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The Modern world is far from ideal. Violence and aggression among civilized society is no exception. And increasingly widespread. To predict where and when there will be another conflict of interest is almost impossible, so the party's precarious situation can happen to anyone regardless of their desires.


To date, to acquire the means of self-defense without a license is not difficult - you can find the right model online or visit a specialty store.

Despite the market saturation of new and more advanced personal protective equipment, the leading position is still the time-tested Taser.


A Small device, easily concealed in a pocket or purse, can deliver power to three million volts, what actually hits an enemy.

Such means of self-defense, how tasers usually do not affect the General health of a person, causing only muscle cramps, a painful shock and burns, in rare cases causing loss of consciousness. However, if a person has problems with the cardiovascular system, shock may become a serious test for the organism and even lead to death.

However, the use of electroshocker is not a necessity as the form of an arc of electric current strikes fear in the enemy, and, fearing to be struck, he usually hides.

Another advantage of this tool is the lack of certain physical parameters and special skills.

To Use the stun gun is easy enough, you just need to bring the device to the body part of the enemy and press the start button.

Gas cylinders

The Best means of self-defense for women – aerosol and gas fixtures. Gas cartridges are extremely affordable and common, sometimes they are sold even in supermarkets.

The Principle of operation of such a device lies in the damaging influence of a special gas on the mucous membranes of humans. The gas is harmless to human life and has only a temporary impact, namely: tearing, pain, disorientation, impaired breathing rhythm.


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a means of self-defense without a license

This method is important to coordinate actions, as if the gas jet will not hit the target (eyes, mouth), the enemy will not get proper damage, and maybe even more angry.

Telescoping baton

Some means of self-defense at first glance, absolutely harmless. For example, when folded, the telescopic baton is like some cover for the handles. But it is worth a click, as the mechanism is actuated, presenting intimidating self-defense tool. The baton is made of durable material, allowing you to multiply the force of impact.

self-defense without a permit

The Disadvantage of this device is undesirable use by persons with a weak physical training. If you act awkwardly, and the strength of your blow is not enough to destabilize the enemy, he can take the weapon and use it against you.


The Most ancient means of self-defense (without a license), allowing to increase the destructive power in a fist fight – the fist, or weighting the hands. Of course, such a tool would be useful only for men because women rarely engage in melee contact with the enemy.

an effective means of self-defense

It is Known that even normal keys, squeezed in the palm, two times increase the force of impact.

Knuckles can cause substantial harm to the opponent in the form of cuts, cuts and abrasions. Some species are equipped with sharp blades or spikes, which makes them, in fact, edged weapons.

However, these means of self-defense does not require any authorizing document.

Laser svatoshitsy

An Improved and more functional kind of a Shocker. The mechanism equipped with the current, and a laser device that blinds the enemy and causes disorientation in space.

the best means of self-defense

The Device is compact and does not occupy much space, so it can be stowed even in a small hand-bag. For use laser Taser does not require a physical advantages, special skills and direct contact. It is effective even at a distance of two meters, which allows you to start using it even before the rapprochement with the attacker. The probability that the adversary gets hold of your arms is minimized. In addition, the laser beam can be directed at multiple opponents, so this weapon is very effective in group attacks. In order to bring the mechanism into action, you simple press the button. The laser beam has a low destructive power, so that the probability of causing the fatal injury is missing.

These benefits make laser svatoshitsy in the most promising means of self-defense without a permit, as evidenced by a significant increase in demand for this product.


If the above list doesn't satisfy your requests, and you want to add to your Arsenal of more effective means of self-defense, you'll need a little more time and money to acquire it.

By Federal law to become the owner of a cold or firearms, you must first obtain a license.

The First step to get the document is the passage of special courses followed by obtaining the attestation of the diploma. You need to renew it every 5 years. After training, must pass a medical examination in the absence of psychological problems and to help shape 046-1, which is valid for six months. In addition to diploma and certificates, licenses and permits division is required to provide a photo 3x4 cm, photocopies of all pages of passport and receipt of payment of the license tax. The verification process of documents up to 1 month.


After obtaining a license you can go to the gun shop for new clothes. But don't forget to take a sufficient amount, as firearms and means of self-defense are not cheap.


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