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In April, celebrating the birthday of Lydia. This is a beautiful, for years unjustly forgotten name was extremely popular in the 40─60 years of the last century. However, now, when the fashion for rare names is returned, the girls increasingly began to call the Lead.

The origin of the name Lidia leads from the ancient Greek name of the region located on the territory of modern Turkey. Literally, this name means “resident of Lydia”. Region left their mark in history, thanks to the great wealth of its inhabitants and to the Board in 562─547 BC the legendary king Croesus. With those times came the saying "rich as Croesus".

Sign of the zodiac Lydia

Birthday Lydia

As the birthday of the LeadAI be in April, hence the zodiacal sign of that name - Aries. This means that most carriers of this name in varying degrees, the inherent characteristics of rams. According to the observations of psychologists, a woman named Lydia, very sociable, have many friends and very talkative. In addition, they are highly temperamental and explosive temperament.

The planet-patron of ─ the Sun. Perhaps that is why many Lida love spending time on the beach. The most favorable time of year - spring. The recognition of themselves as bearers of this name, the happiest event in their life take place in the spring. However, it is not surprising, because in the spring celebrating Lydia's birthday, angel's day.

The Stone-talisman ─ aquamarine. Wearing jewelry helps relieve stress, gets rid of obsessive fears. If often sit and look at the aquamarine, it is possible to improve eyesight.the day of the birthday Lydia

Birthday Lydia on the Church calendar

5 APR Orthodox Christians remember the Holy Martyr Lydia Illyrian, who was brutally murdered along with her husband and children after her family refused to renounce the Christian faith. On the same day, mark and name of Lydia.


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Birthday Lydia on the Church calendar

According to Russian folk beliefs, the day you need to get up very early and watch the sun rise. If, at the time of the ascent of the brightness of the sky clearly visible red circles, then the year will be fruitful. The name day of Lydia is celebrated two days before the onset of the Annunciation.

Catholic Christians remember Holy with this name on 27 March, and 3 and 11 August. They also celebrate the birthday Lydia on the Church calendar.

Character Lydia

In women with this name are well-developed logical thinking, they have a male mind. Lydia bold and decisive, knows how to handle herself and any situation tries to get the winner. Very stubborn, but extremely dependent on the opinions of others. She cares about what they're saying and people think.

Lydia is extremely sociable and has many friends, which happily discusses everything that happens around. If someone is bad, can heartily sympathize. However, the real help to expect from her is not necessary. Sincerely lamenting, she will tell about your problem to everyone you know and plunge into self-care.

Not very thirst for knowledge, the school stars is not enough. However a worker it is very hard. All orders of the chief performs very diligently. Of the women with this name make ideal secretaries.

Lydia young boy with a passionate dream of marriage and their own family. Prefer soon to get married than to continue their education or to engage in their own career. Whom they often met in school.

After marrying, Lydia plunged into the arrangement life. She is a good hostess and always strives to ensure that the house was nice and cozy. Never lazy to clean up or wash dishes. Purity for her in the first place. Wasteful, can't save. Happy to spend money on trinkets. Seeing a beautiful vase or figurine, be sure to buy them.

Lydia adores her husband and loves children. Her children are always beautifully dressed and taken care of. My husband sincerely admires and is very jealous of his other women. However, change does not forgive. After learning about the infidelity of a spouse, Lydia may change in response.

Celebrity with the name Lydia

Lydia's birthday the day of the angel

Among women, celebrating the birthday of Lydia, there are many outstanding personalities. The most famous of them - the singer Lidia Ruslanova, actress Lydia Vertinskaya, actress Lidia Fedoseeva-Shukshina, the poetess Lydia Sigourney. All these outstanding women have made a great contribution to the development of world culture. They will forever remain in the hearts of the enthusiastic admirers of their talent.

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