Mitrofanovna died 11 November 1997. In the face of his lady Kokin found the beloved, beautiful wife, loyal friend and colleague.

Nikolai Annenkov movies

Famous Russian actor Nikolai Annenkov different from other professionals in this field with a special warmth. He loved his work and all his spare time was dedicated to her. Seeing the extraordinary talent of the man, filmmakers are constantly offered to Nicholas roles in his films. During his working activities Annenkov played about 200 roles in the different feeds of the writers.

Timur and his team movie

“Timur and his team”

The Film was born back in 1940. The film will tell the viewer the story of a little girl Wife, her sister Olga and the boy is Timur. She is the daughter of Colonel Alexandrov. Together with Olga they come to the country, where he met with Timur. The boy seems Olga is very strange, she takes him by the bully, although in reality this kid is trying to brighten up the existence of the local residents left without male support. Together with his team he helps women to chop wood and carry water. When Jack learns that her father is going off to the front, she was very upset, because they do not have time to say goodbye to him. Timur decides to steal a motorcycle uncle to help her to get to Moscow.

"Timur and his team" - a film in which Nicholas Annenkov had a chance to play the role of his father gene – Colonel Alexandrov.

actor Annenkov, Nikolai Aleksandrovich


The Creation of this film should be attributed to a relatively distant 1948. In this movie Annenkovo got to play a major role. He appeared before the audience in the form of one of the professors of the Soviet Union – Alexei Dobrotvorskaya. This film brought the actor with the Stalin prize for his invaluable contribution to the development of domestic cinematography.

The Film is about the life of Soviet scientists. The main characters become Professor Dobrotvorskaya and scientist Oleg Losev. These people are in the way of completing a very important work in the medical field. Soon, however, one of the comrades Dobrotvorskaya tells him that part of the data from their scientific work in some way fell into the hands of foreigners. He saw this information printed in one of the American publications.

Nikolai Annenkov movies


Soviet Directors engaged in the creation of this work in 1979. The writers suggested Annenkovo to play the role of lawyer Sergei Vasilyevich Basov. Thanks to a strong opinion in this film, Nicholas was able to convey to the viewer the main idea of the Director. The movie tells moviegoers the life story of the beautiful and highly moral girl named Barbara Basov. She can't imagine her life without faith, morality, and certain life ideals. Barbara had to live in a world fully steeped in vulgarity and violence. To fix this girl, so she has to put up with this situation.

“the Mysterious heir”

This film was created by Soviet creators in 1987. She quickly gained the love of the audience. The young Soviet painter Burtsev became heir to a large fortune of his uncle, who left his Homeland with the first emigrants. He settled in Paris. As a legacy guy got an expensive collection of valuable art objects. Burtsev going to give her the town of Mtsensk as a posthumous memory of his relative. He believes that this decision will be the correct one. In this Director's work Nicholas had to perform a secondary, but very responsible role of Jacob S. Burtsev.

Annenkov, Nikolai Aleksandrovich grave

“spirit day”

In 1990, was created by well-known motion picture "whit". In this film, the actor was offered to play one of the minor roles – the government official.

“the First echelon”

A Fascinating ribbon was created by Michael Kalatozova in 1955. In this film a talented actor Annenkov, Nikolai Aleksandrovich appeared before the audience in one of the main roles. The man had the opportunity to play the role of Secretary Kashtanova.

“angel with a cigarette”

“angel with a cigarette" is the latest work, in which participated a talented actor Annenkov, Nikolai Aleksandrovich. The film was released on blue screens of cinemas in 1999. The movie tells the viewer 13 different musical stories that happened in a very strange yard. It's beautiful lilac blooms, yellow birch, and constantly drives a posh Mercedes. In a musical film actor Annenkov played a secondary role.

Nikolay Kokin

Instead of an epilogue

Lived a long and interesting life Annenkov, Nikolai Aleksandrovich. His grave is located in Moscow Vvedenskoye cemetery. This place had been buried for 54 Hero of the Soviet Union, about 770 scholars, honored 200 doctors and 300 artists.


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