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Chinese holding company Huawei released a rather interesting smartphones and sells them at reasonable prices. These devices are popular all over the world. Many owners of gadgets from this manufacturer noted the high quality of products and the latest achievements from the world of mobile industry. Because in the age of high technologies of the Internet almost everyone, it is not surprising that the feedback on the smartphone "Huawei" can be found on the website of any online store. Let's try to look at the real reviews from owners of vehicles of this brand and decide whether it is good.

A Little history

Huawei started with the production of modems and other means of communication. In this field she was not equal. Its first smartphone on the platform Android manufacturer released in 2010. It was a legendary Huawei U8230. Special popularity he gained in Belarus, as the local operator "life" gave it to her in installments with attractive terms. However, since much time has passed. Vehicles of the "Huawei" has evolved and grown into a modern universal devices.

feedback about smartphones Huawei

Now the company - a noticeable player in the global mobile market. Flagships from Huawei are in demand in all countries of the world. The Chinese managed to unite in their devices performance, attractive appearance and high quality. Reviews about smartphones "Huawei" are proof of that. Consider the reviews of several of the most popular models of smartphones from the Chinese holding company.

Huawei Honor 5X

This device was designed as a budget replacement cheap analogs from Xiaomi and other companies. It was affordable, attractive and productive. It is not surprising that the smartphone "Huawei" 5X the feedback is very positive. Many owners of this miracle noted the highest build quality, which is rare in budget phones. Also users are impressed with the performance of the gadget. According to the owners, this smartphone even modern games pulls without problems. Only a little heated if long to play. Also, all praising the camera. For that module, which is set at 5X, the quality of the photos is excellent.


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Huawei smartphone reviews 5x

But not without a spoon of tar. Some snobs absolutely do not like the firmware with a proprietary interface. It's not even the firmware itself, but in a huge number of pre-installed Chinese software. Neither delete nor disable it. Requires superuser. However, not all possess the skills of rooting and flashing the smartphone on "Android". Negative reviews about smartphones "Huawei" 5X touch only software. The hardware and build quality are all satisfied. And most importantly.

Huawei Honor 5C

It's like the best possible version of 5X. The device was created specially for those who want more for the same money. This gadget even has a NFC chip. A slightly increased performance. Smartphone "Huawei" 5C reviews has for the most part positive. However, there are complaints from users. Many complain that the device is too slippery. To use it without a case is simply impossible. Also some are not satisfied with small time of Autonomous work. But for the performance increase you need to pay. And the last complaint is the slow fingerprint scanner. Dear, and you are insolent? This is a budget machine! To seek out flaws in it - moveton.

Huawei smartphone 5C reviews

With good qualities is clear: as always excellent build quality, bright and clear Full HD screen, amazing camera. These are the main advantages described by the owners. By the way, if 5X had complaints about the firmware, not on here. Apparently, the company listened to constructive criticism. By default, the gadget has installed Android 6, what too many consider a plus, since it is more economical consume battery power. Smartphone "Huawei honor" 5S reviews, which we just reviewed, should buy. Disappointment will not be.

Huawei Honor 6X

This device can be called a flagship of "honor". It even has dual camera, which is now so popular. It is clear that its value is dramatically different from the prices on the above models. But no matter how expensive a smartphone "Huawei honor" 6X reviews, it is still there. And even this is not without its negative. Some particularly demanding users even the flagship something does not like. Especially many complaints about the lack of quality photos when shooting at night. Comrades, it's not a DSLR! Hang on smart good lens (there are), powerful flash and you will be happy!

smartphone Huawei honor 6x reviews

But the camera is the only drawback of the device. More adequate to the owners of the smartphone have noted his performance and decent battery life. Particularly pleased with some of the pedometer that's built into the firmware of the device. This toy is very interested in people. And the stability of the firmware, users said separately, calling it the best thing that ever happened to "Huawei". Feedback on the smartphone "Huawei honor" 6 clearly show that the company was high-quality and modern product with adequate price.

Huawei Honor 2

This old man, of course, a few not fit into the overall concept, but he may still argue with many of the employees from Samsung and other companies. It has pretty good performance for his age and copes well with games and apps. Almost all owners of this gadget sing odes to him, and I think that this "honor" is the legend that started all renowned ruler. Buy it now you can for pennies, and it will be another couple of years in the budget segment. Feedback on the smartphone "Huawei honor" 2 do not have negative coloring. This is a record.

smartphone Huawei honor 5C reviews


The Chinese brand "Huawei" offers high-quality, productive and modern machines at reasonable prices. Reviews about smartphones "Huawei" are direct proof that the products of this company from China is noteworthy. Even the old model of "honor" can quite compete with the modern state. This alone says a lot. The verdict is: equipment from Huawei you can purchase. It's worth every ruble spent. A disappointed client will not be exact.


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