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Our world is not quite so harmless. And it is not about maniacs, perverts, terrorists and other antisocial personalities. Our ancestors believed that somewhere in a dark corner of our house, isolated from the eyes of the forests, in the deep waters live mystical creatures both good and evil. Their appearance is unexpected nature, and extinction. And frightened witnesses all of this and nothing really can not tell about the seen. Of course, evidence of their existence there. However, this is not to say that in the modern world is no place for a variety of mythical monsters. Witnesses of fact will not be lost, though can't prove anything. Trust our imagination and consider the 5 mystical creatures who can be with us. As a basis we take the Russian vermin.

The king of the forest can be very dangerous for people

Many well-known characters such as the Goblin. He quite often appears in fairy tales. Is a forest spirit. What is it?

Goblins – the mystical creatures that are only present in Slavic mythology. They can have a variety of names. For example, quite often they are called the Woodsman.

What the devil was doing to fairy tales? Usually the king of the forest protects their possessions from all evil. In addition, he must display good people who lost. But the bad threatens to walk in a circle. This Goblin could provide them with quite easily.

In each region Lesovik has a different purpose. Some argue that such mystical creatures – the devil's spawn. And they are created naturally in order to cause harm. The look of this fantastic character could also vary. But there are common features. Usually it's a shaggy monster with huge horns. Often the devil appears in the image of a decrepit old man. It is believed that he is able to become any animal in the territory of his possessions. Though temperate and hardy, but may die from a shot from a gun.mystical creatures


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Goblins Live in the woods. Someone alone, someone manages to create a family. There is also a belief that when goblins fight each other, they pull the roots of the trees and bludgeon their enemy.

With the Kobold you can always negotiate if he doesn't hold a grudge on people. He may withdraw to the mushroom glade, and game drive in the snare.

What are the brownies?

What other mystical creatures found in fairy tales and legends? Of course, brownies. You should understand what is this “beast”. It should be noted that the brownies, though, and are considered to be representatives of evil, are often good and quite cute. However, a trick is capable of. Break a plate for the elf - easy. To serve the brownies can be long enough.

If he loves his master, and the owner of the house can not be afraid of dirty tricks from his part. And the fire will not threaten him, and the thieves won't get in. But sometimes the brownies in their pranks are losing all bounds.

Some people even lure in your house such assistants. The rituals are performed very different. How to summon the mystical creatures of this kind? It is quite simple. They say you should bring home a black rooster and chop his head off.mystical creatures list

The Legend says that the conversations with the family can be quite unpleasant. The landlord is able to numb or start to stutter, seeing that “resident”. There are legends that say that in the house the owner of the house sees herself, only in a more overgrown state.

If you are hardworking, love children, keep their homes clean and tidy, there is nothing you are not threatened. You should only know that house cats do not like. Although many sources say the opposite.

Monster, which frightened and continues to frighten children

In folk tales, legends, superstitions are quite common mystical creatures. The list of enumeration can be extensive. This and mermaids, and vampires, and swab, and water, and... not to count in total. Allot of them have a "monster", which in childhood frightened many. We are talking about do'er. This monster, according to legend, scares disobedient children, being seen of them in the image of the shaggy man.5 mystical creatures

A Certain appearance is a mysterious creature has. However, all the legends say that his appearance in the house is undesirable and even dangerous. There are myths in which the bogeyman wanders about the streets in the old lopsided way. In his hands he must be a stick. And the most dangerous to meet him children.

Even in the modern world you can hear the mother and grandmother scare them unruly brats, telling that babayka goes under the Windows.

Terrible eared hobgoblin

Scary mystical creatures have always been present in our lives in stories and fairy tales. And it is known for the fright, if not all, then many. It can be marsh or home. In the first case, it should be understood close friend of the man. She lives in a swamp, dressed in a fur of moss. In hair it must be woven marsh plants. What makes fright? She scares travellers, stealing children, and especially careless people pulls into the swamp. Fright rarely seen, preferring to remain invisible. Likes to yell out of the quagmire.

ancient mystical creatures

Sister swamp monster

Home > fright also is an evil spirit. Only it inhabits houses, unlike his sister. Usually it is represented as a tiny old lady or a small woman. Because of his small stature she is afraid to go outside because it just can carry out with the wind.

The presence in the house of the frights can be found only at night. She begins to throw stones or materials at hand, running from room to room, stomping, knocking, rattle dishes, etc. There are, of course, such beliefs, in which the dummy is presented in a kind and caring helper. But very few of them.

What else might be wrong with the dummy? It must confuse the yarn. Sometimes steal children. Frights can even exchange a phrase with the owners while this invisible. Able to turn around a cat.

how to summon mystical creatures

The Dead spirits that harm people

The Navier – ancient mystical creatures. It is a perfume of death, of dead people. It is believed that they are able to cause the disease on its sign, but most of the person or pet. Some legends are the cause of natural disasters.

Nights Navier running through the streets, causing harm to all who came out over the threshold of his home. In the end, people were dying from his wounds. Then came the legend, in which Navier hurt already the day, appearing suddenly on the horses in the streets. But they remained invisible. In order to be saved from them, just not to leave the house. For the protection of housing will need to buy amulets with amulets.

You Can propitiate these beings, offering them going to the bath or leaving food on the porch. They were in the way of birds or feathered creatures with tails. Such ideas have survived to the present time.scary mystical creatures


This is only a small part of those mystical creatures that can be present in our lives, accompanying or avoiding people. However, all the list very difficult, especially in the framework of a small article. Many of us were scared, some known only to a narrow circle of people. To believe in them or not? It is the choice of each individual.

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