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Not many people know about what is the SAR level in the mobile devices. Today we decided to discuss this issue. SAR level – this is a special indicator that is able to characterize the largest amount of electromagnetic radiation for the different models and brands of mobile phones.

The debate

sarIf you had to deal with the information about how mobile phone can affect the human body, in this case, this article will be able to Supplement your knowledge, but those people who have never seen the relevant data, will be able to learn a lot. For example, the SAR Philips may differ significantly in their characteristics from other mobile phones. It will be interesting to learn about how the Communicator can affect the human body. Of course, currently being a variety of disputes for this reason. Some experts are looking for all the clues in order to prove that the radiation devices can cause great damage to people. On the other hand, scientists are convinced that the increased threat to mobile devices is not able to exceed certain standards, and accordingly, the communicators completely harmless. Surely now many of you wondered how the SAR level can affect the body and how to determine the mobile device that produces the most radiation.

Unit a

In fact, a certain answer is no, or rather, nobody exactly knows how these waves can affect the human body. SAR levels among mobile phones – is a definite part of the absorption coefficient of electromagnetic radiation by the human body. the sar level of nokiaThis data can be measured in watts per kilogram.

The Permissible limits

Surely you know that almost all mobile phones that are sold now in stores, are subject to special certification, and this procedure can be completed successfully only if the value of the SAR will not exceed the established norms. There are special regulatory bodies that are engaged in the validation and measurement of these parameters, in most countries the norm is equal to SAR 1.6 watts per kilogram. This refers to unit mass of a person. For example, the SAR level of Nokia is specified separately for each model. The same can be said about a number of different popular manufacturers of mobile devices. The value is characterized directly by electromagnetic radiation of the device at maximum power. Judging by the practice, then it is safe to note that the level of this indicator is much below critical, but the increase in these parameters may depend on various factors such as the presence of a signal.


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How to reduce the negative effects of Communicator

I'm Sure many people would like to know about the basic rules, which can reduce the influence of radiation from mobile devices on the human body. Now we will present several such rules, and you will be able to use them. The SAR is in fact the potential to adversely affect the human body, but with the help of special rules you can step back away from such radiation, of course, 100% of this run will not work. sar mobile phonesThe First rule is that you should wear the mobile device away from your body, especially vital organs, for example, such as the heart. During telephone conversations it is recommended to frequently use a special headset or just the speakerphone, the Communicator must be kept away as far as possible. If you're in an area where the mobile device takes the bad signal, it is reasonable to abandon long conversations, as in such cases the radiation can be increased even several times. Bring your mobile phone to your ear is only recommended after completely connecting with the caller, as in the telephone dialer starts to work at the maximum power.

Confined space

sar philips

In order to reduce the SAR level, try as little as possible to use a mobile phone in public transport or car as the metal body of the vehicle can only degrade the signal and in this case, the Communicator must first re-gain maximum power. If you talk on the phone in any room, in this case, you only need to select the zone where the grid is the best catches. There are also other recommendation rules, but today we told you only the main ones that people most often violated or simply forgotten. That's all the information we wanted to share. I hope that it will help protect against the harmful effects of cell phones.

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