Mascots Feng Shui: attract to the house of happiness, wealth, health


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One of the most powerful and effective tools in the teaching of Feng Shui are various amulets and talismans. They are able to eliminate or reduce the effect of negative and positive energies, to activate the areas responsible for different areas of life. Try to understand what is the mascots of Feng Shui, the meaning of these strange figures, and how to use them in the house, so it settled happiness, prosperity and love.

The Charms of wealth

lucky charms Feng ShuiProsperity and stability are very important for a happy human life. In the teachings of Feng Shui wealth sector located in the South-East. Aktiviziruyutsya this sector with the use of statues of animals and gods in Chinese mythology. The main character of this sector - Khottey, the wanderer, bringing good luck, wealth and joy. There are other charms of Feng Shui, responsible for the financial well-being. For example, the God daikoku, deteriorating from a bag of magical grain of rice. The company often daikoku is Ebisu. The people of China believe that the Duo are able to do financial miracles. The important role played by gold threelegged Toad with a coin wedged in his mouth. Put her in the zone of wealth - and the money will flow to you river. This group of mascots include the round Chinese coins with square slots in the middle.

Love Charms

For love and marital happiness corresponds to the sector of the Bagua, located in the southwest of the room. To activate and increase the effects of this zone can be paired figurines, pictures. The mascots in charge of this sector, often serve a dual fish or ducks-Mandarin. Other birds (herons, cranes, swans) also are symbols of true love. Still according to the tradition of Feng Shui, every house should be a picture of the goddess of the moon - women's patroness podatelnitsa marital happiness.

lucky charms Feng Shui which means

Mascots dryer-Shui to attract health

To the East is the sector that impact on health. The most powerful talisman - the green dragon. In addition, the figures of Dragon are protecting the house from evil spirits. Another powerful amulet - fresh peach. In the season need to be sure to put in a fruit vase peaches and set in the East side of the home. And the rest of the year, the role of the ripe fruit can take on their images: pictures peaches, pictures of peach orchards. To help keep you healthy and ward off ailments can Chinese thinkers, Lu-Hsing, Fu-sin and Shu-sin.


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lucky charms Feng Shui

Mascots career

The Traditional mascot of the career of the black turtle. Place it in the home or in the office, and things will go uphill! Particularly strong turtle that lays on the back of three frogs.

Mascots Feng Shui for exaggeration of wisdom

The North-Eastern part of the house is responsible for knowledge, wisdom and memory. it place suitable talismans Feng Shui. The best way for this sector fit the crystals, which will help to accumulate wisdom, and will reflect all hostile attacks.

Good luck Charms

Feng Shui is a holistic system dealing with all spheres of life. Using mascots to attract into your life positive emotions and changes for the better. For this dwelling it is possible to place good-luck charms: a bell on the tapes, natural stones, pyramids, crystals.

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