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The Most equipped military base China is in a Podunk town with nothing telling title of Lushun, but the world is a place known as Port Arthur.

Located in the Western part of the Liaodong Bay of the harbour, on which stands the port, with four sides surrounded by hills, as if specially created to shelter warships from the enemy.Port Arthur

Since the late nineteenth century, when China got armored fleet, Port Arthur became the main base of the Northern group. Occupied by the Japanese from 1894 to 1895-the year he was, according to the Shimonoseki Treaty, and by them leased. However, this step was contrary to the interests of Germany, France and Russia, which is strongly demanded to return to China taken by force the Peninsula.

Expanding its presence in the East, the Russians had even taken a number of steps aimed at obtaining the lease the Liaodong Bay and the Peninsula, and there have even been cases of offering bribes to Chinese officials. And in 1898 the agreement was reached, and Port Arthur has gradually become the main base of the Russian fleet in this Pacific region.

This development is not very fond of Japan. In February of 1904 began the Russian-Japanese confrontation, during which the Russian military command has made a lot of mistakes. And although sailors and common soldiers fought like real heroes, but the military, which was not ready to such outcome of events, yet lost this war. Payment for such narrow-minded leadership for Russia was truly terrifying. In addition to the material and human losses during the fighting, she had to agree to ignominious terms. The surrender of Port Arthur ended with the Portsmouth Treaty, in which Japan withdrew not only the Liaodong Peninsula and the South Manchuria railway tract, but also half of Sakhalin.the Surrender of Port Arthur


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Satisfaction Russian had to wait almost four decades.

It was only in August 1945, previously concentrated in the far East and TRANS-Baikal military forces could launch military action. The Japanese fiercely resisted, however, as soon as our troops managed to crack the Bastion of Hailar and overcome unassailable, as did the Japanese, the greater Khingan range, the enemy's morale was broken.

The Twenty-third of August at Port Arthur on parachutes and seaplanes descended the impressive landing, the Japanese surrendered without a fight the city.

It was, perhaps, at the moment the only scale the operation, which the Russian played from the beginning to the end.

port Arthur todayIn the same year, the Soviet Union concluded with the Kuomintang government was aware of the agreement under which Port Arthur surrenders his lease for thirty years. But just a few years, the Chiang Kai-shek had fled, and the leadership of the Communist party, in order not to spoil relations with the brotherly in those years, the CPC, in early 1955 liberated Port Arthur, removing all its troops.

Port Arthur today – it is a closed city, they don't allow foreign citizens. And only 203-th height, and the Russian cemetery access still open.

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