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Bodrum (Turkey) – Paradise for lovers of night entertainment. The city's great variety of clubs, restaurants, bars and discos. The hotels and towns are located in the fourteen bays of the Peninsula, and the city is in the middle of it. These places attract mainly active French, British and Scandinavians. Windy weather Aegean sea makes this resort a great place for surfing and other water sports.Bodrum Turkey

Bodrum (Turkey). Map, geographical position

Considering the city is located on the eponymous Peninsula. It is washed by the Aegean sea. Bodrum is located in the northwestern part of Turkey. The distance to Antalya – 300 kilometers. The informal name – «White city», because all the houses are painted in this color. Constantly in Bodrum is home to thirty-one thousand people.Bodrum Turkey map

A Look back

The Location of modern Bodrum – the site of ancient Halicarnassus, which was founded in the ninth century BC. In the fourth century, by decree of the Satrap Mausolus, the city became the capital of Caria, in addition, he was joined by six more settlements. They are all United wall. After the death of this ruler erected a mausoleum, which became one of the wonders of the world.

The City was destroyed in 334 BC by the troops of Alexander the great. In the middle Ages in its place there was a fishing village. In 1402 there began the construction of St. Peter's castle. For the construction of the stones were taken from the tomb of Halicarnassus.

How to reach

Sixty kilometers from Bodrum international airport. To town regular bus service Havas. The trip will cost eight euros. If you take a taxi, have to spend five to six times more.


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Bodrum (Turkey) – the most popular resort, offering the opportunity to relax under the warm sun. A large part of the beaches is the property of the hotels. It is usually small areas are covered with pebbles or artificially created concrete platforms with bulk sand small.

The Surroundings of Bodrum is famous with its numerous bays, the most popular of them – the Gumbet and Bitez. Over the waters of the latest proudly flies the Blue flag. As for Bitez, then this is a great place for parties and dances. In the towns of gümüşlük and Ortakent numerous seafood restaurants along the coast of the endless chain.

Because the shore is steep cliffs descending to the sea, some expensive hotels there are special elevators deliver tourists to the beach.

Lovers of solitude and romance travel to Bitez, Torba or Tortugas. The beaches in these places are not as crowded as the one in Bodrum. In this most remote of them, is just an hour's drive from the city centre.


Bodrum (Turkey) - resort, which boasts not so exhausting hot summers in Alanya or Antalya. Even in July and August-traditionally the hottest months – the thermometer rises above thirty degrees Celsius.Bodrum Turkey prices

When is the best time to go to a country like Turkey? Bodrum weather which is windy, it is recommended to visit in June, July or August. The sea during this period warms up to 23-25 degrees. As noted by some travelers may water with a temperature of 15C have the liking of not for everyone.

The coldest months-January and February. Day an average of +13, and at night – a +8.

Where to stay?

All the hotels on the Peninsula are a maximum of twenty-five kilometres from the centre of Bodrum (Turkey). Prices for accommodation range from very affordable to astronomical. Most of the hotels were built in the 70-ies of the last century. They are updated periodically – is made cosmetic repairs, replacement of communications, etc. the difference between the four and five star hotels minimum. Often also the 4 star hotels in Bodrum – this is much better than 5 in Antalya. As a rule, the hotels have children's playgrounds and clubs with qualified teachers.

An Interesting feature: cheap hotels in Bodrum (Turkey) are concentrated in the city centre, while the trendy – along the margins.

One of the most fashionable and expensive hotels The Marmara Bodrum is considered. The price for the room it starts with 10 700 rubles per day. One of the most available accommodation options offers Dolce Bodrum Hotel. Over night stay in one of the rooms you will be charged from 1 100 rubles.Bodrum Turkey photo

Here are some other hotels of VIP-class. First note Rixos Hotel Bodrum. It was built on the coast and boasts not only a private beach but the island, which offers various activities for hotel guests. At the hotel Baia Bodrum also has a private beach. A comprehensive range of services offers local SPA. The specialists will do the massage of different types, impose anti-aging mask and carry out many other procedures. Little guests are also not deprived of attention. They can frolic on the Playground, in the pool, on the water slides and the mini club.


Most shopping streets located in the West side of the Ataturk Avenue and the castle. The range of products is decent, but the prices sometimes just going wild. The advice of experienced tourists in Bodrum, you can buy the perfect gifts – natural sea sponge, which will serve as organic sponges.

Connoisseurs of the unusual rush to the village Conceding, on the outskirts of Bodrum. At this point you can not only learn a centuries-old way of life of the Turks, but also to get acquainted with the technology of manufacturing silk thread, and weaving carpets of great beauty. Especially the vending products can be purchased.

On the Bodrum Peninsula, there are three large shopping centre with a full range of modern services, including car Park, car wash, restaurants, Billiards, a cinema, a bowling alley, not counting the shops where you can buy clothes, shoes, jewelry, Turkey

It is Recommended to inspect the production located in the suburbs. Among them, the factory leather and jewelry, carpets and products made of onyx. In this case, you will have the unique opportunity to make an individual order.

Interesting sights

The Main attraction of Bodrum is the castle of St. Peter. It divides the city in half. Western areas represent the modern world with night clubs, luxury hotels, yachts and discotheques. In the East of the old part of Bodrum has many restaurants and authentic markets.

In the above-mentioned castle is the Museum of underwater archaeology. There you can admire the “Alubarna” – the oldest in the world shipwreck. Among the exhibits-a priceless seal of gold that belonged to the legendary Queen Nefertiti, ancient manuscripts and many other interesting things. The entrance ticket costs ten pounds. By purchasing it, tourists have the right to visit all the rooms of the Museum and stroll along built many centuries ago, the walls with battlements.

The Tomb of Mausolus was considered as one of the 7 wonders of the world. Currently in its place is a Museum located in the four hundred meters to the West of the city centre. The entrance will take four Lira.Turkey Bodrum weather

Partially restored the Hellenistic theater with a capacity of thirteen thousand spectators located on a hill in the Northern part of Bodrum. Hence, it is recommended to watch the sunset – it was an astonishing sight.


Is it possible to do without the fun going on vacation? Bodrum (Turkey) – a place that will be liked by fans of active pastime. Consider the most popular way to spend time.

“Dedeman” – urban Park

A Paradise for lovers of water attractions is located on the outskirts of Bodrum. This Turkey's first water Park was built in 1993. There are a lot of different water slides, a river with artificial waves, several lakes, waterfalls and grottoes. The most extreme attraction – “Kamikaze”. The angle of it – 80 degrees, allowing you to experience the charm of the state of free flight.

The water Park opened three restaurants, one bar and several food courts. On the comfortable sunbeds you can relax after the slopes or a hearty lunch. Younger visitors happy to entertain the entertainers.


Bodrum is often compared to the real architectural Museum. Each camper during the inspection of local sites will be able to find something interesting. Main – to be patient and to take a camera.

What attracts connoisseurs of antiquity Bodrum? Tour of the ancient city of Ephesus are very popular. One of the most interesting places tourists consider Maremmano. According to legend, spent his last years on earth of the virgin Mary. Many pilgrims are attracted to the tomb of St. John. Not less impressions will bring the inspection of a large amphitheatre, a temple of Gest...

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