What dreams white? The meaning and interpretation of dreams


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White color most people have in everyday life is associated with purity, light, innocence, and celebration. However, in dreams the appearance of objects in white color are not always promises future positive aspects – it all depends on the floor of the sleeping, creatures or things, in his dream, and the emotions caused by these items of the dreamer. What dreams white? According to numerous interpretations, the color white in a dream predicts both negative and positive situation, which is destined to happen in the near future.

why dream of a white

Wear light colors in dreams. The value for women

The Dream of almost all the single ladies is the wedding, so dreams in which the sleeper sees himself in a white wedding outfit, are fairly common. What dream of a white dress? Dreams often mean the internal experience of women related to her personal life. The downers of the world interpret dreams so:

  • White, lace, beautiful dress for girls, not married, promises an early marriage, strong relationships and a loyal companion.
  • Soiled, torn dress sleeping predicts possible conflicts with loved ones, failure in love. If the dress torn the girl, she will be the initiator of the breakup.
  • Choose to buy a dress – to a truce after a long dispute. Sleeping will resume once lost communication with friends and family.
  • Discomfort, discomfort and inconvenience of wearing clothes, the desire to take it – making wrong choices that will bring on sleeping problems at work and in personal life.
  • Try on a white robe in a dream – the girl is wary of the opponent that will soon reveal themselves.
  • Wear a dress with a high collar means impending profits and success in all undertakings.

what dreams white dreams

What dreams white? Transcript for men

Representatives of a strong half of mankind the phenomenon of white clothes in a dream is explained as follows:


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  • Meeting in a dream with a stranger, a strange woman dressed in white long dress (shroud) promises discord in the family life, quarrels with the beloved.
  • Walking with children dressed in white clothes – for prosperity and good luck.
  • To dream of relatives in suits of white color portends future grief, illness and tears.
  • The Appearance in a dream an old man in white robe is the imminent promotion at work, a material prosperity. If the old man angry, in the future sleep must beware of misunderstanding from family and relatives, as well as fear to commit rash acts.

Socks and shoes white

What dreams white? Dream interpretation in the case of shoes and garments, prividevshayasya in a dream, gives a variety of interpretation. Dream white Slippers, associated with many people with death in reality, warn of impending danger and serious illness. Socks white color for sleeping guarantee increased credibility among colleagues and friends. If you wear white fishnet stockings in a dream-such a dream suggests that the subconscious gives a signal to the dreamer on the need to protect your health and be very careful about associating with dishonest people. A dream in which the man wears white boots, each floor has its own definition. Woman this dream promises a meeting a rich boyfriend, and the man – the implementation of plans and success in business.

Animals and birds

Why dream of a white animal? Depending on what kind of creature had and how it has shown itself to be an interpretation. The appearance of a white dog in dreams is explained by the need for sleep friendly support. If the dog barks at the person – for gossip and empty mess; angry, snarls and throws herself at the dreamer – to a quarrel and separation from loved ones, petty troubles in their work and personal life. White kitten, prividevshayasya person predicts deception from friends, and the machinations of competitors. Saw it in a dream a man should not be awake to make a suspicious transaction to lend anyone any money. The appearance of a white horse or horses in the night vision, promises a surprise from family, the arrival of the guests.

why dream of a white interpretation of dreams

The Appearance of white birds in a dream indicates imminent marriage, success, happy and long Union.

Hair and teeth

If a man had gray or white hair on his head, you know – it is a sign of good fortune to him. White and straight teeth – to health, addition to the family. Perhaps soon someone from the family a child is born.


what dreams white transcript

The Veil is what dreams are white? The interpretation of dreams of this kind almost every dream promises successful completion of all cases. White and clean dream to relax from the daily bustle, predicts unplanned vacation. Dirty white sheets promises a prolonged illness, a petty quarrel. Lay a white bed-guests and fun, the girl the dream promises new acquaintances.

Bright light in a dream

what dreams are white or white

Why dream of a white light or white light? In most dream books this vision guarantees the fulfillment of a cherished dream and spiritual development. Sunlight – to prosperity and good health, cure ailments. Lunar – the mysterious phenomena, the implementation of secret desires. The lack of lighting in the dream is interpreted as lack of energy, sleeping to achieve this goal. To see the white lights at the end of the corridor, street or tunnel – it is a signal from your subconscious that all troubles and failures will recede. A dreamer waiting for great success.


why dream of a white

Loneliness, the emptiness in the soul – that is interpreted a dream the white room. The positive Outlook of the dream:

  • The White walls in the room – to the protection of the higher forces of negativity and slander.
  • Room, full of light and smiling people – to visit relatives, fun time.
  • Completely white room – to gain emotional balance, acceptance of self.
  • The Light outside the Windows of the room – that means sleep will get support from a stranger.

Negative Outlook:

  • Hospital white walls – to the disease, the treatment which will be long and grueling. Sleeping should give up bad habits, as they can cause serious diseases.
  • The darkness outside the Windows of the room – this is a warning about the danger from the close environment of the person.
  • White room – for long-term solitude, seclusion.


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