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Spain is the ideal country for tourism. There are sandy beaches, picturesque sea, and amazing culture, rich night life and very cheap shopping. Thanks to the Schengen visa tourists vacationing here can easily visit, for example, France. Stay here a little more expensive than the popular among Russian tourists Turkey or Bulgaria. If you want to save money on vacation, you should pay attention to the hotel Garbi Park ("Garbi Park") 3*. But should we rest here?

General description

For travelers, the hotel opened its doors in 1970. Its territory is the five-storey building, which houses 250 rooms. As the Garbi Park Lloret Hotel is a three star complex, do not expect a Grand welcome. The rooms here are modest but cozy and newly renovated. Their last restoration was carried out in 2013. The hotel staff doesn't speak Russian, but understands English and French. The complex provides children of all ages, including infants. Unfortunately, Pets are not provided even for an additional fee.

garbi park lloret hotel is a 3

Check-in time starts not before noon. Tourists arriving in the morning, you can leave your bags at reception and relax. To leave the hotel at the end of the holidays will have in the period from 7:00 until 10:00. However, subject to availability of rooms the hotel can extend the stay. The minimum cost of accommodation in a standard double room is about 2500 rubles per night. Accepts credit cards such as Visa, Maestro and MasterCard.


The Hotel Garbi Park 3* is located in the lively town of Lloret de Mar, which is the center of youth recreation in Spain. The resort is located in the region of the Costa Brava in Catalonia, near Barcelona and the French border. The hotel is removed from the Central part of the city at 150 meters. There are plenty of bars, restaurants, Nightclubs and shopping centers. Public beach (sandy and pebble) is located 300 metres from the hotel. From the Central square of Lloret de Mar, a free Shuttle bus for tourists that want to visit the water Park.


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hotel garbi park lloret hotel is a 3

The nearest airports are Barcelona (70 km) and Girona (40 km) regularly fly Charter flights from Moscow. The average flight time to about 4 hours. To the resort can be reached by train or bus. You can also order a taxi or rent a car. 20 metres away is a public transport stop. The main attraction of the city, the fortress of Tossa de Mar is located 8 km from the property.


The Hotel Garbi Park Lloret Hotel 3* offers tourists to choose one of the 248 rooms. Some of them are designed for single use, there are also family apartments. But most of the rooms are twin rooms. Check the third guest is under the condition that he is a child who is not more than 12 years. All rooms have a small balcony, which is a plastic dining set (table and two chairs). The hotel mainly in the streets of the city, but some of them have views of the pool.

hotel garbi park 3

The design of the rooms at hotel Garbi Park Lloret Hotel 3* (Spain) simple, no frills and unnecessary luxury. We can say that it is made in a minimalist style. The walls are painted in calm colors (white, pale pink) and laid on the floor tiles. All rooms have standard set of furniture: beds, cabinets, wardrobes, Desk and mirror. Room decorated with small paintings and elegant wall lights. The apartment has a small bathroom. It is a shower, washbasin, mirror and towels.


In Addition to the standard set of furniture, each room is equipped with lot of facilities, which greatly simplify the rest. The staff at the hotel Garbi Park Lloret Hotel 3* daily clean up of the room, take out the garbage and make the beds. Regular change of linen and towels. For a comfortable stay all the apartments have the following equipment:

  • Safe for valuables, money and documents. It is also supplied with instructions for use. Payment for use will be charged rent.
  • A Small TV. An older model, non-planar. Satellite TV, there is one Russian channel.
  • Radio. Are only Spanish radio station.
  • Individual air conditioning. It can be from June to September. Guests can regulate the level of cooling. Connects for an additional fee.
  • Central heating. Activated during frosts, and in autumn and winter.
  • Telephone reception. Other calls will have to pay separately.
  • Wi-Fi. For a daily fee. A Hairdryer is available on request. For the use they will have to pay a Deposit (10 euros).

Service for guests

Being a three star complex Garbi Park Lloret Hotel 3* (Costa Brava) has a slightly developed network infrastructure. But it has everything necessary for a comfortable stay. From here, tourists can enjoy the following services:

  • Private Parking where guests can leave their car. Located near the hotel. Is under constant guard. Price per night is 9 euros. Also there is a public car Park. Here you can Park the car free of charge.
  • Tour Desk. Guides will assist the excursion in the surroundings of Lloret de Mar or to arrange a visit to Barcelona and other large cities of Spain.
  • Reception Desk, where the clock present administrator. It will help with solving problems and answer all your questions.
  • A car rental Desk. Travelers over 21 can rent a car to rent for independent travel around the country. Be sure to have your international driver's license. Gasoline is paid separately.
  • Currency exchange.
  • Free Wi-Fi in public areas. For an additional fee you can rent a modem.
  • Ramps for wheelchairs. They are equipped with all the stairs in the hotel. Also in the main building has a lift.

the description of the hotel garbi park 3

All about entertainment

The Entertainment offered by Garbi Park Lloret Hotel 3*, more suitable for outdoor activities. They are a little bit, because most of the tourists prefer to seek entertainment in town. The area has many night clubs, playgrounds for sports games. A simple walk through the city - a great way to spend time. The picturesque streets will delight the travelers numerous monuments. For guests who want to enjoy directly on site, are presented with the following options:

  • Outdoor swimming pool with fresh water. All beach chairs, umbrellas, towels and mattresses are available for a fee.
  • Indoor heated swimming pool where tourists can swim in bad weather.
  • The Equipment for table tennis game.
  • Billiard tables. Their use is not included in the apartment rate and will be charged separately.
  • Private Solarium. Lessons, aerobics and water gymnastics.
  • Water sports: scooter, canoe, banana boat, rent a yacht. They can be enjoyed by visiting the public beach.
  • In the evening, poolside entertainment, which tells the tourists about Spain. Here you can listen to live music, to dance or take lessons in flamenco.

garbi park lloret hotel

Catering: bars, restaurants and local cuisine

Tourist complex Garbi Park Lloret Hotel 3* offers its tourists with all-inclusive. Around the hotel there are many restaurants, cafes and bars at competitive prices serving local cuisine. The majority of the tourists staying here, spend a lot of time in the city, and therefore prefer to dine there. If you want to save, then buy the Lunches. This is a great way cheap and tasty meal. Arriving in Spain, you should definitely try the "tapeo" (a kind of snacks), rice with seafood and dry-cured pork. Also don't miss the famous Catalan wine.

hotel garbi park lloret hotel 3 reviews

Making a trip to the hotel, travelers can pay for Breakfast only. There is a possibility to take half Board, which also includes dinner. All meals here are served in the main restaurant. Every day serves a European Breakfast, which includes omelets, cereal, fresh pastries, cereals, meats from the sausage and cheese, concentrated juices, tea and coffee. For dinner the choice of food more varied. For tourists there are several kinds of the side dishes, meat, fish and also fruit and various desserts. Drinks, including alcohol, can be purchased at the pool bar. But it is better to find a supermarket nearby to buy a drink there. So you can save a decent amount. The hotel staff on request ...

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