Solders for the soldering of aluminium. Aluminum brazing: brazing alloys and fluxes


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The View that it is very difficult to weld elements made of aluminium or alloys on its basis, is largely wrong. Of course, if you apply for this formulations, designed for use with copper, brass or steel, to obtain a positive result almost impossible. Special solders for soldering aluminium will greatly simplify this process.

Features of aluminum and alloys on its basis

Difficulties in soldering aluminum, due to its specific features:

  • High resistance oxide film on the surface;
  • Low melting point;
  • High capacity.

Temperature indicators, which produce aluminum brazing, there are two basic ways:

  • Low temperature in the range 150-300⁰С (soft soldering);
  • High temperature – 390-580⁰С (brazing).

Given the characteristics of the metal, manufacturers have developed special solders and fluxes for brazing aluminum.

The advantages of soldering

Used to connect aluminum parts used special argon welding. For such works it requires expensive equipment, and use it could only highly skilled. Moreover, in the weld was metal destruction in depth.

solders for the soldering of aluminium

Aluminum Brazing solders and fluxes is devoid of all these shortcomings and offers a number of advantages:

  • For fastening of parts using available tools.
  • Work can make even an unskilled performer, that is, it is possible to do yourself at home.
  • Not violated the integrity and structure of the parts.
  • With the proper observance of the brazing technology and mechanical bond strength is not inferior to welding the seams.
  • Reheat allows you to easily change the relative position of parts and soldering.

Aluminum Brazing in high temperature applications

In order to firmly connect a fairly large aluminum items that use the so-called hard soldering. This will require:


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aluminum brazing solder hts 2000

  • Gas burner;
  • Metal brush;
  • Solder.

Algorithm of works is quite simple:

aluminum brazing solders and fluxes

  • Soldering parts are carefully trimmed using a steel brush.
  • Warm the connection of the parts with a gas torch until the solder melting temperature (for modern trains is usually 390-400⁰С).

solders and fluxes for soldering of aluminium

  • Tightly pressed against the wire solder to the soldering and back and forth motions apply it to the surface.
  • Steel brush remove an oxide film of molten solder.
  • Allow the parts to cool naturally.

Solders for brazing

For a Long time, Russian consumers were only available solders 34A. The main component of this composition is aluminium (up to 66%). Soldering temperature is 530-550⁰С. To work with him should be careful not to melt or damage the fastened parts, because the melting of aluminum starts at 660⁰С. Besides the production of works on the recommendation of the manufacturer wire solder should be periodically dipped in the flux of f-34A.

aluminum brazing solder п250а

Temperature soldering of aluminum solder HTS-2000 (American production) is about 400 degrees. The connection elements are carried out without using a flux. This greatly simplifies the process.

castolin 1827 solders for the soldering of aluminium

Another quite popular and common solder with flux core is the Swiss Castolin 192 FBK. Soldering temperature a bit higher – 440 degrees. The presence of flux in the structure of the rod facilitates the removal of oxide film from the surface and provides a reliable adhesion of the solder to aluminium.

Both of the above composition is made of imported zinc-based, so the soldering has high anti-corrosion properties.

Recently, foreign manufacturers have a worthy competitor – solders for brazing of aluminum "Super+", which was developed and is now manufactured in Novosibirsk. According to its technical characteristics, it is in no way inferior to Western counterparts. The process of brazing is carried out at the same acceptable for the metal to 400 degrees. Moreover, there is no need to use flux. But the price is much lower (2-3 times) than its Western counterparts. The ingredients precaution the developers are not yet published.

Aluminum Brazing in a low temperature mode

As the soft soldering is carried out typically at a temperature in the range of 230-300 ° C, then it will need:

  • Electric soldering iron;
  • Solder for brazing of aluminum;
  • Flux;
  • Convenient tools for parts cleaning (metal brush, file or sandpaper).


  • Clean mating parts in any mechanical way.
  • Fix them in the desired position.
  • On the soldering apply flux (e.g., tassel).
  • Soldering iron Tip (pre-heated) soldering iron and wire solder ubiraem in the connection.
  • Solder begins to melt. Promoting a soldering iron, propylaen all seam connections.

solders for the soldering of aluminium

  • Give bonded parts to cool.
  • Carefully clean the soldering flux residue from (for example, dipped in alcohol wipe or with a rag).

Solders for soft soldering of aluminium

For low temperature soldering of aluminium currently used formulations from different manufacturers. A successfully carry out soldering of aluminum solder П250а Russian production. It is made of tin-based (80%). Also it is composed of zinc (of 19.85%) and minor additives of copper (0,15%). Low price and accessibility of purchase provided him with sufficient popularity.

It is Quite common in our country and the Swiss Castolin 1827 solders for the soldering of aluminium. It is composed of silver, cadmium and zinc. However, the price is much higher than the Russian counterpart. In addition, producers convincingly recommend to use it only with the flux of their production.

aluminum brazing solder hts 2000

Fluxes for soldering of aluminium

Fluxes dissolve and remove oxide film from metal surface, as well as contribute to a better spreadability of molten solder, which ultimately affects the quality and strength of the connection. So they must choose as well as solders for the soldering of aluminium.

Russian manufacturers ("Maltechnik", "Connector", Rexant, "bison") offer two main kinds of active liquid flux: f-59A and f-61A. The prefix “And” in the marking means that their structure is specially developed for soldering aluminum-based alloys, and composite compounds with copper, steel and other metals.

Among the imported liquid flux for soft soldering of the Russian the most famous Swiss Castolin AluTin 51. Carefully designed and well balanced composition suitable for brazing aluminum components, or in combination with other metals.

aluminum brazing solders and fluxes

All of the above fluxes are designed for low temperature soldering (in the range from 150 to 300 degrees). Brazing of aluminium is carried out mostly either without the use of flux or its components are built into the structure of the solder rod.

In conclusion

From the foregoing we can draw an unambiguous conclusion: the process of soldering aluminum elements are rather simple and available to everyone. Knowing what supplies to buy and what fixtures to use, you will be able to solder together aluminum electrical wire, and repaired a cracked oil pan of the automatic transmission.


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