Oxidized bitumen: production, properties and applications


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What is bitumen, you know, not only builders, but also many consumers. This material was used several decades ago everywhere for the coating of small outbuildings, furnishing a waterproof barrier between the Foundation and walls of buildings and for many other purposes. But the pure bitumen – not the best choice for roof coatings. Because it is amenable to ageing, it becomes brittle and hard under the influence of oxygen and sunlight. As a result, the surface cracks, and loses it waterproof function. To get rid of these drawbacks, for the production of roof coverings used oxidized bitumen.

Features of production

oxidized bitumenThe Production of bitumen is a complex technological process that is carried out in the refineries. Raw material is oil, and not one variety, but a few who are carefully selected. From the quality of the source material, depends on the quality of the finished product.

Production of oxidized bitumen is a compulsory process and is carried out in a special unit. It heats up the feedstock, and through him carries the oxygen. The raw material can serve as fuel oil, tar, cracking residues, palulukan or a mixture thereof.

Features and Benefits

what is asphaltThe Result of the oxidation process is the acquisition of important product for the operation characteristics, which include:

  1. Change heat resistance of the coating to the initial +45 degrees to the end +120 degree.
  2. Due to stop all chemical processes roofing product acquires the necessary rigidity.
  3. Higher resistance than the unoxidized counterpart.
  4. No release of vapors and odors when heated.
  5. Improved surface quality with no flaking basalt chips.
  6. Coating retains its appearance, not inflated and not crack.
  7. Improved vetrostojkost. Due to the fact that the stiffness of the material increased, the surface easily resists even the strongest winds.

The oxidation Process will not end – it will continue after the installation of the roof for some period during its operation.


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Disadvantages oxidized bitumen

Unfortunately, the oxidation process gives a coating with some disadvantages:

  1. Fragility in sub-zero temperatures – the material hardens in the cold, it becomes hard. Therefore, it cannot be used for installation. This is a significant drawback for professional builders who have to work not only in the summer.
  2. Due to the fragile nature of the fabric if necessary, it is difficult to repair in the cold – at the slightest load, for example – enough to be on the roof, it begins to crack and break.

Manufacturer of modified bitumen

shingles reviewsWhat is modified bitumen? The so-called material in the feed mixture which adds a certain kind of modifying substances. This is necessary to finished products for roofs can withstand various weather influences. What gives additive modifiers? The mixing of bitumen with polymer added in the right proportion, gives the final product are important for the operation of properties:

  1. Resistance to UV radiation.
  2. Good adhesion.
  3. The Ability to keep good form.
  4. Resistance to sudden changes in temperature.

Many consumers are wondering, is not harmful if added to a polymer people and the environment. How safe thermoplast shows the following fact – after a few years of operation on the coating surface start to grow fungus, moss and other biological organisms. To destroy them, it is sufficient to treat the surface of any substance, the basis for the creation of which was copper sulfate.

Comparison of the characteristics of oxidized and modified bitumen

bitumen roofProperties of oxidised bitumen and SBS modified largely the same. It's long lifetime and excellent appearance. But there are differences. To understand which kind of materials has better performance and is more suitable for a specific object, it is necessary to compare their characteristics and to consider the differences.

Features Description

Oxidized bitumen

Modified bitumen

The Range of temperatures at which operation is possible.

From -55° C to +120° C.

-25° to +120° C. At lower temperatures, the coatings begin to crack and crumble. This leads to disruption of the integrity and appearance of the roof.


High rate of adhesion. Due to this, the material has excellent wind resistance – even if a strong wind takes off roof. In addition, the granulate can be attached to the surface.

Minimum adhesion, which may crumble granulate.


The Final material is of high quality and is not dependent on the quality of raw materials.

The Quality of finished roof depends entirely on the quality of raw materials. If it didn't possess the necessary quality to achieve good quality of the final product, producers have to use various stabilization additives.


High rate

A High rate, but only in freezing temperatures.

The Use of chemical additives.

Not provided

Is Used to extend the life of the roof.

Environmental friendliness

Contains No harmful or chemical substances. It is therefore considered safe for humans and the environment.

Can produce harmful substances, albeit in small quantities.

Output: although modified bitumen is cheaper, according to various indicators it is slightly inferior to the oxidized counterpart.


modified bitumenAs they say about shingles reviews experienced builders, if the laying of each kind of coverage is done correctly, not significant differences in the behavior of the roof. But there is one important caveat. Select and set the coating of both materials considering their characteristics and properties. So, in the summer it is easier to work with modified bitumen – it has higher heat resistance and performs well at high temperatures. If the installation uses oxidized analogue, to work with him better in the winter. He at very low temperatures, remains flexible.

Conclusion:, you can work with any material, if the work is carried out according to the manufacturer's recommendations and to comply strictly with all of their requirements, the roof can be operated for many years, while maintaining their characteristics.

What they say about shingles reviews owners of houses covered with such material? Most importantly, says each of them is the high aesthetic qualities and its reliability. After a few years of operation the surface remains in its integrity and performs its function.

Types of modified bitumen

oxidized bitumen manufactureDepending on the kind of the added modifier there are two types of modified bitumen:

  1. SBS (resinosum). To get it, in the bituminous mass is added rubber. Due to this mass changes its structure at the molecular level. Made of a material bitumen roof has a high flexibility and toughness at subzero temperatures, and also acquires the ability to repeat all bends of the surface, and even after considerable stretching to return to its original state.
  2. APT. The so-called mix, which is added to the polymer (atactic polypropylene). This ensures that the fabric temperature changes its plasticity (the higher the temperature, the higher plasticity and Vice versa). The added polymer has a low cost. Therefore obtained from the use of bitumen roof is lower than with the SBS-additives.

Benefits and features modified coatings

properties of oxidized bitumen and SBS modifiedOf SBS-modified products

  1. Has a large aspect ratio &n...

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