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New generations of alarm systems enable owners to rely on a high degree of security functions at the minimum size. Compactness and precision in the execution of the task – the main differences between modern instruments of this type. Such characteristics are achieved in different ways, the most developed of which involve the use of wireless technologies. Manufacturers increasingly rely on motion sensors for alarm systems as an effective means to fix unwanted objects in the protected area. In a single complex with a remote control, a set of sensors makes it virtually impossible penetration into the apartment or house without detection.

Device motion sensor

motion sensors for alarm

The Device has small dimensions, allowing it to be installed in secluded places. Typically, sensors of this type operate on the basis of infrared radiation, so the centre sets the corresponding receiver and signal processing circuit. Standard security motion sensor normally is provided with the pyroelectric infrared element and a lens which focuses the light, and it records the incoming signal. It is important to note that the number of small lenses used depends on the sensitivity of the sensor, respectively, and the quality of his work.

As for housing, it can be divided into two parts – mobile and stationary. Depending on the modification of movable side can have several levels of freedom and to turn in different planes. The fixed part allows you to securely attach motion sensors for alarm systems to various surfaces. Manufacturers in some models of detectors include a special grippy coating for such parties, which facilitates installation.


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Principle of operation

wireless motion sensors

The motion Sensors is often confused with presence detectors. The difference between them consists in principle of operation. If the first device is oriented rather at expanding the detection range, the sensors of presence spetsializiruyutsya on the processing of signals related to visual fixation position of the human body. In practice, however, motion sensors for alarm systems provide roughly similar nature of work with presence detectors. In both cases, the device recorded the appearance or disappearance of the infrared radiation in the surveillance zone.

It is Important to note that the initiator is not warm, and the change characteristics of light on the photocells, caused by the displacement of the person. This is a significant advantage over the alternative options of detectors, as it minimizes the risk of false positives device for household appliances. However, today you can find in the market and motion sensors for alarm systems, which are based on thermal sensitivity. But this probably can be attributed to the presence detectors.

Features of wireless models

how to connect a motion sensor

The Main difference of wireless models is the lack of needing to connect via cable. This saves you from extra work during the installation process, saves money, and increases the masking of the sensor. Instead of wired connections typically use radios, or the network channels. On the one hand, this principle of interaction with the remote control gives advantages, but on the other – a problem of supply. Modern range you can find motion sensor on batteries that can operate for weeks or even months without updating batteries. For a small apartment this is a good indicator, but if you plan on providing alarm system home with a dozen such devices, the regular replacement of batteries can considerably burden the wallet.

Key features

motion sensor price

One of the main performance is the angle of perception, which can vary from 180° to 360°. If you plan burglar alarm with motion sensor for a particular zone entry, we can restrict the variant to 180°. With proper installation and the correct calculation of this angle will be enough to fix the movement in the doorway. Models with full visibility in a circle is preferable for tracking indoors. Such models are typically installed on the ceiling.

The Next measure of the effectiveness of sensor is the sensitivity. Specialists to determine the optimal values for this parameter use the formula with the ratio of active and passive phase. The intensity alternation of such zones determines the level of light sensitivity, which should have wireless motion sensors are designed for installation in a particular room.

Types of wireless motion sensors

burglar alarm with motion sensor

There are few signs that manufacturers klassificeret such devices. Basically they start from the principles. For example, there are passive and active models. The first involves the processing of signals from objects located in the observation area. According to this principle a burglar alarm with motion sensor, which receives infrared radiation. However, there are devices that analyze changes in your own signals fed into the environment. It is the active sensors, such as ultrasonic devices. They continuously radiate noise waves and at the time of their deviation from the norms fixed detection of foreign persons.

How to connect the motion sensor?

Installation of the device is performed by simple operations with fastenings which are supplied. The main work on the preparation of the device suggest the connection and configuration. Depending on the method of securing wireless connection is implemented by one or the other connection circuit. Usually questions about how to connect the motion sensor will be done by performing two actions. You first need to implement some sort of activation of the detector. For this we need to connect for a few seconds jumpers sensor and the main alarm unit. The second step involves the installation between the devices of the corresponding radio frequency on which they will interact.

motion sensor battery powered

Issue price

In the simplest of versions, these devices can cost about 500-700 rubles. It is a compact instrument with a small range and limited sensitivity parameters. In the middle category you can find the functional motion sensor, the price of which will amount to 1000 RUB. For this amount the user to get a quality assembled model not from the Chinese manufacturer and provider of branded European equipment. Count on the technical and operational refinements, in this case, too, is not necessary, but stability and reliability will be provided.

The Most effective acquisition can be a multi-function infrared motion sensor. The price of such models often exceeds 2000 rubles, but for the money the device will provide the opportunity to work in several modes. For example, in addition to light emission, these detectors provide the signal registration on the basis of thermal sensitivity.


security motion sensor

Despite the effectiveness of the motion sensors, they do not always ensure high accuracy when fixing the signal. The big problem remains a considerable percentage of false positives. However, in a complex with other type detectors wireless motion sensors have become quite an effective tool to detect unauthorized entry. But it is important to remember that the accuracy of detection of the intruder does not protect property, but only allows the owner to timely learn about the threat. Therefore, it is important to calculate and further actions system after detecting tampering.


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