The hotel Ilios Malia Apartments 3* (Malia, Greece): photos and reviews of tourists


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If we talk about the most popular European resorts, many tourists think of Greece and its island part. Because each island — is a unique story, interesting attractions and, of course, miles of beautiful beaches. Perhaps one of the most famous is the island of Crete, which every year receives thousands of tourists. Here is situated the hotel Ilios Malia Apartments 3* which often to become a stopping place for travelers.

Of Course, when planning it is important to examine the official information about the selected hotel and also see the opinion of tourists who have already managed to spend a few days.

Infrastructure and location of the hotel

ilios malia apartments 3

A Small, cosy hotel Ilios Malia Apartments 3* located very close to the centre of the picturesque resort town of Malia. Within walking distance to the public bus stop and numerous shops and cafes. By the way, to the coast can also be reached in a few minutes.

The hotel consists of a modern three-storey building, which, by the way, not so long ago it was repaired. In the center of the courtyard is a swimming pool. Hotel territory small, but very well equipped. And at every step eye pleasing flowering bushes, tall trees and bright colors.

Hotel Ilios Malia Apartments 3* (Heraklion, Malia): photos and information about rooms

ilios malia apartments Crete 3

The room Fund of the hotel consists of 54 rooms — there are standard rooms, more comfortable rooms of class “superior”, and apartments, which consist of a bedroom and a living room with sofa furniture. The interior design is discreet and pleasant. From the private balcony you can enjoy views of the garden and surrounding countryside, to breathe fresh air.


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Each room has a private kitchen where all dishes and, of course, appliances (toaster, microwave, electric kettle and small stove) for cooking, which for many tourists is important. Of course, the room also has everything to provide maximum comfort, including air conditioning, a safe, a TV and even small refrigerator. Bathroom rejoice modern fixtures, high-quality cosmetics and towels that are changed every single day.

Nutrition: what to expect guest?

ilios malia apartments 3 reviews

Because food is an integral part of the holiday, this time should plan in advance. That can offer its guests the hotel Ilios Malia, Crete Apartment 3*? It has its own restaurant, which always welcomes guests. Most of the tourists prefer to pre-pay for Breakfast only, which, as adopted, is carried out in the form of a buffet. The menu is good, the dishes are fresh and tasty.

The Rest of the day, tourists can also eat in the hotel restaurant. You can either pre-pay scheme «all inclusive” or to pay the account with each meal. Lunch and dinner is already cooked upon order, offers not only standard international cuisine, but also of island and Mediterranean cuisine. And there is also a bar in the price list which local drinks, cocktails, coffee, fresh pastries and light snacks.

Of Course, eat no problem and outside of the hotel, as the resort area is always a lot of cafes and the picturesque taverns of the island.

Leisure and comfort on the seashore

ilios malia apartments crete 3

What can expect tourists who decided to stay at the hotel Ilios Malia Apartments 3*? Crete-the island that famous for its beautiful beaches, pleasant weather and clear sea waters. The nearest public beach is a comfortable path — the journey takes about 10 minutes.

Travelers speak well about this place, because here is really nice and clean, and the water calm, and the entrance to the sea is completely cleared of stones. Since this beach is for public use, then sometimes there's a lot of people. The use of sun beds and loungers, of course, at extra cost. And on the shore there is a tavern where you can relax in the cool and delicious to eat.

Of Course, you will be able to have fun playing beach volleyball, riding boats, boats and water-skiing, Windsurfing, trying himself in diving and sailing — a full range of entertainment to tourists.

Calculate whether additional services?

hotel ilios malia apartments 3

Settled in one of the rooms at the Ilios Malia Apartments 3*, of course you can expect some additional comforts. The hotel has its own Parking lot that guests can use free of charge (in the town you can easily rent a vehicle and explore the island).

The hotel is easy to exchange currency, and the exchange rate is almost the same as in the city. Almost everywhere on the hotel territory has Wi-Fi so you can connect to the world wide web at any time of the day. By the way, offers and a computer area where you will be able to use office equipment and a laptop.

Hotel Ilios Malia Apartments 3* (Greece, Iraklion, Malia): entertainment and leisure tourists

ilios malia apartments 3 Heraklion Malia

According to reviews, the tourists mostly spend in the hotel only a small part of the day, preferring to relax on the beach and explore the island. However, on the territory of the Ilios Malia Apartments 3*, you can have a good time. As already mentioned, in the yard there is a spacious swimming pool with clean, fresh water. This is a popular place for residents, where they relax, swim, sunbathe, socialize and simply have fun, especially if you go to the beach not in the mood. Next in sufficient quantity spaced wide beds with soft mattresses and umbrellas, in the shade where you can hide.

Here, in the open air equipped with a large Jacuzzi — round pool with powerful massage jets and relax here for free. To pass the time at the Billiards table. And in the evenings guests are invited to the bar where you can dance and even sing karaoke.

Don't forget about the attractions of the island, after Crete-is not only beaches and hotels. There are plenty of museums, archaeological finds, remains of ancient temples. In short, this island — an ideal place for excursions and interesting tours can be purchased directly at the hotel, the local tourist office, staffed by experienced and friendly staff.

Families for children

Parents who are going to spend a vacation with children, are interested in slightly different questions, because when traveling with a child on the forefront of comfort. The hotel Ilios Malia Apartments 3* often become a place for families with children. As already mentioned, it provides a spacious apartment for family with kid will fit perfectly.

Moreover, on request to the room bring a folding bed with a soft mattress. At a local restaurant you can always find something delicious for your child, there are shops that sell baby food. For a fee you can leave the baby for a while with a babysitter. And for the boys to the yard features a pool — it is spacious enough for games but small and safe, and the water is always well warmed and changed regularly. In the city there are many places where children of any age can have fun and get a lot of pleasure.

What are the comments of former guests?

ilios malia apartments 3 Greece Iraklion Malia

Sure, every tourist going on vacation, is interested in not only official information, but also the opinion of former guests. What people say about hotel Ilios Malia Apartments 3*? The reviews are mostly positive, because complaining ain't much. The hotel grounds are really beautiful and the rooms comfortable — they relax. A huge plus is having its own kitchen, albeit at a local restaurant the food is good.

The Staff is helpful and polite, they help you can count at any time of the day (some of the employees pretty well understand the Russian language). A bit inconvenient is a relatively large distance to the coast, although most tourists have nothing against daily walks have not. The hotel is perfectly located for a relaxing beach holiday, and the prices here, by the way, nice feast. Many travelers even become regular customers, and this is indicative of quality service.


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