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How to choose a radar detector, and what is its difference from a radar-detector? We must distinguish between these two undoubtedly different devices. The principle of operation of radar-detector is the passive reception of the incoming signal, eliminating the possibility of its suppression. That is, such devices act as a warning device, warning the user about the reception of the signals of those ranges, for which it is configured at the moment. Such devices are authorized for use in Russia.

Radar detector in turn is a tool of active resistance to those types of radiation for which it is configured. The specificity of the effects of this device contrary to the laws of the Russian Federation and shall not be available for sale to private individuals. In fact what is on sale in Russia, in fact, is a radar-detector, but many people still call him a radar detector.

So, what should pay attention before you choose a radar detector? The first thing you need to consider the number of ranges in which the device is able to work. Preferably, the operating ranges as much as possible. These characteristics will provide the most efficient operation of your radar.

There is Also another important criterion, which directly affects the working efficiency.  the device – the ability to filter signals. This is necessary so that the device can distinguish the signals from different sources, such as portable radios, door opening sensors and other similar sources. Another quite important point is the design of the detector, also before you choose a radar detector should pay attention to the various supporting accessories, such as watches, compass and other such technical  extras.


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Different types of devices may vary depending on the type of fastening and method of installation. Radar-detector should be installed according the features above. The higher it is set, the more will increase its range and ability to catch the signal at extreme distances.

Before you choose a radar detector and buy it, you must consider all these factors, in order to further the device has not failed you. Manual radar detector will help you in more detail to understand the connectivity and capabilities of the acquired unit.

Based on the capabilities and multifunctional characteristics, determined the cost of the device. The minimum price threshold is about fifty dollars, and the highest level for this category of gadgets is one thousand dollars or more. As with any other product, is not always a high price determines high quality and guarantee trouble-free operation of the device.

For relatively little money you can buy the combined instrument panel Navigator with DVR and radar detector, which will cost you a modest sum of about nine thousand. Some companies offer models at a more modest price of four to five thousand rubles. Such devices allow the recording playback mode to provide detailed information about the direction, route and other necessary data. Some of them have a feature that helps to carry out safe passage through unfamiliar intersections and complex interchanges. This function acts in such a way that approaching such a dangerous section of road, the screen of DVR and Navigator data are provided in separate images: on one side of the display continues showing the route, and the other part displays a photorealistic image of this stretch of roadway.

These and other similar features designed to make life easier for the driver to make driving safer and more comfortable.

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