We are talking about how to decorate wedding glasses with his hands.


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 Wedding is an event to which any female preparing since childhood. A little girl puts on the head any beautiful cloth: tulle, shawl or a beautiful cloth,hoping that this veil. We want to be avastamise when this question can not be. Needless to say what feelings does each girl in the wedding day. Of course we would like everything to be prettier, better, more fabulous than all. In fulfillment of these desires may well help numerous Bridal shops that have huge variety of wedding atributiki  wedding dresses.

But in all this diversity is  very difficult to find a beautiful wedding glasses, this attribute is the most important after the bridesmaid dresses and wedding rings. But sadly, to find an original wedding glasses is not an easy task,because they must reflect all the tenderness of feeling. And glasses as evil, deprived of individuality, painted with swans, this is most likely the limit of the imagination of their creators. Of course, we are not talking about the oligarchs brides, their wedding glasses – it's designer famous designers. But unless the brides of rich people  are allowed to drink champagne from designer glasses? - Of course not!

Let your glasses will not be decorated with diamonds, but that they will not lose in beauty and uniqueness. We are talking about how to decorate wedding glasses with his hands. It's all in the imagination ,and that you want to show, what emotions need to reflect your wedding glasses, made at home.


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In order to decorate a wedding  glasses with your hands, you need to take the paint bottle white  (better if it is a special paint for glass); two or three sizes of white ,or blue ,or Golden pearls; different types of ribbons (lace, silk, satin);little beads( the color of the pearls and tapes); tape and glue.

Assume that on the glass you need stripes or hearts, then seal the place for stripes or hearts with duct tape ( to form hearts turned out beautiful, you can take stickers in form of hearts).

Next step  jewelry  wedding glasses with your hands, will spray paint on the glass, then you need to give the paint to dry. Next, remove the stickers and get transparent stripes or hearts.

For what would be a transparent drawing was more expressive, do Akimovka beads.

Beading can make the path at the edge of the glass using glue.

The Glass work is beautiful and unusual, but something picked up... Fill this shortage.  by tying the legs of the glasses prepared in advance  tape. The tape should also fix the adhesive. After fixation,  carefully sheathed her pearls in descending order by size, from the center of the bow to the end of the tape.

Now  glass  has a unique appearance, and you have neponaslyshke know how to decorate wedding glasses. Tie glasses  can the same tape, or similar in texture and type.

To Decorate wedding glasses with your hands  and use of shells, and feathers, and petals of artificial flowers (although it is possible and natural, but it is a risk that the rest of the evening, the glasses will lose attractiveness).

For Those who crochet,it is not worth time to think, how to make a wedding glasses.You  can tie a delicate setting for your wedding glasses, neatly securing it with glue. Anyway, if just to frame lace tape the body of the glass and add the same tape  on the front legs of glass, these simple  process will give a certain  the nature of your wedding glasses.

In the end think it necessary to notice that in order to decorate  wedding glasses with your hands, to do it in plain, without pattern and patterns glasses.

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