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The Modern market of large household appliances, including refrigerators, offers consumers a wide variety of models. Buyers can choose for themselves the option of not only any functionality, but also on the budget. Of course, the more variety, the more difficult to make a choice.

It Often happens that the technique has served its purpose and requires immediate replacement. Then the buyer does not have time for monitoring of manufacturers and models. The consumer is trying to find an alternative that could last for as long as possible. In such a situation many prefer the long-proven producers, proven in the market on the positive side. Bosch is one such company. Although equipment of this company is not considered a budget option, there are some models that are quite suitable for the average wallet. One of them is Bosch refrigerator KGV36VW13R.

A Few words about the manufacturer

Surprisingly, in the beginning of 1886, no one could have thought that an ordinary engineer Robert Bosch will be able to create an Empire in the production of refrigeration equipment and other electronic devices. The main feature of the German company, which originated in Stuttgart, is the use of quality materials. Today, Bosch is one of the popular manufacturers which choose to service the many consumers around the world.

bosch kgv36vw13r

Key features of the model Bosch KGV36VW13R

The photo spacious, quiet with comfortable functionality of the popular representative of the manufacturer. Quite simple to operate because it has no complicated settings. The standard size of 60 x 60 x 180 allows it to be installed in small space areas.


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Since the fridge belongs to the group And the type of electricity consumption is quite economical option. Per year refrigerator Bosch KGV36VW13R consumes not more than 350 kW.

The Total volume of 318 l, of which the refrigerator compartment 223 is allocated l, and the 95 liters freezer as for the freezer to Bosch KGV36VW13R, user reviews indicate its capacity. In fact there are a few models with similar dimensions have such a useful volume. For convenience, the storage space is divided into three sections. One of them is a regiment, and two others – boxes. Constant temperature-18 degrees. To regulate it. It is possible to install only the regime “Superzamorozki”. bosch refrigerator kgv36vw13r

As for the refrigerating chamber, the user can set temperatures according to their discretion – 2 to 8 kgv36vw13r reviews

The Letter R in the model name indicates that it is made in white color.


The one-compressor Model, and therefore to separately disconnect one of the cameras to defrost will not work. And it doesn't have to do. In the model Bosch KGV36VW13R used with drip system defrosting with the new technology Low Frost, so that the walls are not formed of ice, and the products are not saveresults. Once in 8-12 months, it is recommended to completely disconnect and defrost the refrigerator.

Model Features

Since this model is the economy version for home use, we can say that there are a huge number of additional features. However, for those who often freeze berries, herbs, vegetables, meat or fish for long term storage, there is superzamorozki. The maximum freezing temperature is -24 degrees, so you can not worry about maintaining the quality of the products in the refrigerator KGV36VW13R.

The user Reviews also attest to the convenience of the drawers in the freezer. If necessary, they can completely get (as provided in the models of each manufacturer). This is quite useful when downloading a large number of products.

Most experts as the main features of the model note quick freezing of products in both cameras, which is extremely important for perishable products.

Bosch KGV36VW13R ergonomic and has many additional offices for the arrangement of a storage system.

It is Worth noting that when the doors are closed and no power (in the case of an emergency shutdown), the model is capable of for a long time to keep the accumulated cold. Simplicity and quality – its main characteristics.

The Presence or absence of the ability to change the location of shelves

It is first important to note that each shelf made of safety glass, so can withstand considerable weight. Bosch fridge KGV36VW13R according to user reviews, this is the perfect option for those who like to store on upper shelves of refrigerator blanks in small glass jars. The top compartment just for this fit. The distance between the shelf and the top wall of the refrigerator – the height of the 700-gram cans. In any case, all the shelves the refrigerator compartment if required, you can change the position.

bosch refrigerator reviews kgv36vw13r

The advantages of the model

Analyzing user testimonials, it is possible to allocate following advantages of the Bosch fridge KGV36VW13R:

  • Maintaining the optimum temperature for freezing and storing in the refrigerator compartment. Thanks to the patented manufacturer of technology Low Frost products remain fresh longer.
  • Convenient storage system. In addition to the main shelves in the model, there are additional tabs for storage of eggs, side panels, separate storage of vegetables and fruits. All of this helps to preserve food without admixture of extraneous odors. Shelves made of quality materials, so it can withstand heavy loads.

 bosch kgv36vw13r photo

  • Model Bosch KGV36VW13R characteristics outperforms most competitors in its price category. Due to long experience and own technology, the manufacturer offers consumers high quality goods that meet their needs.
  • If necessary, the door can always override that allows you to install the fridge in any space.
  • Low noise level. With proper installation of the refrigerator Bosch KGV36VW13R in the process, he was almost inaudible. This is a significant plus, especially for small apartments.
  • The Ability to rearrange the shelves in the fridge. This bottom shelf can easily accommodate a 3-quart or 5-quart saucepan.
  • Refrigerator "without hands". For these purposes provided recesses on the doors. This simplifies the operation and eliminates possible repair to replace the handles.

bosch kgv36vw13r features

  • High-Quality plastic, from which the drawers and shelves. This is a significant advantage that saves on the replacement of the drawers in the freezer (for example of refrigerators "Indesit" or "Ariston").

Disadvantages of the model

Some consumers have noted the following disadvantages:

  1. If there is an uneven loading of the refrigerator in the process, may be heard “rumble”. But this problem is solved by a competent distribution of products in the cell. It should be noted that this problem occurs not every consumer.
  2. Lack of system No Frost speaks of the need from time to time to defrost the freezer as the frost slowly deposited on the walls of the unit, forming frost. As a rule, it is recommended to defrost the refrigerator at least a few times a year.


In summary, we can conclude that this practical model of the refrigerator, which efficiently performs basic functions of food storage and quick freezing. Moreover, the average price is 20-25 thousand. It is quite acceptable for many Russian families.


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