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Today there are many devices which greatly facilitate the daily care of the garden and the house. Is not excessive and the wood chipper. Own hands to make such a device almost everyone can. Using this unit can grind solid objects.

Of Course, someone will approach a wood chipper. Rent this unit, however, will cost no less than the creation of devices with their own hands. Very often the crusher is used for grinding plastics, household rubbish, wood and stones, as well as for crushing items made of metal.crusher for wood with their own hands to make a

What are crusher

Conventionally, the crusher are divided into groups according to the type of use. They can be for crushing

  • Plastic;
  • Garbage household;
  • Wood;
  • Metal;
  • Stone.

In Addition, crusher klassificeret in size. The unit can be small – 0.02 m, medium – 0.1 m and large crushing & ndash; 0.3 m

Based on the characteristics, adaptations are:

  1. Device knife.
  2. Devices tile.
  3. The Crusher is equipped with cone-shaped hopper.
  4. Machine rotary knife.crusher for wood b y

How does homemade machine

In recent years, the demand for wood crusher used/“Craigslist”. However, this is not a universal unit. If you wish, you can make a homemade device. To collect it, you should understand the principle of operation of such a device.

Works pipe crusher is like a conventional grinder. The principle is quite simple. First, the material passes through the drum-receiving bowl, and then falls into the crushing system, which is very quickly crushed. The branch, which grinds the garbage, consists of several cutters and cutters. However, the performance of the unit depends on the capacity. However, this figure should not be more than 2.6 kW. That is the power of a wood chipper (used or new does not matter).


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To create a wood chipper, you will need the following materials:

  1. Saw. The thickness of these components shall be between 0.6 and 0.1 m. They take 10 to 20 units below the unit worked fine. The more you drink, the better will be the crushing of materials.
  2. Motor. It is best to use the motor. It runs almost silently. Chipper with this motor is able to grind the garbage in small quantities without harming the environment. After all, in the process, the electric motor does not emit harmful substances. To use the unit not only outdoors but also indoors. The main drawback-the dependence on power.
  3. Studs for mounting cutters.
  4. Welding.
  5. Feed and cover that are made and galvanized metal.
  6. Washers and nuts.
  7. Preferaby of metal for the manufacture of the unit.chipper for wood used rental

The wood Chipper with your hands

To Produce drawings – that's the first thing you need to do. Otherwise you can get confused and incorrectly assemble the unit. Only then can you start collecting the entire structure.

All saws should be installed on the already prepared the axis. Their sizes should match the size of the cutters. After installation the disks must be locked using the nuts and washers. This should take into account some features of the structure. Between the saws should be thin washers. They will not allow the discs to touch each other edge. The number of washers should be 1 less than the number of saws.

When the axis are fixed, and the disks are separated, you must install the pulley. If such details are not at hand, it can be taken from the generator of the car of domestic production. That rod is normally rotated, is to use several bearings whose diameter is 2 cm.chipper for wood used avito

Production framework

Almost finished the wood chipper. Stuff can and frame for Assembly. This will require potrubi. They should be procured in advance. To make the frame, preferaby must be welded together. Now we need to strengthen the structure. To do this, inside the frame is to mount multiple profiles. This will help to strengthen the fastening of the grinding unit and the hopper.

The finished frame should be welded metal sheet, and then make holes in it, designed for mounting the drum and motor. To crusher stood more steadily, is to attach 4 legs.

Now you need to install the disc that provides the belt tension. It should be positioned so that the wheels were moving freely. This arrangement will allow you to adjust the strap.

So, how to create a wood chipper with your hands. To manufacture the housing and to connect the saw – that's half the battle. Now you need to put on the disk system cover. On cutting unit costs to fix the bunker. That's all. The unit is ready.crusher for wood with their own hands to make the drawing


Now you know how to make a crusher for wood with their hands. To make the unit really is not so simple as it might seem at first glance. There are several issues to consider:

  1. Before starting Assembly it is recommended to draw a diagram. This will clarify the details of the Assembly design and will avoid even minor errors.
  2. To improve the performance of crusher, you should install a greater number of saws. Permitted to mount up to 25 disks. The thickness of each blade to be 0.1 m.
  3. If the crusher is suitable for crushing harder material than wood, you should not install the motor, and the motor unit. Its capacity is much higher.
  4. That is not constantly sharpening their own CDs, you can install the saw blade with alloy tips.
  5. The material was under pressure in the grinding process, should be fixed in front of the bunker, a special timber to secure it to the frame.crusher for wood as sdedat

In conclusion

Here is the wood chipper. Made as a unit? It's easy, if you know how to draw blueprints and work with tools. Of course, the lack of experience may cause some difficulty. It should be noted that crusher created by the user, as described above, is suitable for grinding not only of fallen leaves and debris, but also for household waste and wood.

This design is considered more durable and reliable thanks to the saws, mounted horizontally. As for the factory models, here milling system is fixed vertically. With this arrangement, the saws need to constantly monitor the moisture content of litter and stems. Otherwise the unit will break down quickly. In addition, in the manufacture of crusher for wood you can choose the engine with the required power rating and the right amount to drink.


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