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Augsburg, a southern German city with a population of 264 thousand people, is located in Bavaria. It is located on two rivers, the Lech and the Wertach. The city has many creeks and channels. There is an artificial lake resulting from the spill sleeve Lech river after construction of the dam. Augsburg (Germany) is famous for its rich history, magnificent architecture, livability and remarkable environmental setting.Augsburg, Germany


The Climate of Augsburg is quite unstable, its influence on him shall many factors: the Atlantic, with its humidity, the valley of the river Lech with its dry continental climate, the proximity of the Alps and the Danube watercourse. The combination of these factors contributes to the formation on the territory of the relatively unstable weather conditions throughout the year.

The Winter is not too cold, the snow falls usually in January and melts by the end of March. Summers are warm but not too hot. Periods of drought occur in summer and autumn. Often fall on the land of the Augsburg falls mist. Also in these areas there are storms, leading to the spill of local rivers and flooding in some parts of the city.


Augsburg (Germany) is one of the oldest cities in the country. The date of its Foundation is considered to be 15 BC In the middle ages, Augsburg was one of the centres of trade and Finance, was among the most influential in the business for cities. The merchants of Augsburg of those times were among the richest in Europe. The city is also famous for its jewellery.

Augsburg (Germany) managed to keep put a lot of effort and with minimal losses to carry through the centuries its magnificent architecture: still, like many hundreds of years ago, pleasing to the eye the magnificent cathedrals, the town hall, monumental fountains, city walls and much more. Worst of all Augsburg and its architectural heritage had during the Second world war. He suffered greatly during the bombing: was corrupted and lost a lot of monuments, the recovery of which subsequently left a large amount of effort, time and money.Augsburg German Bundesliga


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The Main and the most recognizable symbol of the city is the town Hall in Iron mountain. This building is very proud of Germany. Augsburg (attractions do not end there) will delight its guests with a variety of monuments to its profound history. The first town hall was built in the late XIV century. In the early seventeenth century, when the town grew and prospered, the City Council of Augsburg decided to reconstruct. But in the course of the repair work decided to construct a new building to replace the old. The construction of a new town hall began in 1615 and continued until 1624 In 1944 the building was badly damaged by fire caused by bombing. After the war the town hall was restored and since 1955 was used by the city administration.

The Value of an Augsburg for the country

Nowadays, Augsburg (Germany) – major commercial, industrial and scientific center of Bavaria. In the city, despite the abundance of various enterprises, rather clean air, and generally favorable environmental conditions. The urban area is electrified, actively planted with trees and flowers. Together with some other European cities, Augsburg struggled in the contest for the right to possession of the title of the green city and won.Augsburg, Germany

Ecology and plants

Augsburg – a town in Germany, clean air which is also achieved thanks to well-developed and well-organized public transport network, which has contributed to the decline in the number of personal cars from citizens. Also for relief of urban traffic at the entrances to the city were placed in special car parks where you can Park your car and then take public transport.

The city has many large enterprises. Among them stands out the brewery, founded in 1884, and pharmaceutical enterprise specializing in the production of over-the-counter medicines.Augsburg city in Germany


The City of Augsburg (Germany) – a permanent place where sports events of different scale. For competitions there were built several large stadiums. One of them holds about thirty-two thousand spectators. Here in 1979 took the world championship in figure skating among boys and girls.

Much sports heritage, rich history. No less interesting and lives today sports Augsburg. The championship of Germany on football has representation in the form of the eponymous football club «Augsburg", which also regularly participates in the tournament “Europa”. The fans of this sport are real Olympic calm. That is very important to ensure a comfortable environment during a match is rarely possible to find the violent or inadequate.

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