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Anti-detector is called the certain electronic device that generates and sends a certain signal in response to a change of some predetermined parameters. And it is precisely this kind of detectors will be discussed in the article. To be more precise, we consider the intruder detector model S2000-SMK.

What is intruder detector and what is it for?

As already mentioned, the detectors needed to inform about changes of certain parameters. Have in mind that in one situation, the sensor may see the movement, therefore, react to changing positions of the bodies, and the other – feel the pressure change on the surface, thereby commits a violation and send a signal.

About the types of intrusion detectors

The First classification is determined by the type of the controlled area. Here you can find a point, surface, linear and volume examples of such a device. They can also be distinguished by the principle of action, and this classification will be much wider. Now we will name only a few types.

S2000 QMS

So the first will be electric detector, which is the most simple type among his relatives and is intended primarily for the protection of the building structures (Windows, doors, gates, walls and similar things) from penetrating.

As for the magnetic contacts, they need to block a variety of building structures on open (the same doors, Windows, hatches, gates). The detector of this particular type we will consider a little below.

Model of the detector S2000-SMK

The Car S200-QMS applies to the magnetic contact detectors. Most often it is used to protect door and window openings, and both plastic and wooden. Works complete with the controller S2000-KDP. The detector is triggered and sends a signal when opening a door or window.


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It is fully protected from false positives. Annunciator S2000-SMK is easy to check for correctness in the work with a simple magnet. Among the advantages of this model is to provide the following: modern design next to a small size and low current consumption.

S2000 QMS

S2000-SMK fixing the violated zone is not more than 300 MS, it weighs less than 45 grams and the average lifespan is 10 years. As for size, all very modestly: 55 x 10 x 8 mm. Wall-mountable and can withstand humidity 93% at temperature +40 degrees Celsius. Able to work in a temperature range from -30 to +50 degrees Celsius.

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