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Every year in the world increases the number of fruits of pears obtained on dwarf trees. They are not as common as dwarf Apple trees, but every year their popularity grows. What are the advantages of this method of growing pears and are there any disadvantages?

The Advantages of dwarf pears

Usually, pears are very high. In the garden they occupy a lot of space. Therefore, to place several varieties is problematic. Begin to bear fruit very late, on 5-7 year. And when the tree will grow and the fruits will be many, another problem arises: they are difficult to remove from a great height. It turns out, as in the famous riddle: hanging pear-you cannot eat it. When processing trees of various drugs difficult to get to the top.

the pear trees of the dwarf

All these deficiencies deprived of the dwarf pear. Advantages:

  • They are small.
  • Take up little space.
  • Quickly start to bear fruit for 2-3 years.
  • To harvest with dwarf pears easily.
  • Simply to treat against diseases and pests.

On one hectare of land can accommodate 20-30 dwarf pears. While regular vigorous there is placed at least 6 pieces.

But maybe the yield from them is less than with one big? Perhaps if you add the weight of the fruit that fell out of a tree and crashed. And if you take the ones that you will break with the usual pears, using a step-ladder, the weight of the fruit from dwarf trees can be more. One of the pears harvested from 3 to 8 kg of fruit.

In addition To the full-grown pears usually fruit of one kind, and the dwarf on this site it is possible to plant a few.


The disadvantages:

  • Relatively short lifespan, about 15 years.
  • Require more careful care: watering, pruning, fertilizing.

How to grow dwarf pear

To get a small tree pear the vegetative method, prepare a special stock. To use pear rootstock Quince type A.


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So the new pear tree is only half in the upper part. Bottom quince remains with all its properties.

The Cultivation of dwarf pears

Quince, which provides the basis for the dwarf pear, does not tolerate severe frosts. Therefore, when planting, the entire lower part, to the site of inoculation, need to hide under the ground. In this case, it will survive in the bitter cold with no snow cover.

varieties of dwarf pears for the suburbs

Amelanchier, cotoneaster not afraid of cold. Therefore they are used as rootstock for Northern areas of horticulture. You only need to leave some branches of plants are ungrafted. They will supply the bag and all plant products of photosynthesis. However, after a few years the Scion will substantially exceed the rootstock in diameter.

The Use of cotoneaster rootstocks prolongs life of pears. They can bear fruit up to 30 years and more, giving yields up to 30 kg. But such cases are rather the exception.

Soil for the cultivation of dwarf pears should be fertile. Could it be Chernozem, cupeski or brown loam. Feels good on sod-podzolic soil. Will not grow on saline soils.

The Advantage is that the close occurrence of underground waters will not be detrimental to the trees.

The Roots of the dwarf pear is located in the upper layers. Water the trees need often. This can be considered a disadvantage of the dwarf pear.

Compatibility with rootstock pear

You might think that in the age of the dwarf trees of any variety of pears can be grafted on the quince and to a low tree. But this is not true. Some varieties are not compatible with quince. Common dwarf pear varieties Chizhovsky, Sverdlovchanka.

dwarf pear reviews

The compatibility of the pear with the Irga is much better than with the cotoneaster. Many well-known varieties do not survive on it. Therefore, experienced gardeners suggest for growing pears of these varieties on the cotoneaster to use an intermediate rootstock that is compatible with it.

Accommodation in the garden

Usually in the garden there are trees of various heights. When planning their placement, it is necessary in the southern and Eastern part to place the pear trees and dwarf shrubs. For them to plant semi-dwarf, and in the Northern part – vigorous. If the garden already formed, you need to see which of the tall trees you can donate. Another option – to use them for rejuvenation. Then in the garden will be much lighter. And the place will be bigger.

Use of the dwarf pear for planting between rows of tall varieties of trees, until they grew up. Over the years, until they reach the maximum height, the dwarf pear will need to be removed.

pear bere Organon

The Dwarf trees need plenty of sunlight. But sometimes it can be from other plants to turn into his enemy. In the early spring the bark of trees may suffer from sunburn. To avoid this, with the first rays of the spring sun are treated with the bark of lime trees. Too high temperature also harmful to trees. If the temperature exceeds 30 degrees, the trees feel bad. Fruit can get burnt.

Varieties of dwarf pears

What's best to grow dwarf pears? Varieties need to choose zoned. They must be hardy, less subject to various diseases.

Grand champion

All varieties of delicious pears. But plant them so that the fruits ripen at different times. This will allow to prolong the period of consumption of these delicious and healthy fruit.

In a small area to place a couple of summer classes, three autumn. Winter should be two times more. After a period of consumption of harvested fruit much longer than the time spent in the tree.

In any garden, it is sufficient to remove up to 10 percent of the area for summer gardens where planted dwarf pears: varieties Carmen, Decor or G-5 (summer-autumn).

The Carmen Pear is fruit of deep red color, weighing up to 300 g. They are very sweet and delicious.

dwarf pear varieties

A Variety of Decor ripens in late August. At this time, the weight of the fruit can reach 260 g is Valued for its delicate aroma, reminiscent of rose, and the sweet and sour taste of the fruit.

The Fruit varieties G-5 yellow color with a strong orjallisesti. Their weight can reach 250 grams. Growers say the reviews of this pear hardiness and resistance to disease.

To autumn belongs the Ber contours with oval-conical fruit green. They can reach 250 g. Off in early September. The fruits ripen in early October. The variety is resistant to scab.

More varieties must be winter, which are well stored. These include the dwarf varieties of pear Carmen Bere Organon. Their fruit can be stored until the end of January.

Pear Bere Organon (Ferdinant) - with fruits of yellow subcutaneous white dots. They taste sweet and sour. Fruit removed from the tree at the end of October, and they ripen in early December. Lie in a cool place until mid-January. Disadvantage is low resistance to cold and prone to some diseases.

Winter varieties of dwarf pears is the Grand champion. Its fruits are yellow in color with orjallisesti and sour-sweet harmonious taste removed from the tree at the end of September. Stored until January. The tree is resistant to scab.

dwarf pear reviews

Pears that you are going to buy, it is better to first try. One picture may be insufficient.

To acquire the desired variety, buy plants from known to you gardeners with a good reputation.

Description dwarf pears

The Dwarf pear is low, to 2.5 m. the shape of the crown depends on the method of its formation and varieties. She can be narrow-pyramidal (Sverdlovchanka) or in the form of a bowl.


Planting dwarf pears on dwarf rootstock through 2.5 m. Between rows leave 3 meters.

You can Plant them in southern regions better in the fall. So they have time to spring to take root. In Northern areas it is best to plant in the spring, so they are not frozen over the winter. But you need to hurry up and plant trees before Bud break. Otherwise, it may dry up the dwarf pear. Reviews of gardeners say that these trees often begin to bloom in the second year after planting. But hurry as the crop is not necessary. Should stop most of the flowers, so the plant had to build up strength and skeletal branches, which subsequently will be retained by the crop.

Formation of the crown

The Dwarf pears require the correct formation of the crown. If this is not done or is incorrect conduct, skeletal branches that have pears grow vertically, they will break off under the weight of the fruit. Therefore, we must form a tree so that the skeletal branches depart from the trunk at an angle of about 45 degrees or a little more. Often, this angle needs to be formed. To do this, young branches bent to the desired angle and fixed, tied to a special support, the adjacent tree.

Varieties of dwarf pears for the suburbs

In the Central areas are cultivated many varieties of dwarf pears. Best summer are considered Soft, Sapphire, Severyanka, Favorite Yakovlev, Decor, Firefly, Sverdlovchanka, Chizhovsky, Veles.

Pear Velez (Daughter Great) – autumn variety. Has good winter hardiness, resistance to fungal di...

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