Barkhatovo lake in Krasnoyarsk: description of the beach and amenities, reviews and recommendations


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When in the street hot summer, a particularly tight the residents of cities. Hot stone bag and active vehicular traffic on the streets doing dream of the cool of the even more alluring. But where to swim to, say, Krasnoyarsk? The Yenisei, on which stands the city - the river a wayward. Coast it is not very convenient for sunbathing near the water. Strong currents can carry inexperienced swimmers in the whirlpools, and the temperature changes of water can lead to seizures and hypothermia. Of course, you can choose any city pool. It's safe and excellent infrastructure recreation. But by nature there is no smell. The tank you have to share with hundreds of other people. Therefore we offer you the Barkhatovo lake in Krasnoyarsk. This is a natural lake. And the nature around it is just wonderful! What they say about Barhatova lake reviews? You will learn if you read the article.Barkhatovo lake Krasnoyarsk


The Surroundings of Krasnoyarsk is rich in places for swimming. We can recall the lake Semiradski near the airport, and a quiet little river Manu, which is near Divnogorsk. So residents have a place to cool off during the short but hot Siberian summer. Best will talk about the virtues of the lake Barkhatovo (Krasnoyarsk) photo. To say that this is – the natural reservoir is not entirely correct. Once there was mined sand, have not yet dorilys to groundwater. As a result, the quarry, the lake was formed. But the photo show that you will not find a dull traces of anthropological activity. On the contrary, the shore overgrown with reeds. Barkhatovo – it is, in fact, two lakes. They are connected by a narrow duct. The territory of the lake shore has leased OOO “Velvet” to equip a recreational area. Each year checks Roskontrol Krasnoyarsk region. In 2017, his verdict was positive. The water quality meets sanitary standards.Lake barkhatovo Krasnoyarsk how to get


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Lake Barkhatovo (Krasnoyarsk): how to reach

The Nearest settlement to the lake is Yesaulivka-1. Lake is not in the village, and a mile South of it. Residents call them “Terent careers”. The town of Sosnovoborsk, Berezovsky district is located seven kilometers from Barkhatova lake. Krasnoyarsk is just 23 km from the reservoir (if straight). And on the highway run across kilometers with thirty-five. This makes the beach “Velvet” a favorite place of citizens, because you have to go about half an hour. How to get from Krasnoyarsk to be closer to the lake? First you need to drive on The street and the plant for the production of tires rolling in the direction East bus station. Proceeding along the street Glinka, should steer to the village of New Bazaria. Near local school highway from Krasnoyarsk to Zheleznogorsk. For him to reach the village of Berezovka. Go through it and continue in a straight line. Still not getting to Esaulovka, you will see on the right side of the lake. But if you are interested in the beach, you need to drive to the village. Seeing the road sign pointing the direction to Kidanovka, follow him. Soon you will see the gate.Lake barkhatovo Krasnoyarsk beach

Lake Barkhatovo in Krasnoyarsk beach

Travel through the border pay – three hundred rubles from passenger cars. Those who came on foot, must pay in cash for 100 RUB. For children under twelve years free pass. The beach is only open in summer months from eight in the morning until eleven at night. Photos and reviews of tourists prove that recreational infrastructure is up to world standards. There are changing cabins, toilets, medical center. During operation of the beach lifeguards. Work land attractions (trampoline) and water activities (catamarans, “bananas” flying “bun”, jet skis). On the sandy shore equipped with two playgrounds for beach volleyball. The ball can be rented in the ski rental of sports equipment.

Where to eat

One of the frequently asked questions about Barkhatova lake in Krasnoyarsk is this: “do I Have to take food with them?” the pond is quite extensive, and if you are relying on “wild” stay in tents on the shore, everything you need, including food, should be in possession of. But if you want to sunbathe and swim on a beach, it is quite another thing. On-site café. Nearby you can rent a grill to cook on the grill. Also on the beach there are several pavilions for gatherings.Lake barkhatovo Krasnoyarsk photo

Where to stay

Barkhatovo lake (Krasnoyarsk) has a VIP area. It is a small house, which has a separate exit to the beach. It has bedrooms and a kitchen with everything you need. Because these apartments are not cheap, many Krasnoyarsk citizens prefer to spend a weekend at the lake in tents. For such accommodation is also equipped with special seats. Tent can be put and is absolutely free – for the shores of the former quarry is quite extensive. In the lake wound up and fish, but experts say that in serious catch not count.

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