Cast iron skillet rust: what to do, possible causes and recommendations


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Iron utensils are very popular among the population because of its durability, natural nonstick properties and ability to retain heat. However, inherent in cast iron and a few drawbacks. Unlike modern aluminum counterparts Teflon-coated, cast-iron frying pan rust. What to do in case of such trouble? Polishing by means of a mild abrasive removes rust, firing – to create a protective coating.

The Abrasive sponge

Cast Iron skillet rust inside, what to do? You can try to fix the situation by means of a small sponge, for the manufacture of which used a steel or copper wire. Do not be redundant and non-metallic abrasives. If the deal with rust the first time does not work, you should add water and a mild dishwashing detergent, and then to try to RUB the pan again.cast iron skillet rust what to do

Many Housewives begin to worry, if rust cast iron frying pan. What to do? Why not use conventional means for purification of the remaining items of kitchen utensils made of other metals? The reason lies in the fact that such actions can destroy the protective surface layer, the formation of which took far more than a year. The presence of rust suggests that the integrity of this coating is disrupted, can restore it only appropriate firing.

Baking soda

Cast-Iron skillet rust-what to do? In the case of a thin rust light shade, you can seek the assistance of mild abrasive tool, available in every kitchen-baking soda.cast iron skillet rust inside what to do


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The Procedure is the following: cleaner to be mixed with a small amount of water to obtain a thick mass, then take a rag and carefully RUB the places which formed rust. Several such procedures should lead to the desired result.


How to remove rust from cast iron skillets? The combination of salt and water – is another good option of making abrasive mixture. The essence of this method is almost similar to the previous salt, mixed with water, is rubbed on the areas affected by the to remove rust from cast iron pans

Salt is a little larger and harder than baking soda, thus increasing the rigidity of the obtained paste.

How to remove old rust?

If a simple abrasive tools can't deal with rust, you should seek the assistance of harsh chemical cleaners. In their composition usually consists of hydrochloric acid that turns the rust into a wet powder.

Important! HCl – this is a strong acid, so you need to use it with extreme caution to avoid chemical burns. To protect the exposed areas of the body: recommended: gloves, long-sleeved shirt and goggles. You can work only in a well ventilated area and avoid breathing vapours. Effect of strong acids is especially dangerous for people who suffer from any pulmonary disease or asthma.

About the rules of care for a cast iron pan

Very often women are faced with the fact that rust cast iron frying pan. The reasons for this lie in the lack of elementary care rules.

On the surface this kitchen appliance has many microscopic pores, the cause of which are air bubbles, formed during the cooling of cast iron. This is the most vulnerable point of any cast iron pans, so if the surface is not covered with lubricant, the rust is guaranteed.

You can Rectify the situation with ordinary vegetable oil and high temperatures. Strong heating will result in charring and the formation of the hard protective coating that will not allow the burnt food and rust and eliminates the need to constantly clean the pan.

cast iron frying pan what to do why

You just Need to grease the surface with vegetable oil and then put the pan in the oven for at least 1 hour. Temperature mode - not less than 180 degrees.

So, why rust a cast iron frying pan? Because deteriorated protective coating. After recovery procedures are not recommended fats, which include salt (butter, lard or margarine). Of course, for purifying cast-iron pan, covered with a protective layer, do not use metal sponges or abrasive cleaning agents.

Order calcining iron skillet

As a rule, cast iron cookware is allowed to sell only when it has the technical capability this is done in order to preserve the appearance and avoid corrosion. So, before you start to use it, wash the product with any cleanser.why rust cast iron skillet

Cast-Iron skillet rust-what to do? Immediately after the first wash to cover the bottom of the table salt and you bake on the stove or in the oven at least 1 hour. Then the pans should be thoroughly rinsed and rubbed. Before you can cook it any food, it is recommended to lubricate it with a layer of fat that will serve not just the natural non-stick coating, but also protects the cookware from rust and corrosion.

According to users with experience, the cast iron pan should be lubricated with solid animal fat-lard or lard, as it allows you to create a more dense and smooth non-stick surface. For washing dishes only need to use a manual method, hot water, and avoid the presence of any aggressive detergent. To store cast iron utensils you need to choose a well-ventilated place, such as the oven.

Preventing rust and removing years of soot

Cast-Iron skillet rust-what to do? Corrosion can be a signal that it's time to think about the non-stick layer (method of manufacturing the same was described above). And that the coating is not washed too often, it is recommended to have several pans: for pancakes, meat and fish, eggs and vegetables.rust cast iron skillet causes

Many families keep kitchen utensils from which they ate their parents or even grandparents, because it reminds them about any family holiday or the taste of traditional favorite dishes.

But often, the inheritance goes not only dishes, but also traces its “work experience”. And sometimes, that is not that old, but frequently used frying pan still did not undergo a thorough washing. Remove iron surface from years of soot is possible through one of the following ways:

  • Long calcination in the oven until, until the soot starts to fall off to the touch of a knife;
  • Mechanical removal Nagacevschi layer using a metal brush, a drill with the appropriate attachment or grinding wheel;
  • The application of chemical solution, softening the hardened fat "coat".

Procedures to remove years of varnish is best done outside, because it causes such unpleasant phenomenon, as the acrid smoke, the dispersion of the dry particles of soot and dangerous fumes when boiling chemical solution.


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