Hotel Garbi Park 3* (Spain, Costa Brava): photos and reviews of tourists


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Costa Brava is most distant from Barcelona and close to the French resort area of Spain. This part of the country several small towns that are located close to each other. Along with its convenient beaches, beautiful nature and crystal clear sea, the Costa Brava offers its guests a very well developed tourist infrastructure. The hotels here are in most cases comfortable, and stay in a inexpensive.

Hotel Garbi Park: the location features

The hotel is a partner of including several Russian tour operators located in the small town of Costa Brav LENTEt de Mar, directly on the beautiful coast of the Mediterranean sea. Girona airport is situated from him in the 30 km and Barcelona — in a Convenient 90 km from the sandy beach is about 300 meters from the hotel.

In respect of transport accessibility hotel Garbi Park 3* considered Located very convenient. The bus stop is just 200 metres from the hotel. Distance From the hotel To the center LLOret de Mar is about 100 meters. Therefore, guests have the opportunity to use the facilities of this popular resort town to the fullest.

garbi park 3

General description the hotel

Ready Garbi Park 3* has been a long time — in 1970. But too old its interiors and exterior can not be named. The fact that in 2003 the hotel underwent extensive reconstruction.

Actually the town of Costa Brava offers tourists a wide variety of entertainment. Therefore, according to many vacationers, the best hotel Garbi Park 3*, as any other hotel at this resort is suitable for lovers of active leisure and young people. The elderly and families with children, this holiday vacation, it is better not to choose. So tourists should consider visiting Costa Brava, and some other, more peaceful resort in Spain.


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Represents the hotel Garbi Park 3* solid multi-storey building of modern construction. Its main decorations are actually the title, image boats and light curved metal railings on the balconies. The hotel grounds are well landscaped.

The Number of rooms

Hotel Garbi Park HOtel 3* BOlsha, and rooms of different categories here seems quite a lot. In total the hotel is 232 comfortable rooms. If you want, here you get rooms of standard class Or FAmily ROoms. At most in the hotel rented a double room with two single beds. Family apartments in the hotel for just 5. Also, if desired, you can remove one of 11 single rooms.

garbi park hotel 3

Room categories in the hotel, equipped with all necessary furniture and appliances. If desired, guests can use the hotel:

  • Satellite TV

  • Comfortable balcony;

  • Shower room.

Balconies in this hotel, not only in single rooms. On the TV in the hotel, in addition to Spanish, guests have the opportunity to watch and one Russian channel. For a surcharge, guests can use telephone, safe and air conditioning. Refrigerators in hotel rooms Garbi Park As in any other European three-star, no. This is the hotel, of course, refers to the minuses of the hotel. But much inconvenience the lack of the refrigerator the tourists in this hotel does not deliver. In most cases the hotel or prefer to rent rooms with full Board or lunch and dinner in a nearby café.

In the showers in the rooms, besides a bath, sink and toilet, and a bidet. Of course, if necessary, guests can use the free toiletry set. The hair dryer in the hotel need to ask at reception.

garbi park lloret 3

Reviews of guests on the rooms

The advantages of the rooms in this hotel, guests will relate primarily to their perfect purity. Clean the rooms in the hotel Garbi Park 3* (Spain) Maids on a daily basis. And do it carefully and almost imperceptibly for the residents. Also, each day in this property and change towels. Washed linen brings once a day. Sheets, duvet covers and pillowcases at this hotel is always clean, but judging by the reviews of guests, unfortunately, not too new.

In the opinion of most tourists who ever lived in this hotel andPArmamenti it is more like rooms, and rooms in a student hostel. Indeed, virtually all handed in this hotel housing...

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