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Those who want to combine entertainment and relax, waiting for Ayia NAPA. Cyprus beaches with developed infrastructure positioned along the coast. They are visited by huge number of tourists. The resort can spend time as a youth, and families, you can visit the popular beach of Ayia NAPA, and you can select privacy.

beach in Ayia NAPA


Earlier this place was a small simple village, nothing attractive. But over time, profitable position: tender sea, warm sun all year round, and most importantly, clean sand on the beach - made her quite a popular resort town.


For a Long time at sea will let kids pobarahtatsya in the water without risk to health, that is what attracts couples with children. Do not be afraid of the North-East winds. Location of the resort is such that they do not blow out. The blue flag - this is an award awarded each beach. Ayia NAPA maintains the integrity of the coast and coastal waters. But there is one feature: for use with sun beds and umbrellas have to pay, and prices are not standing still. Nissi beach – the biggest beach. Ayia NAPA located it in the Western part of the coast. He offers not only passive recreation on the beach, but also rent sports gear and participate in the games. Agia NAPA Cyprus beachesAfter they have the opportunity to eat at one of the many restaurants or bars. Here you can visit the dive school and to conduct the first sessions in the water.

Makronissos beach, which connects the three bays. Very beautiful place and the sand on the shores of the purest white. For lovers of active leisure will be offered to water-skiing, catamarans, boats, dive into the depths of the sea (diving and snorkeling).


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Landa - a small beach. Ayia NAPA hid it among the biggest recreational areas. But you can not just swim in the sea, but to have fun. Infrastructure on the shore is very well developed. Ayia Thekla is a small Church, which gave its name to one more beach. It is famous for white sand, calm sea and incredible nature.

Pantahou beach in the Eastern part of the resort. It combines not only the place, but and good fishing. The East coast closes Konnos beach. It will delight children. Golden sand, various water attractions and sports. This place is very popular with the local population. Both in the West and in the East along the coast you can find secluded places. But they are very often deprived of comfortable conditions of rest. But there is another reason that attracts tourists to the beaches of Ayia NAPA. Photo! Gorgeous photoshoot, which is available, will cause admiration and envy of others. Very often such services are used by newlyweds, and young married couples.

the beaches of Ayia NAPA photo


In recent years this resort has become very popular among young people, and so fun to adjust to this generation. Here is a range of accommodation to suit every taste: from three stars to luxury apartments which are often rented whole group. The resort has plenty of cafes, bars, discos, night clubs. Periodically hosts foam parties, which gradually becomes a dancing in the street.

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