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At the height of six and a half thousand meters, covered with snow, rise majestically in the highest Bolivian mountains – Illampu and Ancohuma. And at their foot, is one of the most mysterious bodies of water-lake Titicaca stunningly beautiful and deeply revered by the locals who call it Holy.Lake Titicaca

It is located on the border of Bolivia and Peru, towering above sea level at the height of 3812 metres, and is considered the world's largest freshwater reservoir located in the mountains. Lake Titicaca is so large that has more than thirty Islands, some of which are inhabited, and the largest keep the secrets of the mysterious temples scattered across a hilly surfaces.

According to legend, in ancient times the world has suffered terrible disasters came nothing but darkness, floods, and the human race was on the verge of death. Then lake Titicaca was opened, and from it came the God Viracocha, who commanded the Sun, moon and Stars to rise, and he began to re-create women and men. According to this archaic myth, everything happened on the island Tinaco, which has since been revered in the Andes as a Holy place.Titicaca lake

Titicaca – a lake, shrouded in a mysterious veil, is the birthplace of Manco, the first Inca king, and Inti - the sun God. By boat you can reach the island of the Sun where the same sacred stone, from which came a great chief. It attracts every year tourists who are interested in history  of the ancient people.

For sufficient time, the lake Titicaca, photos and videos which are striking in their beauty, attracted scientists, researchers and treasure hunters. It is the existence of a huge number of legends associated with him, made this place so popular.


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There is a version of what in these waters, in the underwater city of Wanaka, from the Spanish conquistadors was the legendary hidden gold of the Incas. Numerous stories about the lost treasures here, attracted to these shores and the famous oceanographer Jacques Yves-Cousteau, in 1968, explored the lake Titicaca on a submarine, and even found ancient pottery, which became the concrete proof that the legends may be true.

lake Titicaca, photo

In 2000, the year in lake Titicaca international archaeologists discovered the ruins of an ancient temple, which dates back to around 1000 BC, even before the Inca civilization. This finding, confirming the existence here of a once mighty civilization, only enhances the aura of mystery surrounding the pond, attracting to him more and more tourists come here to look at the main tourist attraction of two States, Bolivia and Peru. In the period from June to September months here begins a true pilgrimage travelers from all over the world.

Lake Titicaca framed by marshland covered with reeds, which is considered the main natural material for the Uros Indians. Because of it, they made their famous reed boats.

In the lake since 1870, the year the development of navigation, today, small vessels make regular flights from the Peruvian Puno to Guaqui, the Bolivian.

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