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This material will be presented to the FM radio station of Voronezh. Except as described below, in this city, you can hear «Peace», «Europe Plus”, “Province" Energy, "7 on seven hills" of the “Road”, “Chanson”, “radio”, Love, DFM, «Russian», «Retro FM”, “beacon”, Maximum, “Melody”, «Borneo», “Cottage”.

Entertainment channel

radio station of VoronezhDescribe the radio station of Voronezh, we start with the ‘Humor FM». The basic format includes a program of entertainment content. The radio station is part of the holding «Prof-Media”. Launched in 2005, this is the first in the country completely humorous radio station. Final name selection was carried out by means of a poll.

Vesti FM

This is an information radio station. Part of the holding VGTRK. Launched in 2008, In total it can be heard in 60 settlements of Russia. In 2014, the update of broadcast design. The audience-mostly men. Income per family member above average. The project was awarded the prize “Radiomania”.

Other channels

fm radio station of VoronezhThere are radio stations Voronezh for the young audience, in particular, the channel “Children”. The project created by the founder of the holding «Gazprom-media». It is the first and only radio station focused on children's audience. The channel takes into account the order of the day and age peculiarities of listeners. Preschool morning block is addressed to.


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Some radio stations of Voronezh are created especially for men, among them “Sport FM». The project is part of “the European media group». Radio station tells about all types of sports, starting with Golf and ending with football. In live you can follow live broadcasts of important events. Part of the broadcast is given to sports.

We Should also mention the political station of Voronezh, in particular, «Komsomolskaya Pravda». The channel clock also informs the listeners about what is happening in the country and in the world. In the air into a heated debate with experts on current topics. Often the channel fails to cover the events.

In Voronezh, you can hear Relax FM. The format of the station involves broadcasting melodious songs, to emotional relaxation of the audience. Founded the project in 2006, the Studio is located in Moscow. Weekly audience of more than 700,000 listeners. The main audience-women and men in marriage.

“Radio Rossii” — this is a public radio station. The project is part of VGTRK. The broadcasts began in 1990, the air present programs of its own production. The channel broadcasts on the FM band in 65 regions. On an official resource of the project says that “Russian Radio" is the only Federal station's General format, which produces all kinds of programs.

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