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Mechanical planers have long been recognized as ineffective. Modern electric counterparts are very thick. Performance in this case depends on many factors. If we consider the model of the Japanese company "MAKITA", it should be noted that they, as a rule, are equipped with regulators of depth. Nozzles for connection of vacuum cleaners are available in almost all the planes.

planer makita 1911b reviews

The Handle for the form may be very different. The average length of the model is equal to 300 mm. Are the planes of the company "MAKITA" to professional tools. However, in order to understand their advantages, it is necessary to consider separately the planes powered from the mains as well as battery modifications.

Tools, working from the network

Planes, working from a network 220 In, almost everything superior to the battery model. In this case, the power tools can reach 6 kW. Controls for depth installed in almost all planes. Handles for a quality finish apply a broad and low.

In this case, the connections for connecting the plastic cleaner provided. Cutters are installed in different thicknesses. To handle these power tools is capable of wood of different breeds. Engines models installed collector type. If we talk about the value of the goods, the price of the planers of this type is around 18 thousand.

electric planer makita 1902

Battery modifications

Power rechargeable Makita planers are significantly inferior counterparts, who operate from a network. In this case, the specified parameter does not exceed 4 kW. However, remember about the benefits of rechargeable devices. First of all it concerns mobility. In places where there is no electricity, they "feel" quietly. The dimensions of the battery model are very different.


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The Handles they have installed, as a rule, is low. Due to this, the position of the tool is very easy to control. Idling planes are able to make about 13 thousand rpm. To get the model to date, over 22 thousand rubles.

The parameters of the model N1923B

This planer (electric) Makita has a power of 5 kW. This tool works on 220 V. In this case, the depth Adjuster is provided. Mill this model is wide, so the performance of the device all right. If necessary, you can work in narrow places. Dimensions in this case to do so allow.

Handle the model has plastic, however it rarely breaks down. At idle, the device performs more than 12300 rpm. Over the reducer device is a special casing that protects the movement from dust. Is on the market, the company Makita planer N1923B about 18200 RUB.

What they say about plane N1923B?

Many buyers leave positive comments about this model. Most often, this Makita planer reviews for gets a compact size. However, before buying also important to consider the shortcomings of the tool. In some cases the drum knives can break. The engine of the tool is often heated. Thus, long handle wood will not work. Another drawback lies in the low belt. In some cases, it may not withstand the load.

Model Overview KP1902S

Electric Planer Makita 1902 is characterized by the presence of wide knives. With soft wood it handles pretty quickly. For quality planing depth of the drum, the user is able to adjust. The engine model uses a single-phase type, and its power is equal to 7 kW. The frame of the tool set U-shape. The control unit is used in the plane of the belt type. The cutter in this case has a small thickness.

The Casing of the model is fixed directly on the gearbox. To capture chip has a special cleaner. It is connected through a plastic hole on the side panel. At idle the drum develops a maximum speed of 13,500 rpm. Handle the device uses narrow. Parallel stops in the tool is made of metal. The off button is on the handle. Is the company Makita planer KP1902S not more than 19 300 RUB.

makita planer reviews

Consumer reviews about the model KP1902S

The Reviews about this plane. Among professionals it is in great demand. For soft wood more comfortable tool is not found. In this case the knives if necessary, the user is able to change yourself. The drum is mounted near the tool durable. The control depth use comfortable. However, the power cable, there is only 2.2 meters. Sometimes this is for comfortable planing is not enough. Engine power enough to make the surface very smooth. The casing of the device from high noisiness protects reliably. If necessary, the sole of the tool can be replaced.

Device KP0800

This cordless planer is simple to use. In this case the battery used is not very powerful. So long to operate the tool will not work. The knives in this model are used narrow. However they break down very rarely. The power parameter of the plane is 4 kW. At idle the drum does not exceed 11 thousand rpm. The height of the knives can be adjusted through the swivel mechanism.

makita planer

An Inlet for the dust model is available. The battery also presents a plane equipped with a special parallel focusing. Due to it the wood can be treated at different angles. Mounting the model used durable. This tool weighs only 3.1 lbs. Is on the market, the company Makita planer KP0800 not more than 21500 RUB.

The owners of KP0800

For his mobility planer Makita KP0800 gets good reviews. In places where no electricity to work with it comfortably. If necessary, clean the casing is quite simple. However, the capacity of the model is never enough. With solid wood device, doing very bad. In this case, the productivity is low. The handle is mounted quite comfortable. Many buyers happy rear location of the battery. If you need to stick it just. Loud noise when working is not heard, and that's good. Also, the advantages include a solid rip fence.

Specifications N1911B

The Power of the presented plane is equal to 7 kW. The model weighs 3.2 kg. control depth of cut in this case has a rotary type. On the handle lock installed. If necessary, position the user is able to change. Also of note is the strength of the handle. In this case, the outlet for dust collector is available in the sidebar.

The power Button is on the handle. Front sole, this model is adjustable. The strap is thick and the jumps are quite rare. On the market Makita planer N1911B can be purchased for 21600 RUB.

planer makita kp0810ck reviews

Reviews about N1911B

For high performance planer Makita 1911B gets good reviews. However, some buyers are not satisfied with large dimensions in narrow spaces to use the tool will not work. A parallel emphasis in this model can withstand heavy loads. In General, during planing, the planer is a stable and a large vibration is not felt. Cover the sound of the motor absorbs well.

The parameters of the plane KP0810CK

This planer features a large drum with knives. The belt used in this case is broad and rarely flies off the shaft. Power commutator motor is 5 kW. The drum in the device for a minute to make not more than 10200 rpm. Depth Adjuster the model is located on the side panel. For connecting the dust collecting nozzle is not provided.

planer makita 1911b reviews

The rip fence in the presented model is mounted on a special retainer. Front sole in this instance the height is adjustable. Handle is low. Anti-vibration system in the plane is missing. The market model is about 17 thousand rubles.

What they say about owners KP0810CK?

KP0810CK Makita Planer reviews has a different opinion of consumers about this tool often at odds. Some people give it preference because of the low prices. Feedback model deserves a good quality height Adjuster planing. Wood tool handles pretty quickly. However, for professionals the plane did not fit.

makita kp0800 planer reviews

Anti-vibration system it is missing, and the handle sometimes shakes too much. The rip fence of the model breaks down often. According to the owners of the plane, problem with gearbox sometimes occur. This happens mainly because of contamination of the power tool. Thus, it is periodically necessary to inspect. In the end we can say that it's worth the money.

Characteristics of the model 1806B

This planer has power to...

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