How come the post office to get the parcel from "Aliexpress": step by step instructions and recommendations


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The"Aliexpress" online supermarket, which is known around the world. Every year the website is gaining popularity among people from all over the world, and the number of orders is increasing. like the post to receive the parcel from aliexpress

However, for those who have never made an order, the question remains about how to mail to get the parcel from "Aliexpress".

Thanks to cheap prices and free delivery (in many cases) people ready to order there are completely different products. The most active and savvy users even earn money when ordering on the website products at very low prices and selling them for profit. At the same time citizens who learn about website, are often afraid to order, because not sure what package they send, or doubt the quality of product, and then not know how to get it, how long to wait and the like. Try to understand clearly as in the mail to receive a parcel from "Aliexpress".

What is "Aliexpress"?

"Aliexpress" online store that sells a variety of goods wholesale and retail at low prices. Part of it also Alibaba Group is a Chinese public company engaged in Internet Commerce.

how to receive a parcel from aliexpress in the mail

Availability of such a long distance from the manufacturer is forcing many shoppers to wonder about how and where to obtain the package from "Aliexpress".

Why is it beneficial?

The Prices for any category of products is really beneficial. Trade with site is provided by the various companies who sell the position to you directly, so the prices are lower than in the shops, who usually work with large volumes, and often pay for transportation and fees.


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mail iml as to parcels aliekspress

So, do you can make a purchase from the website at very low and competitive prices. Besides, do not forget that you can find items with discounts up to 90 % - it promises obvious benefits. Now let us examine how to get the parcel from "Aliexpress".

Step one: make a reservation

Before asking a question about how to mail to get the parcel from "Aliexpress", it is necessary to understand the correctness of the first step. By selecting a product on the website, we will not be able to just carry out the order. Of course, for this we need to register your profile fully and correctly specify the actual address, so you can get alerts when you will receive your order in the "Mail of Russia". After the registration, filling profile you can start choosing any item to see its characteristics. Available in the website translation into Russian language. Also necessary to read reviews and comments of buyers (this will help to understand whether to buy the product for the money and approximately how many to wait for their delivery). Additionally, you can see in the photo the item the way it looks in reality (often post received the parcel).

how and where to collect your parcel from aliexpress

The delivery of many items on the website free, what is a huge benefit of the store. In this regard he is so popular. Be careful not to accidentally order the product, pay shipping, as its value can be quite large. If you are satisfied, choose color and quantity, then confirm the purchase, and pay it. Goods on "Aliexpress" paid immediately - that is the system, but then talk about how to get the money back if the goods will not come or will be corrupted.

Step two: confirmation and waiting for your order

We come to the main question of how to get the parcel from "Aliexpress" at the post office, after which time it will happen and do I need to pay anything upon receipt. As mentioned, shipping in most cases free, is it a service in the territory of China, and in Russia, the product goes into the hands of "EMS Post of Russia". I must admit that the product from the website is quite long - from 15 to 45 days, so if you order something as a gift, it is better to do it in advance, otherwise you can be late. After payment of the order on the website, you will receive confirmation that the seller has sent your order, and you can then track where it is and estimate how long will be delivered. The system updates the data about the product ordered every 4-7 days, so the buyer will have an idea where the goods are located.

Step three: order receipt

Many ask: "How to get the parcel from "Aliexpress" for the mail?" It is actually very simple. You need to come to the office "Mail of Russia" to submit the passport and pick up your purchase. Notification that your order arrived at the post office, the mailman carries. However, due to various reasons this may not happen. So if you see on the website that the product is already in your area (the district), but I have no updates on his location, he may already be in place. You can also use service such as mail IML. How to receive parcels from "Aliexpress", few know this fact scares when ordering goods, new users of the online store. Receipt of the order - a nice step, but there are some nuances.

Final step: inspection of goods and confirmation

Upon receiving the order there are important rules that are easier to comply with then there were no problems with the return and claims to the seller. First, if you see that the packaging of goods slightly damaged, here on the spot refuse to obtain it. Second, they need to prove to the seller of the failure of goods, it is better to get it on video as you open the package and inspect the product, check its performance, if it's electronics, etc.

how to get the parcel from aliexpress

Why? The problem is that if the purchase does not suit you and you'll need to get her back, the inevitable dispute with the seller. The buyer must specify the reason for which demands his money back and is ready to return the product back. Such cases are rare for this online store, because the goods there is usually cheaper, and for that price people will not spend money to return them. Because of the return of the goods will have to pay personally. It is expensive and unprofitable. If you are all arranged, you should confirm receipt of the order in your profile, and it is desirable to leave a comment with the same photos so other people will know whether to order from this seller whether the price quality. Thus, we tried to figure out how to post to get the parcel from "Aliexpress". You order, enjoy shopping and be careful.


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