"Rejuvenating apples". Russian folk tale about rejuvenating apples and living water


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Folk tale so good, that contain tremendous life experience and wisdom. No wonder that in Russia said that “the tale lie Yes it hint”. Some characters of Russian fairy tales to ridicule human vices and bad deeds, the other - to punish evil and deceit, and others - glorify the goodness, honesty, boldness and courage. “Rejuvenating apples” – a tale that will teach me a lot and tells that there is a silver lining. Any child who reads this story, be sure to learn a lot of useful, will receive representation about true values and develop a sense of beauty.

Rejuvenating apples

Fairy Tale “Rejuvenating apples”. Short contents

In a certain Kingdom, in some state there lived a king. And he had three sons. Senior - Fedor, medium - Vasily and younger – Ivan. Aged king, and hearing, and his eyes have become not the same. However, he knew that far, far away, grows an Apple tree with the apples of youth and is there a well of living water. If you eat an Apple, rejuvenate, and water eyes wash - good to see you.

The king Gave a feast and invited all the boyars, princes and their sons. And spoke to them about the fact that if there was one person who would get him rejuvenating apples and water cuisines, I would give it to this brave man in possession of half the Kingdom. Big brothers do not resist and immediately protested that they did not want their legacy to share with anyone.

Rejuvenating apples tale

The adventures of brother Theodore

The Eldest son Fyodor first decided to go on the road for wonderful gifts. Took neutrinos the horse, a bridle Newsday, whip neglecting, twelve girths for the fortress and drove off. Long or short, but suddenly at a crossroads of three roads he saw a huge stone, on which was written: "go Right – the horse will lose, right go - to be married, go to the left - the horse will save, lose yourself”. And he chose, of course, the road direct. Rides and rides and then lo and behold - tower with a gilded roof stands. From it came a maiden fair and invited the king's son to come into the house, eat and sleep. First Fedor stubbornly refused, but then agreed. The girl fed him, watered Yes against the wall, and laid to sleep. And then she bed turned so that the guest flew right into a deep pit.


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Heroes of Russian fairy tales

Error brother Basil

After a while again the king assembles all his nobles, and again asked to get him a rejuvenating apples and cousines with water, and gives half the Kingdom. To share remembered father the legacy of the second king's son Vasily is also not wanted, so soon he zasobiralsya the road. Waiting for him the same fate as his older brother. Now together they waited for his release in the dark at the girl.

Ivan Tsarevich in search of rejuvenating apples

Time Passed, and the king collects the third feast, and again talks about rejuvenating apples and living water. This time Ivan decided to get all of this for his father, and brothers had to find. Ivan received a father's blessing and started preparing for a journey-track. In the stables of the Royal horse was not worthy. Grieved Ivan, and suddenly sees the grandmother-Sidorenko, who learned his sadness, said that in the cellar a good horse is chained to an iron chain. Came Ivan Tsarevich to the cellar, kicked the iron plate, tore a chain from his horse, bridled, saddled, and twelve girths imposed. And rode the slavushka youthful experience.

Rejuvenating apples summary

He got to the stone slab, reading all of his writings and decided to go on the way “horse rescue, and to lose”. Rode it long or short, but at sunset he came across a hut on chicken legs. He turned to his hut before, and back to the woods and went inside. Grandmother Yaga began to smell the Russian spirit. And let him ask questions, like, who he is and where, but Ivan wanted to feed him and give the rest of the way, and then told her where he's going and what treasures he needed. Baba Yaga knew where to find rejuvenating apples and living water, as it turned out, her own niece's maiden sineglazka, strong bogatyrki. But finding her is almost impossible. And then she sent it to her middle sister and gave his horse. Quickly, he got to her, but she didn't know how to find the maiden Sineglazka. And then she gave him his horse and drove him to his eldest, most knowledgeable sister. She told Ivan that lives their niece Sineglazka for the high and thick walls, and guards it most. She gave the man his horse fighting and warned: "it will come to the walls of the Palace of sineglazka, then hit the sides of the horse, and he instantly flies to the wall this one." Ivan Tsarevich went to the path.

the Tale of rejuvenating apples summary

The Maiden Sineglazka

Quickly he reached the Kingdom of the maiden sineglazka and sees that protecting her all asleep. Then he spurred his horse and found myself in a magic garden, where grew the Apple tree with the apples of youth, and under it was the well of water. He had picked the fruit, cherpnul water and wanted to flee, but the curiosity overwhelmed him: I'd like to see the maiden Sineglazka. He went into her chamber and saw that she was asleep, and next to all of her servants from a dozen girls. I could not resist Ivan Tsarevich and kissed her. And then pulled the horse by uztsy, but there it was. Horse horseshoe touched the one wall, the sound spread throughout the district. All of a sudden woke up and noticed he was missing.

Ivan Tsarevich and the rejuvenating apples

Ivan drives his horse at all, but for him bogatyrka Sineglazka with all his guards carried. In the end, she caught up with him and wanted to severely punish the theft, but failed because she was like this good fellow. And he began to kiss her in the mouth sugar. Three days and three nights they walked. And then she commanded him to go home, never deviating, and wait for her for three years. But do not listen to her and went to his brothers to get out of trouble. Turned it on that fateful track and directly to the tower by the treacherous maid came. But he did not begin to treat yourself and go to bed, and threw her right into the pit, and from there the brothers began to call for help. Rescued their brother Ivan, but they do not appreciate this. They tricked him, took the rejuvenating apples and water jug, and threw himself into the abyss.


The Bird Nagai helped him get out of the cave took him straight to the home side. He learned that the brothers brought to the priest-king of magical gifts and became the health. Did not want Ivan to go home to my father, and gathered tavern paupers and drunkards, with whom she became drinking and hanging out in pubs.

Meanwhile, Sineglazka gave birth to two sons. They grew up not by days but by hours. And then he called his sons, gathered an army and set off to search for Ivan Tsarevich. She came to his Kingdom and a tent pitched in a field, and then sent a messenger to the king to give her the Prince - his son. The king was scared at first, drove the eldest son of Theodore, and then middle-Basil, but did not recognize it in their Ivan, just ordered his sons to flog their cane for deceit and deception. Yes ordered them to tell the truth to the father, and urgently to find Ivan. The king, having learned the truth, wept bitter tears.

The long-Awaited meeting

At this time he is going to Sineglazka Ivan Tsarevich with Holy tavern, in hand a sword, cloth tearing beneath your feet. Learned Sineglazka in the drunk Ivan Tsarevich, the father of their children - and told his sons to take and take to the tent to change clothes and give a break after three years of innocent suffering. And his tavern friends gave a glass and go home sent.

The day Passed, and came bogatyrka Sineglazka with Ivan-a Tsarevich to the Palace and they made cheerful the wedding feast. And Fedor and Vassiliea drove out of the yard out of sight. But left the couple in his father's Kingdom, and went to Sineglazki Kingdom. There happily live and not to grieve.


So a happy ending and ended the tale. Ivan Tsarevich and rejuvenating apples received, and a faithful wife. Brief contents though are unable to accommodate all interesting and important, what happened to the characters, but the main thing told. And most importantly is that once again, we see that the heroes of Russian fairy tales teach us moral behavior and spiritual purity. It speaks about the fact that at all times, the human values were paramount. “Rejuvenating apples” – a tale that any reader will not leave you indifferent and will give wonderful memories of childhood for adults and kids - amazing, beautiful story and a belief that good will always triumph over evil.


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