Where is Transylvania - the birthplace of count Dracula? Where is Dracula's castle in Transylvania?


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Thanks to the cult novel by Bram Stoker “Dracula” interest in vampires swept over the world like a hurricane. The theme of vampirism struck literally all kinds of art: cinema, television, theatre and painting. People have always loved all mysterious and mystical, and if it has real prototypes, so doubly interesting. Perhaps, this may explain the inexhaustible burning interest to the habitat of Dracula. Many fans of the vampiric theme wonder: “Where is Transylvania?” and go in search of something terrible and the supernatural.

where is Transylvania

A Little history of suffering of the region

According to the novel by Stoker, the dwelling place of count Dracula is Transylvania, where his famous castle. Currently, this North-Western region of Romania has other, less popular titles – Erdei or Semigradia. For centuries this region many times passed from one country to another. In the Middle ages the region had an Autonomous status in the Kingdom of Hungary. In 1526 after the Battle of Mohacs Transylvania was separated from Hungary and for some time was an independent Principality, but in 1566 became subject to the Turkish Sultan. Until 1613, was ruled by Transylvania princes of the sort of Bathory, and then – from the kind of Rakoczy. In those days, the Principality was a bulwark of Protestantism in Eastern Europe. In 1687 the Turkish Sultan after the defeat in the confrontation with the dynasty of the Habsburgs in Transylvania renounced all claims to the region. At the beginning of the XVIII century, the region lost its independence and once again became part of the Hungarian Kingdom. However, after the First world war Transylvania was entirely transferred to Romania. During the twentieth century, the North-Eastern part of Transylvania was transferred from Romania to Hungary and back a few times and only in 70-ies completely in the part of Romania. The historical centre where is Transylvania, is the Transylvanian plateau (its altitude is about 500 meters), giving rise to several rivers and tributaries of the Danube.


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Transylvania where the


Not only to answer the question: “Where is Transylvania - the birthplace of count Dracula?” he himself was indeed Born in Transylvania, but he was a ruler in Wallachia. This Principality existed on the territory of the oblast of the same name from the mid-XIV to mid-nineteenth century, when it United with Moldavia. The region of Wallachia historically located in the South of Romania, between the Danube and the Carpathians, separated by the OLT river into two parts – Big and Small Wallachia. Like neighboring Transylvania, the Principality, from the XV century, was a feudal dependent of the Ottoman Empire. In Wallachia's history gave way to a huge number of rulers, which was very typical for that time, given that the struggle was waged not only for the throne, but also for influence in the Principality and neighbouring territory between the Turks and the Hungarian Kingdom.

where is Transylvania homeland of count Dracula

Vlad III the Impaler

This historical figure was so appealing at the time of Bram Stoker and became the prototype of the hero of his novel. And perhaps it happened for a reason, because the figure of the Impaler is very ambiguous and shrouded in an aura of mystery and all kinds of horror stories. From the legend is true and what is false, still can not understand, even modern scientists. Many facts of his biography are not known precisely, many – a controversial and, many – is not proven. Unknown even to the exact date of his birth. Historians have calculated that he was born approximately 1431. His birthplace was Transylvania, where the city of Sighisoara. Today this town is in the list of UNESCO world heritage site, and even survived the house where the family lived Dracula. How to find and where: Transylvania (Romania), Sighisoara, street, Tinsmith, house 5.

where is Transylvania, the birthplace of count Dracula Transylvania

Son of the Dragon

Your nickname “the Impaler” Vlad received after the death. And it was the translation of nickname from Turkish, that the Turks called Prince ‘kolschik” for a special way to crack down on enemies. But like Dracula, he was the father. Vlad II was a knight of the Order of the Dragon (the so-called Order of St. George). He minted his own name coins with images on them the dragon, which are spread over the whole of Wallachia, for which he received the nickname Dracul – which means “dragon”. The nickname was inherited by his son, but not without some transformation, and so Vlad III became Dracula.

Prince of Wallachia

That was the name of the rulers in the region. Dracula came to power on three occasions: briefly in 1448, from 1456 1462 for years, and shortly before his death in 1476 From Transylvania, the Dracula's family moved to Targoviste, capital of Wallachia, because the father of Vlad was a Prince. In this city there is also a castle, where lived Vlad the Impaler. In 1444 his father together with his sons, Vlad and his brother were forced to go to Turkey and ask for help from the Sultan, because of Yanush Hunyadi, the ruler of the Hungarian Kingdom at the time, decided to overthrow Vlad II and make a ruler of Wallachia and his protege. The key to help the Sultan became Vlad and Radu, his brother. For a long time they were virtually in thrall to the Turkish Sultan. It is believed that these years were very much influenced by the Dracula, changed his character, made him so cruel. Probably this was facilitated by the fact that his father was betrayed and killed, and the older brother was buried alive. However, besides the fact that Vlad dealt harshly with his enemies and traitors, he did a lot of charity, and built churches, was an Orthodox philanthropist and original, but effectively fought crime on the streets of Wallachia.

where is Transylvania Dracula

Bran or Poenari?

So it happened that the castle of count Dracula is the bran castle. However, this is misleading, and it appeared due to the fact that this castle was featured in the film adaptation of the novel by Bram Stoker. Well and looks, of course he's imposing, intimidating and inaccessible. It is not known how often Vlad visited in the area, where is Transylvania. Dracula according to some sources liked to hunt in those places for others – stayed at during his campaigns. There is also a version that in this castle he was tortured by the Turks. Whatever it was actually, now bran is the most visited attraction in the Dracula tours. The Romanian region of Transylvania, where the "Castle Dracula", annually attracts thousands of tourists from all over the world. And competition this castle is only Poenari fortress, which is considered the true Dracula's castle, it was his present residence. Unfortunately, the fortress was destroyed to the present day survived only the ruins. Its location was strategically very important, on the border of Wallachia and Transylvania, in the mountains above the Arges river.

Transylvania where Dracula's castle

Worth a visit

Many people dream to visit the amazing, mysterious, shrouded in an aura of antiquity and mystery where is Transylvania – the birthplace of count Dracula. Transylvania attracts tourists with its fabulous scenery and atmosphere of the middle Ages. Almost in all corners of this region you can find the secrets and legends, alluring and mysterious. In addition to the various excursions to different historical places where you can relax, as the surrounding nature breathes harmony and peace.


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