Hotels of Melitopol "Tower" and "South": description, prices


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In the Zaporozhye region of Ukraine is a regional center – Melitopol. The city is located at the intersection of roads, near the Azov sea, often the hotels of Melitopol become a stop for tourists heading on holiday to the sea, and guests arriving in the city on business.

Hotels in Melitopol

The City of Melitopol has several hotels. They are distinguished from each other, the number of rooms, their arrangement and technical equipment, convenient location relative to highways and downtown. Melitopol hotels offer their guests a different set of services, living conditions in their different levels of comfort. Prices, which are installed in hotels, vary widely and range from two hundred to three hundred thousand rubles per person per day.

Some hotel establishments have their own websites on the Internet that allows potential guests to visualize and compare the conditions offered to them. Hotels of Melitopol - conditions in them, the comfort and service like the hotel.

Hotel complex “Tower” in Melitopol

In the center of town is quite a new hotel complex «Tower». It is decorated in a medieval style. It offers comfort, warmth and entertainment.
hotels of Melitopol

The Hotel «Tower» small, consists of only four rooms in categories Suite and Junior Suite, they can be occupied by two people. The arrangement and design of the rooms correspond to European standards. Each room has comfortable furniture and there is a possibility of extra bed. Air conditioning, a fridge, a TV, free Wi-Fi, mini bar and safe equipped each of them. Bathroom with shower or bathtub has a year-round Autonomous hot water supply, guests are offered a Hairdryer.


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Relax after your journey or business meetings, guests can in a sauna. Visit the fireplace room and bar, Billiards will allow you to spend your leisure time. Cooks café will offer homemade cuisine, the menu can be enjoyed in the room.

The Presence of a guarded Parking, conference rooms with necessary equipment for holding events of various kinds, a Banquet hall significantly increases the level of comfort.

hotel tower

The Hotel «South»

On the outskirts of the city in a southerly direction is a Motel of the same name. Offers fourteen rooms of categories Suite, Junior Suite and economy. They might double and triple occupancy.

The Deluxe Rooms are equipped according to standards, there's an additional sleeping place. The Junior suites have twin beds, extra bed is not provided. Rooms of economy class do not have their own bathroom facilities located on each floor.


Hotel has its own café-bar, it works round the clock. Relax and unwind, guests can visit the local sauna. For the convenience of guests with their own vehicles, the hotel offers a guarded Parking lot.

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