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Even some few decades ago, the repair and decoration of the walls was done very simply: cracks and crevices were sealed with alabaster solution, and instead of the old Wallpaper pasted a new one. However, current standards and technologies of repair and finishing works are substantially different, primarily due to the emergence of various mixes. For example, one of such advanced materials is the finishing putty, which allows you to bring the wall to perfect condition. the

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To correct major defects and irregularities of the walls once used plaster, which is then covered with a layer of filler, the starting mixture. But these materials do not allow to achieve the desired smoothness, so “last word” remains for the finishing coating of walls. Using it is the elimination of small defects after the starting mixtures and final, so to speak, finishing alignment surfaces. Finishing putty is the smallest size fractions, and thus reaches the desired smoothness. Quality is important in the case of walls preparing them for paint, since no paint will not be able to disguise even the slightest irregularity. A big plus “finicky” is that it has a white color and it allows you to use it as finishing materials of all shades and to be confident in the outcome. Among other things, putty, primer coated, provides good adhesion of any finishing materials to the wall, and it is a guarantee that after some time the finish starts to fall off.

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Putty finish: reviews and expert advice

There are three criterion for the selection of finishing putty – the size fractions, the rate of solidification and the view binder (plaster, cement, polymer). Chief among these criteria is the basis of the binder mixture. For example, cement finishing putty has excellent water resistance, therefore suitable for use in bathrooms, toilets and kitchens. But the downside of this material is its tendency to shrink, therefore it needs to be applied in several layers. But gypsum putty shrinkage does not, however, does not tolerate temperature changes and high humidity. Is the most technologically advanced polymeric finishing putty. It has high plasticity, so easy to apply on surfaces, making them smooth. But the downside of this material can be considered its high cost.


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Tools for applying “finicky”

putty finish reviews

Before applying the finishing layer of the walls should be primed. In the process, you will need three spatulas: narrow (10-15 cm) wide (40-60 cm) and angular. Little satelcom typed the finished mixture from the bucket and transferred to a wide spatula, which are made and leveling the surface. Angled spatula allows you to easily apply the material to the corners. The thickness of the coating layer should not exceed 2 mm, otherwise when dry it can crack. Consumption of putty finish on the meter square will of course depend on the thickness of the layer, but the average is 1 kg per 1 m2.

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