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Mobile phone Lexand Mini LPH1 is a regular phone without any frills fashion. Its only feature is the small size. Today the telephone is one of the smallest and most budget mobile devices. It is also worth noting the original design Lexand Mini LPH1.


The device weighs just 75 grams, despite the fact that its body is fully made of metal. Size amazing – 93 to 39 mm. Thickness – only 15 mm. in Spite of its miniature dimensions, the phone Lexand Mini LPH1 has a TFT screen with a diagonal of 1.44 inches.

The device is embedded In the CPU SpreadTrum 6531 series. The phone supports memory expansion up to 32GB and 2 standard SIM cards. Integrated interfaces it is possible to allocate USB and Bluetooth. It should be noted that the device does not support any standard Internet connection, be it 3G or Wi-Fi.lexand mini lph1From 900 to 1050 rubles – average cost Lexand Mini LPH1.


The Device impresses with its rational scope. Socket for SIM-cards and slot for additional SD memory is located under the battery. The body is made from solid metal layer, and the cover over the battery. This gives the phone added durability. The thickness of the metal coating is 0.5 mm, which fits the generally accepted standards. Captivating a reliable mechanism for fixing the back cover.

In addition, the mobile phone Lexand LPH1 Mini has a 2.5 mm Jack for charging. Therefore, it is quite suitable conventional plug from Nokia. On the top face of the unit is the eyelet for the lace. Protection against water and dust absent. Not even the standard rubber inserts.


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Design Features

At the moment, Lexand Mini LPH1 is of three colors: red, black and white. Despite the metal lining, the case looks like plastic. The design is simple but stylish. No extra inserts, stickers, drawings, nests. All simply and efficiently.lexand mini lph1 reviewThe Phone is framed with a polished metal border. The sides of the body slightly concave, the device fitted snugly against the fingers. Lexand Mini will not slip out of your hands, not overwritten. It is worth noting a slight decorative ledge on the bottom edge. This is a special idea manufacturers, to allow users to touch to find the top and bottom of the device.

Display Characteristics

For such a budget phone the screen is really good. From Lexand Mini excellent display quality. It is necessary to highlight the relatively large size of the display – 3.66 cm diagonally. The screen supports an image resolution of 176 by 144 pixels per inch. When creating a component used matrix QCIF. Such a display is comparable to HD modern smartphones. Full color, dimensional image. When you rotate the phone horizontally, the display does not distort the picture. When tilted vertically, there is minimal invert color. The brightness level in excess. The sun shines not. Text is displayed clearly and smoothly.

Camera Features

In this component, Lexand Mini LPH1, of course, loses to many analogues. If the camera on the device was good, he would not have been the price. Of course, LPH1 – it is primarily a phone, that is a means of communication, but today it is extremely important to be able to capture the memory of an interesting time or information. In this Lexand Mini is obviously not an assistant. phone lexand mini lph1The Camera is very weak. And even in the settings there is the possibility of shooting in 1280x960 format, the quality will deteriorate even more. However, the camera is fully justified as described in the technical passport requirements – 0.3 MP. The resolution of recording can be only VGA.

The camera has several modes. One of them is “shooting near”. This is the main advantage of the camera. Mode enables you to photograph objects with high clarity at a distance of up to 1.5 m.

Multimedia features

Operating system Lexand Mini LPH1 standard. As in all such models, the engine includes a menu, screen saver and watch as well as charge indicators and signals. The operating system looks nice due to the relatively high-resolution display.

Menu-structured but linear. Divided into multiple logical partitions. It is noteworthy that the developers decided to abandon the usual icons, giving priority to the text. In General, the multimedia engine of the phone is simplified to a minimum. mobile phone lexand mini lph1Of additional features distinguish a good voice recorder, FM radio and a comfortable file Manager. The functionality of the device is not truncated, as in many similar models. Incidentally, in the interface Lexand Mini has the app for reading e-books. Of the games only have a standard “Snake”.

If you want you can use the built-in video player that reads many popular formats. However, on the screen with a diagonal of 1.44 inches even a short video is difficult to watch.

Battery performance

It Should be noted immediately that the housing batteries are made of a fairly durable metal. The battery can be inserted even upside down, but in this case it will not.

The phone battery charge – an extremely important component. Unfortunately, LPH1 the battery is only 400 mAh. The fact is that because of the miniature size, the developers could not accommodate more powerful equipment. There are technologies to solve this problem, but they are extremely expensive in this project impractical.lexand mini lph1 reviewsThe battery lasts for 4 hours full of activity. Otherwise its easy enough for three days.

Customer Reviews

Each phone after thorough testing, you can always find a number of disadvantages, even so tiny Lexand Mini LPH1. Customer reviews show that the downsides of the device is much less than pluses, but it's there. Among the shortcomings recognized the terrible camera, poor housing tightness and the inability to access the Internet.

The Main advantages of the device users find low cost, bright screen, small size, speed, light weight, stylish design, loud speaker. Despite the small size, Lexand Mini has a very comfortable keyboard.


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