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Since Ancient times, girls were going to the Yule divination. Today is the prediction of the future is also very popular. You can see its destiny not only in the company of girlfriends, but alone. This is especially true for fortune telling before bedtime. They are now held anytime of the year and day of the week. Their huge variety. So the girl can always choose the one that will appeal exactly to answer her questions. Naturally, most of divination love. They indicate the relation of the beloved to the young beauty. And many open the veil of secrecy: who will be the lover and future husband of the girl.

Such a useful gold chain

One example of a night of divination at bedtime is manipulation with a gold chain. For the implementation of this mystical action, you must wait until the house has gone to bed. And only then you can proceed to the process of divination.

The first step is to sit back at the table and rubbed in the hands it a gold chain. We must begin to start the heat. After this it is necessary to shift in the right hand and slightly shake. Finally, the chain should be very sharply down. Interpret the shape of formed circuit.

If it's a circle, waiting for the reptile difficulties in life. The flat line means good luck everywhere and in everything, but the endless knots speak about possible diseases. It may be a triangle, which indicates success in love Affairs. Bow of the Golden chain will tell you that soon we can expect a wedding. Of course, the heart – it is a symbol of happiness and love and family and spiritual well-being.


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Divination by twigs

This divination before bedtime doesn't end there. Another option is the prediction of your future – is the creation of a bridge that will help to see the betrothed. To do this, you must first prepare the wires. Of them, in turn, build a bridge and put it under your pillow before bedtime. At this time, be sure to pronounce the following words: “my betrothed, disguised, probably come and put me through this bridge”. Of course, future lover that night must dream of the girl.

Useful comb

There are fortune-telling before bedtime, using the brush. One of them calls put under the pillow at night comb. Again you will need to say certain words: “my betrothed, disguised, come to me and run a brush through my hair”. On the same night in the dream must appear the devil. It will be this time in the way of the future groom and begin to comb the hair sleeping beauty.

Who will bring water

One of the options of divination before going to sleep is associated with food. This girl needs to eat something salty. It may be pickles, or herring. When the time of sleep, “fortune” conjures whisper: “betrothed, disguised, be sure to come to me and drink, water”. The bride and I will hurry to be in a dream beauty.

Other divination betrothed

To Learn their fate (future husband) and in other ways. It is sufficient, for example, to use divination on the cigarette. There are different variations:

  1. One use only filter cigarette.  Need to rotate in the hands as many times as he turned Guadalmina years. After that filter will appear the outlines of one of the letters of the Russian alphabet. This is the first letter of the name of her spouse.
  2. Another divination on the cigarette uses fly ash, which should be rubbed in the palms. And according to the formed signs, as I assure you, you can understand the fate. 

If you have a favorite

In the case where betrothed already found, you can see his attitude if you try divination by dashes. Moreover, it can be conducted independently manually painting these bars in 4 rows, and then, crossing out three pieces, and with the help of the online version, which is found everywhere in the Internet. In this case, even to remember and look for value not need.

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