Extruded polystyrene "TekhnoNikol": specifications, reviews, thickness, density


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For insulating various structures today use different materials, among them it is especially possible to allocate Styrofoam “TECHNONICOL”. Its distinguishing feature is the versatility. The material can be used in the construction of houses, engineering structures and road construction.

The Material has another name – extruded polystyrene. Its structure has the small cell size of 0.1 to 0.2 millimeter. Through them is ensured the homogeneity of the material. It is composed of granules of polystyrene, which are mixed in the manufacturing process through the effect of high pressure and an impressive temperature. They added a foaming substance, which comprises carbon dioxide and freon. Extruded polystyrene has been known for over sixty years, during that time was not invented analogues, which would be superior to describe material properties.

polystyrene foam TECHNONICOL


Styrofoam “TECHNONICOL” has a unique quality. The material has a low conductivity and low water absorption. This figure does not exceed the rate of 0.2% of the volume. Filled the top of the cell, but to the lower liquid just do not get it. To exploit the material in a wide temperature range, which ranges from -75 to +75 degrees, while the density may vary from 28 to 60 kilograms per cubic meter.

Characteristics of different types of extruded polystyrene

If you are interested in Styrofoam “TECHNONICOL”, you should be familiar with its basic varieties offered for sale by the manufacturer. For solving everyday problems, you can use XPS Carbon Eco, which is used in the construction of private cottages and houses small etazhnosti. To purchase this material, paying 3300 rubles per cubic meter.


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extruded polystyrene TechnoNIKOL

XPS CARBON Eco Drain is a plate which is provided with a drainage channel. These cloths are used in the construction of a flat roof and the formation of the Foundation. Available in material grooves allow to divert melt water, providing intensive ventilation.

If there is a need to carry out work in the area of the cap or of the facade of the building, then you should buy a XPS CARBON Eco Fas, the price of which is 4000 rubles per cubic meter. For insulation of floors and foundations can use one of the varieties of polystyrene-CARBON Eco SP, which has high stiffness and strength. For the painting desyatiletnego layer will have to pay about 4300 rubles per cubic meter.

Features Styrofoam-brand “TECHNONICOL” for industrial applications

Styrofoam “TECHNONICOL” is made for industrial purposes. One kind is PROF, which is used for thermal insulation of office buildings, roofs, shopping and warehouse complexes. PROF SLOPE - series, consisting of five plates, the dimensions of which allow you to collect a variety of form structure. This can be attributed to those that have a certain slope.

the density of the extruded polystyrene foam TECHNONICOL

SOLID successfully applied in the process of laying railway tracks and slopes, as they are able to endure high loads and can last for a long time, however, he is indestructible and decay. The manufacturer offers to sell SAND that is designed for construction using sandwich panels.

Qualitative characteristics of the material for industrial use are different from the properties of the insulator for solving everyday problems, but also the cost of the first twice. You can purchase it on average for 6000 Russian rubles per cubic meter

Positive feedback

Styrofoam “TECHNONICOL”, which reviews are most often positive, has many advantages, among the advantages it should highlight the chemical resistance and water repellent characteristics. According to users, this material has a broad field of use, as well as high vapor permeability. Consumers choose this Styrofoam also for the reason that it exhibits excellent resistance to compression.

polystyrene foam TECHNONICOL characteristics

Negative feedback

Styrofoam “TECHNONICOL” whose specifications should be clarified before purchasing this type of insulation has some disadvantages. According to customers, it is toxic, as in combustion emits dangerous to human health substances. Home masters emphasize that the polystyrene quite easily ignited when exposed to flame, and requires the mandatory use of the installation work a special adhesive.

the extruded polystyrene foam TECHNONICOL characteristics


Extruded polystyrene “TECHNONICOL” have gained their popularity for the reason that it has a fairly wide field of use. It is used in both industrial and household construction. With this material it is possible to insulate the front, including those made under a wet screed.

Amenable to insulation using products "TECHNONICOL” and other surfaces that are in the process of operation are subjected to bearing loads. This should include both straight and sloping roof. With this insulation the cold attic of the house can be turned into a comfortable attic floor which can be used all year round. The thickness of the effective insulation will be much less compared to the thickness of the foam or mineral wool. This is because the described insulation has a negligible coefficient of thermal conductivity, this value is 0,028 W/MK.

polystyrene foam TECHNONICOL specifications

Thus, extruded polystyrene “TECHNONICOL” suitable for thermal insulation of residential premises, where the important requirements stands saving space. Here it is necessary to allocate verandas, balconies, small rooms or loggia.

A Kind of extruded polystyrene – “Technoplex”

Styrofoam “TECHNONICOL”, the characteristics of which allow for the insulation of all structures and premises, for sale in the form of another species, known as the ‘Technoplex”. It is perfect for home insulation from insulation of facades, finishing and insulation of attics.

As the distinctive features of this heater is the composition, which consists of microscopic graphite elements. Through this ‘Technoplex” has increased durability and resistance to different kinds of deformations. Considering the specifications «Tehnopleks”, you will be able to note that the coefficient of thermal conductivity equal to 0,032 W/MK, while the density of the material varies from 26 to 35 kilogram per cubic meter, the value will depend on the thickness of the product. The coefficient of permeability is equivalent to 0.01 W/MK. If the material is immersed in water for a day, then the absorbency will be 0.2%.

polystyrene foam TECHNONICOL thickness


Styrofoam “TECHNONICOL”, the thickness of which can vary from 40 to 120 millimeters, has a length of 1180 mm. The width of the cloths equal to 580 millimeters, but the individual size it is possible to manufacture the plates, the length of which reaches 3000 mm. The edges can be smooth or have a selected quarter.

Specifications Styrofoam brand “TECHNONICOL carbon Eco”

Density extruded polystyrene “TECHNONICOL” has been mentioned above, but the described material has many other characteristics that you need to know before purchasing a product. For example, it may relate to the line of “carbon Eco”, which is perfectly suitable for the insulation of cabins and cottages. When compared with ‘Tehnopleks”, in the production of “TECHNONICOL carbon Eco” used the impurities from the nanocarbon, which improves the strength characteristics of expanded polystyrene.

The conductivity of this kind of insulation is 0,029 W/MK, whereas the absorption at full immersion for a day is equal to 0.2% of the volume of the insulation. The coefficient of propovedniki equivalent 0,011 mg/MCPA, but the modulus of elasticity is 17 MPa. In the production of “carbon Eco” to the ingredients added flame retardants, which will contribute to the attenuation of the material in the absence of direct exposure to the flame.

Features Styrofoam-brand “TECHNONICOL XPS 35-300”

Extruded polystyrene “TECHNONICOL”, the characteristics of which will be presented below for a variety XPS 35-300 may be different high...

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