Hotel Bravo Djerba 4* (Tunisia, Djerba): description, services, testimonials


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Tunisia attracts Russians especially its African exotic. Here is unusual for our culture, architecture buildings, customs, and all want to see. And Tunisia attracted to its warm climate, blue-turquoise waters and white-Golden beaches under palm trees. Hotel Bravo Djerba 4* is a win-win choice for everyone who dreams of a carefree and pleasant holiday away from the noise and smog of European cities, who decided to give a summer in the cold of winter, who loves to discover something new.

General information

The Island of Djerba lies just 2 km from the mainland of Tunisia, and in area it is small. The distance between its extreme Western and Eastern points in just over 28 km, and from North to South and less. To go round it in half a day. But here are the best in Tunisia, elegant and respectable hotels. We will tell you about the most beautiful of them, who recently called Hotel Bravo Djerba 4*. This hotel was previously known as Vincci Resort Alkantara, and is still preserved on some maps. Built it in 2003, but in 2015 here changed the owner, and with it the title. Now the hotel is undergoing major reconstruction to tourists at a very high level.Bravo Djerba 4


Hotel Bravo Djerba 4* is located in the area of Midoun on the outskirts of the small Arab village of Agir, the centre of which is approximately two kilometers and a half. Some take the name of the field outside the city, but the town of Djerba Midoun is located not on the coast, and the back of the island, from the hotel to his 6 km from the island of Djerba lies in a Bay of the Mediterranean sea Gabes, and the village of Agir and its surroundings is situated on the shore of a quiet shallow Cove that has a beneficial effect on the local microclimate.


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In the area there is significant infrastructure, the tourists will observe classic African landscapes. But on the way to the village, which is literally next door, there are several shops with local products and sweets.


Holidays on Djerba so popular that there have built a major international airport. It's called Zarzis. Here from Russia you can fly a direct flight from may to mid-October. Bravo Djerba 4* from the airport take the modern transfers. Distance is 25.4 km, travel time about one hour. Its course to the hotel is best to take a taxi. The prices here are strictly by the meter, so do not take too much. Tourists who bought a tour in Bravo Djerba 4* not in season, have to fly to Tunisia on the mainland and Djerba to get a domestic airline. This is the most convenient and fastest option, but it is only possible from the airport Carthage, so Russia need to fly only in Tunis. Hence, if desired, to the island to get there by bus. It will take 8 hours, but the tourists will make a small tour of the country and swim on the ferry. Other airports Tunisia in winter to get to Djerba long and troublesome.img alt="Hotel Bravo Djerba 4" height="341" src="/images/2018-Mar/18/a83626585e12e1c5ba5d71a1f8c638e4/2.jpg" width="509" />


Bravo Djerba 4* impresses and charms the tourists from the first sight. The hotel is one long four-story building in Arabic style. It effectively reflected in the blue waters of the huge pool, through which is spanned by a pretty bridge. Despite the fact that Djerba – this is Africa, and most of the island is deserted, hotel grounds, all surrounded by greenery. Basically, there are growing different palm trees, but there are lots of flowers, evergreen bushes. The kids interest is something like a small zoo, located in the backyard. You can feed the goats, sheep, look at chickens, ducks, turkeys. Playgrounds on site there is a free Parking, which is important for guests who have decided to rent a car. Inside Bravo Djerba 4* decorated in a nautical theme. The floors are made according to the type of ship decks, the design used marine ropes, Windows and portholes, other naval paraphernalia. On the “decks” you can climb ladders into several steps.


In a beautiful, stylish and very spacious lobby reception. The front Desk staff speaks Arabic, French and English. Here offers free Luggage storage where you can while preparing the room, leave your suitcases. Also at the reception tourists can purchase tours, exchange currency, book baby sitter, rent a car. The hotel infrastructure is rich and is formed so as to satisfy the tastes of every guest. In the lobby is a shop with different kinds of goods, Souvenirs, best SIM cards, cosmetics. For lots of fun restaurants, bars, snack bar, SPA, fitness center, indoor and outdoor swimming pools, facilities for entertaining children. For holding business events in Bravo Djerba has 10 conference rooms of different size and capacity.


310 beautifully appointed rooms has the infrastructure Bravo Djerba. The reviews on them are mixed.snack bar Tourists like their space and quite an interesting Maritime theme, which gives their appearance a special charm and creates a sense of celebration, nice originality. Each room has a larger balcony, which can accommodate plastic chairs with a table. But views are not all pleasant. They can be at sea (a surcharge applies), for the grounds (garden and pool), on the road, in the desert. Small caveat - some of the rooms are long hallways with many twists and turns.

Category in Bravo Djerba 4* one – “Standard”, but they can be double, triple or for four guests. If necessary, the staff sets an extra bed. Equipment – furniture in Arabic style, air conditioning (Central, open only in high season), safe (fee, plus a Deposit), TV, pay phone. In the bathroom there is a washbasin and a bathtub with shower, toilet separated by a wall panel.


Hotels In Tunisia buy tickets with the power supply system Al. Bravo Djerba has two restaurants. One serves Breakfast (starting at 6am), lunch and dinner. The menu is very rich, there are dairy, meat, fish, vegetable dishes, pastries, pancakes, pancakes, coffee (from a machine), tea. For lunch there is always a choice of soups, a variety of side dishes and salads, meat, chicken, sometimes seafood, fruits, sweets, ice cream.

A Second restaurant operates on a la carte. For free here you can eat once a week.

For snacking tourists can spend all day snack bar where drinks, pizza, snacks.

The hotel has three bars-in the lobby, on the beach and by the pool. It offers beer, wine, and some European alcoholic drinks, Cola, sprite, juice.Luggage storage

Service for children

Bravo Djerba 4* kids are always welcome. For them, the rooms provide free of charge cots, the restaurant has a children's menu. On site children built an amusement area, private pool to a depth of 65 cm. the building has a mini club, where younger visitors work educators. There are at Bravo Djerba and children's animation, which, in the opinion of tourists, excellent. Cheerful team of animators spends with the children, aerobics, exercise, teaches them the dances, arranges mini-disco.

Entertainment for adults

People of any age interested can relax at hotel Bravo Djerba. There is a huge outdoor pool, always clean and not smelling of bleach. Around him a sufficient number of loungers and parasols. One side of this wonderful hydro in the water bar is located. In bad weather, tourists can visit the indoor pool, which, as misleading advertising avenues, sea water and heated. For sunbathing the property offers comfortable sun terrace surrounded by flowerbeds with flowers.swimming pool

For relaxation and recreation the hotel has a SPA where there are massage rooms, a Hammam, sauna, beauty salon, hair salon.

For sports fans in infrastructure included game rooms with pool tables and tennis tables (equipment pay).

Animators to entertain visitors from morning till night, organize sports games, shows, dances. All fun and creative.

In the Evening, the hotel hosts discos that free entry, but drinks - for money.


Almost every tourist coming for a beach holiday at Bravo Djerba 4*. Djerba has a beautiful coast with white sand, blue and turquoise sea. The climate on the island, you can say, hot. In the summer there are often in the shade the air is heated more than +35 °C, and in winter months the temperature is around +20 °C during the day. To swim in the sea here from June to November.

Bravo Djerba 4* is located almost on the coast, to the beach just need to cross the bridge in the pool. Beach here isn't very clean, as at the Cove hotel, ocean currents constantly endure heaps of algae. Every morning they have to clean the tractor. Depth in the sea starts very gradually, to it you need to go about 70 meters, especially during low tide. The beach has a pontoon, but at its edge the depth is small. From entertainment...

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