A brief. and when she was in the Comedy "the government Inspector": a person without moral principles


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Comedy N. Gogol “Comptroller” has long been dispersed quotes, and the sharp comparisons, as they very accurately reflect human nature. This work, which the great writer wrote in 1835, true to this day. Because it describes with striking accuracy the different traits of human nature, in particular its main character. A coward, a braggart, arrogant people — here's a quick way inspector. In the Comedy “Comptroller” these traits revealed juicy and bright.brief image hlestakova in the Comedy the government inspector

The Deception of the century

This work Starts with the fact that in one provincial town are waiting for a very important person — auditor, who is traveling with an important test. And here comes the gentleman, very modest and businesslike. A brief. and when she was in the Comedy “Comptroller” the author draws a very positive colors. Ivan, that's the name of the visitor, a very ‘good-looking”. It does not produce a stunning experience and even unremarkable. But if you look closely to the hero, he is very worthy of attention.

The Circumstances were such that the inspector took to be the important person. He is, instead just to correct a misunderstanding, instantly is in the image. Then, and manifest the most hidden qualities of his character.

Loser and the little people

A common citizen of that time — here is a brief. and when she was in the Comedy “Comptroller”, which the author draws us initially. He lives in a big city, which is full of temptations and temptations. But the secular society of the Northern capital refused to accept him into their ranks. Because the inspector isn't high enough position, he does not possess particularly mind, has some sparkling talents. It can be safely attributed to the banal losers who came to conquer St. Petersburg. But their strength — both financial and moral — the hero is clearly overestimated. He is an ordinary little man in a big capital.quotes khlestkov of the auditorBut then fate gives the chance — to demonstrate that you are an outstanding man. Khlestakov and with passion thrown in this adventure.


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Gentry County

What gets the main character? It is the environment of landed gentry, whose representatives are concerned only to emphasize their importance and greatness. Every resident of the County town is trying to emphasize the shortcomings of others, to prove that he is the best. The characters in "the Inspector General" by Gogol swaggering, sometimes stupid, but believe themselves to local aristocracy.

And in a society gets Khlestakov, a very ordinary little clerk, writes about the author — “neither one nor the other”.

The question is — why the main character is not at once admitted that he was not the one taking it? But to this question the author gives no answer — maybe he just wanted to play in an important person?Gogol auditor Khlestakov

A Brief image of the inspector in the Comedy “Comptroller” can be described as follows — is a person who is too far from ideal, he is a player, he's a small sport. Khlestakov believes that comfort should prevail, and worldly pleasures stand in the first place. Nothing wrong with not see it is to fool crooks. Moreover, he sure does "Holy thing”.

Gogol brought a beautiful image of the braggart and coward, who hasn't run for anything and just wasting his life. He “one of those people in the offices are called empty”.

By the Way, quotes the inspector General of the "Auditor" very aptly and vividly describe a certain group of people. The exact characteristics of the characters in a few words, very true to reflect their inner essence.

It is Interesting that, in addition to the real person, the hero is a Ghost who takes revenge on him with a fantastic assertion. He's trying to be not those in fact, but it desperately fails. But even his own lackey of the inspector openly despises his master. That's how he speaks about his master: “now, if it was really something worthwhile, and that in fact litratista simple”.

And a braggart and a scoundrel

The Film has a good pedigree. He was born in a family of old-world landowner, in the depths of Russia. But for some reason failed to maintain contact neither with his birth, neither with the people nor with the earth. He doesn't remember their relationship and it becomes like an artificial man who jumped out of “the Petrine table of ranks". About his father, he speaks quite disparagingly: “They are lout, and don't know what you mean, "supposed to take"”. These quotes from the inspector "Auditor" once again emphasize that the family tradition does not honor the hero, but still tries to make fun of the old father.

But this does not prevent him to take money from “uneducated father” and spend them at its discretion.Comedy n V Gogol the government inspector

Narcissistic, reckless, boastful — here is a brief. and when she was in the Comedy “Inspector”. He came to the hotel and then calls itself the most delicious meal, because he allegedly was not used. He loses all the money, but can not stop. He insults a servant and yells at him, but at some point passionately listens to his advice.

And boasting how much! Without batting an eye, he said that he is fluent with the pen and such well known works as “Robert the Devil” and “she”, he wrote in one night. He does not even suspect that this is not the book and the Opera.

And even when the daughter of the mayor accuses him of lying and says of the author of the work - «Yury Miloslavsky”, the Film immediately States that it has exactly the same composition.

This ability to instantly adjust and not to shade one can only envy! To impress the townsfolk, he sprinkles French words, which he knows only a few. It seems that it becomes secular, in fact his flow of words is laughable. He can't finish his thought, so quickly changing topics, jumping from one to another. When he needs something, he can be gentle and polite. But once the Film gets his own, immediately begins to be rude and rude.

Morality, there is only benefits

There are No moral constraints to the inspector there. It is empty and frivolous man who is only concerned about their own well-being. And when it comes to the officials to give him the basic trick, he takes her for granted. At the beginning, when money is given for the first time, it is extremely Blendable, and even drop them from the excitement. But when it comes to the postmaster, Khlestakov more confidently accept the money. From Strawberries it just requires them with pressure. Yet he is confident that the funds it borrows and certainly will give them. But as soon as he understands that he is confused with an important person, I instantly adapts to the situation and decides to take advantage of this great opportunity.

The Place of Comedy in world literature

Gogol, "Auditor" of the Film — these words firmly established in world literature. The concept of “khlestakovshina” has become synonymous with the symbol of deception, trickery and narrow-mindedness.characters of Gogol's Revizor

The Author was able so accurately to reflect in his work the nature of the main character that is still very often false and perverse people are called in one word — Khlestakov. Rogue and swindler, he did not draw conclusions from their situation, being sneaky confidence that next time he will get lucky.


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