The columnar currant: description of varieties, planting and care


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Currants – it is the favorite berry of many gardeners. Not too whimsical bushes, high yielding and beneficial properties of berries make it an indispensable garden plant. However, many know that the old varieties that grow the majority of Russians in suburban areas, gradually degenerate, the berry is small, sour, bushes begin to pursue the disease. In this case, one need to uproot the old bushes and planted new ones. Today in our spotlight column-currant. Let's consider its main advantages and features of the care of it.column-currant


A Little later we will tell you about the most famous varieties that every cottager will not refuse to have in his garden plot. But for now let's focus on the difference between the columnar currants. First and foremost it should be noted the later stages of maturation. The berries of these varieties you will be able to collect approximately one month later than most varieties.

Column-currant is somewhat different from other fellows. It is a large vigorous bushes with a strong upright shoots. This should be considered when you choose a place to land. Do not forget that the bushes have to be established and it is desirable to tie to the supports. So the columnar currants will be easy to handle and currant

Main advantages

This is a modern varieties that have been bred by a long selection. Were achieved excellent results:

  • Average weight of the berries - 6 g. Remember how much weight the usual red currant, and you all will become clear soon.
  • Each Bush you can get 6-7 kg of berries in one season, it is a wonderful result, which every gardener.
  • Variety unpretentious to the soil and are resistant to diseases.
  • Very large, shiny berries are collected in dense and long bunches, making harvesting easier and simpler.
  • Columnar varieties capable of holding ripe berries on the bushes for several weeks, so you will have plenty of time to collect all berries.currant column-how to care

How to care

In fact, just plant a Bush and wait for good result – it's not a good option. Today we will discuss a subject that will require you currant columnar. How to care for these varieties to get maximum yield.


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  • First need to plant the Bush at a distance of not less than a meter from each other, otherwise the bushes are dense and yields will be reduced.
  • Need to have the whole season to loosen the ground near the bushes.
  • How needs constant weeding and annual fertilizer.
  • Finally, third rule: to maintain the shape of the plant, which will require to remove old branches.column-black currant

Development and updating of the Bush

The First three years – most important, it was at this time formed the Bush. For this column-the black currant needs constant scraps. Your goal – to raise the column, then have a tall trunk with orderly branches rising upwards. But the Bush tends to give strong lateral branches, which can not be tolerated.

You'll have to practice, the first time it is difficult to understand how a column-currant. Planting and care otherwise do not differ from other varieties of currants.column-currant planting and care

Rules for pruning

So as soon as the branches grow more than 25 cm, cut them, leaving 4 sheets. In about two weeks from the top of the kidneys begin to grow new shoots as soon as they reach lengths of 30 cm, they also cut. With the top cut off, and at the bottom leave one kidney. Top of the year of the crop continues to grow and over the year will increase approximately 30 cm next year it will need to be shortened by about 2/3.

Red currant has a tendency to quickly turn into a huge, unkempt Bush in which to find the clusters will be difficult. So every year this plant need to cut the triennial branches preventing twigs older than this age. As a result, year after year, your planting retain a flawless appearance, and a great harvest.column-red currant

Varieties of columnar Cassis

Titania, currants Stam, height of about 70-80 cm Grade medium strength, bred in Sweden. Fructifies generously and regularly. The fruits are large, black with a slight sheen and a great, sweet taste. The variety is resistant to almost all diseases, as well as to low temperatures, suitable for freezing and processing.

Ben Chisel – this is the earliest variety. Bush height of about half a meter, berries weighing 5 g. the Variety is resistant to frost and pests and diseases. Crown columnar, but great harvest makes it easy to semi-spreading. These berries are very sweet, so ideal for immediate consumption.

Ben Adler – it is, on the contrary, late variety, ideal for recycling. It is characterized by high disease resistance and high yield. With each plant you collect up to 5 kg large, selected berries.

Varieties of red currants

Today there are many varieties that can turn your opinion about gardening. In particular, we are interested in column-red currant. Excellent results can be obtained by planting on a plot of grade Rovada. It is characterized by high resistance to diseases and very high yield. Growers emphasize that this variety is absolutely not afraid of late frosts, because it blooms much later than other congeners.

Rovada very well is pollinated by insects, wind, brush never barren flowers. This ensures a great harvest with minimal effort gardener. The berries on the brushes are formed large, solid, well off and have a pleasant, sweet-sour taste.

According to its characteristics, the variety is much superior to many varieties of red currant. Berry hangs long on the Bush, without losing its trademark qualities. Perfectly transported over long distances.

He red currant – this is another great choice for gardeners. First and foremost, it is distinguished by winter hardiness, it is perfectly resistant to even the harshest of winters. Gardeners also note the high yield and good berry taste, immunity to powdery mildew. Berries go great with the processing, they are medium in size, round or slightly flattened, sweet and sour, multi-purpose.

Pink pearl is a variety of red currant that features a soft, sweet taste of the fruit. According to gardeners, this variety produces the most delicious berries. They are practically no acid is present, and the extraordinary sweetness of the taste will appeal primarily to children.


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