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Given the fact that the life of modern man is maximally accelerated, the demand for air travel has increased significantly. Nor business people, nor those who fly on vacation, do not confuse the ticket prices, since the expression: “Time is money" is as relevant today as ever.

The Airline «Red wings", review of which confirms that, flying their own aircraft, you can save both time and money, helps travelers overcome any distance.

Company History

Founded in 1999, the company was completely restructured in 2007 due to its rapid growth. In connection with the expansion of both the fleet and covered the airspace, changes were made in personnel and improvements in the condition of the aircraft after its sale in 2013.

Since that time, the employees of the airline «Red wings" to constantly improve the quality of the service, and the owners care about the fact that all planes were in demand and were in proper condition, to ensure the safety of flights. We also plan to increase the fleet to 10 or more ships. It is the airline that operates exclusively domestic aircraft production.

red wings review

Base of the company is located in Domodedovo. "Red wings" operates Charter and scheduled flights like domestic flights and the popular resorts of Egypt, Turkey, Bulgaria, Italy and Spain. The hallmark of this company is the possibility of ordering tickets at a significant discount or at no extra extra charges and fees.


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This is particularly useful if it concerns business trips within the country. Regular destinations are carried out in such cities as Kemerovo, Ulyanovsk, Nizhnevartovsk, Simferopol, Volgograd, Naberezhnye Chelny, Perm, Surgut, Ufa, Omsk, Chelyabinsk and Khanty-Mansiysk.

In 2008, "Red wings" (the airline) entered into pilot Association of Russia and even was nominated for and graduated for the award “Wings of Russia». Among Russian Charter airlines it occupies the 3rd place and is going to improve this result.

Aircraft fleet

Today «Arsenal» this company 13 ships, most “young” of which 3.5 years, and the “senior” - a little more than 15 years.

After the crash in 2012, all aircraft "Red wings" (review about the company confirms this) have been tested and re-equipment, have been eliminated all identified problems, and the management of the company completely replaced. This has made it possible to obtain a license after it has been suspended due to the tragedy.

Since 2013 the Tu-204 aircraft engaged in the transportation of passengers, providing only “economy” class. Who is not satisfied with the level of flights and service, can purchase tickets for "su SuperJet 100", offering a level of “business” class.

Initially, the company «Red wings" was to position itself as the firm who use only Russian-made aircraft. In her Park most of the vehicles represent the Tu-204 and only 4 "Dry СуперДжет100". Management plans to continue to buy aircraft-level economy. This is due to the fact that most of the customers prefer to buy cheaper tickets and not claiming for expensive drinks and “snacks” during the flight.

Sometimes customers who regularly make flights, and complain of “Red wings». Reviews of passengers say that flights are often postponed indefinitely. This fact is really present in the “biography” of the company, but keep in mind that often delays associated with a thorough scan of the safety of the flight and the work of the technicians, who inspect the aircraft before departure.

If you find even the slightest violations that may affect safety during the flight, the aircraft is removed from the line to complete Troubleshooting. To replace one liner for the other also requires some time, which frustrated passengers do not consider leaving complaints on the quality of work of the company. Thus, checking the entire Park "Red wings" before I applied the liner to the runway.


For the First time about the necessity of replacing the old Soviet passenger jets on modern Airliners Tupolev was decided in 1982. In the development of participated not only employees of the design Bureau, but also experts of leading Western companies with extensive experience in projects of this scale.

The First flight of the new Tu-204 ("Red wings" uses this model for its transport) was completed in 1989. After it was taken into account and modified all systems, especially digital, responsible for the performance of the instruments.

In 1994, the Tu-204 is certified, started its serial production. Regular flights of this type of aircraft began performing since 1996 And to this day produce not only the series, but his modifications to the engines produced by foreign aircraft factory.

Many of the domestic airlines prefer to use over distances up to 7000 km that Tu-204. "Red wings" is no exception. Inside are 210 passengers, located on the system 3 + 3. There is thus enough space for the passage and between the rows of seats.

red wings airlines

In the cabin high-quality ventilation, a comfy seat, which will make this ship competitive with aircraft of such modifications, as the "Boeing 757-200", "A32 Airbus" and "Boeing 737-900".

As noted by the passengers, flying this ship, he's invisible take-off and soft landing.

"Sukhoi SuperJet 100"

For internal short air highways “Red wings" (the airline) uses liner "su SuperJet 100", developed by KB Sukhova in 2003. He replaced such outdated Soviet model, as Yak-42 and Tu-154.

The Russian engineers had advised the representatives of the company "Boeing" and "Snecma" (the French leader in the production of aircraft engines). Thanks to their collaboration the new "su SuperJet 100" made its first flight in 2007, and the regular flights it came out in 2011.

This is a small commercial airplane, designed for only 98 passengers with a range of distances up to 3000 km. This is enough for internal passenger traffic. Comfortable cabin with rows of seats 2 + 3 and enough space between rows today competes with such liners as "Embraer Е175" and "E170", "700 Scorer" and the like.

Tu 204 red wings

The new “offspring” Sukhova KB provides a record large Luggage racks, accommodating up to 50 L. In the Department of “business” class seats are located at the 4 in a row. Being developed to "su SuperJet", a fully business class and VIP-class, which may, in the future there will be the fleet of “Red wings».

Opinion on the available today on the line "su SuperJet 100" only the most positive quality of the flight and the service during it. The cost of tickets for flights of this company often allows customers to use its services. This is one of the most attractive features in the eyes of passengers, especially travelling as a family.

Additional airline services

Although a relatively new company, it was a hard way of becoming “feet” in a niche of air travel, where not in favor of competitors. A positive quality of this company (not to be confused with a hockey team «Detroit Red wings”) found its loyal followers, thanks to the services that it provides:

  • First, the company allows the transportation of children from 7 to 12 years unaccompanied. The only thing that should make their parents or guardians, so it is in the office of the airline or at the airport to submit a written application with the request of sending a child unaccompanied, and a waiver to the company. If the child is older, you issued a request to the head office to allow the teenager to an independent flight aboard their ship.
  • Second, one of the services is to send Pets. The only caveat is the prohibition on simultaneous flights of cats and dogs. If the weight of the pet together with its cage does not exceed 8 kg, and she is carrying no more than 20 cm in height, it is possible to take to the salon. Otherwise, when an animal heavier and more cell, it is transported in the Luggage compartment. One flight can carry more than 2 animals.
  • Third, for passengers travelling from November to March, ski resorts, carriage of sports equipment weighing up to 20 kg free of charge.
  • Fourth, the company provides the service of delivery of securities and correspondence, provided that its weight does not exceed 5 kg and the size is not more than a 4. Create a shipment be not later than 4 hours before departure of the ship. The service is available for both legal entities and individuals.

red wings bleeds

In addition to konkretnyh of carrier services by air, "Red wings" advance provides passengers with information about transportation and payment of Luggage and hand Luggage. Such policy of the company gives customers time to decide what items really need to be in flight, not to pay for every extra kilo for 200 rubles.


Baggage is often a problem or cause for dissatisfaction on the part of passengers. ...

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