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We live in a time when there is a lot of interesting and not always pleasant events. It seems that the entire planet is on the verge of a huge crisis, because the situation is tense everywhere. For a long time were predictions about when the world will end. So, it was called certain, and even date the Apocalypse. In many religions this event is described as Armageddon or judgment day. And yet, most scientists insist that the Apocalypse will happen very soon – billions of years later.

There is an assumption that the world will end this year. A lot of myths appeared on the subject. So, according to many, the Mayan calendar this year is dedicated as Armageddon. In fact, when in Guatemala, I found this calendar, it was found that, according to the source, the existence of life on the planet will be at least another seven thousand years. In this document the date of the twenty-first number of the first winter month-December of the current year is treated as the end of the time period, which was sure to come next cycle. Archaeologists have found an instance that was created in the IX century. It is the oldest of all known calendars of the Mayan civilization.

There are rumors according to which there is a mysterious planet called Nibiru, which in 2012 will hit the Earth, whereby we all die. In fact, it's all invented by the Sumerians – they discovered a new planet. Initially, this catastrophe was predicted in may 2003, but nothing happened. And then there are new myths that have designated 2012 the year when the world will end. According to another popular belief, due to the fact that the slope of the Solar system will be aligned with the inclination of the plane of the Galaxy, will come the Apocalypse. And this synchronization needs to happen this year. But this has happened before, but not used as a pretext for the end of the world. It turns out that this myth also dissipates quickly, if you think about it and proceed from the real facts.


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On the question of what year the world will end before many would have answered confidently that in 2000. Yes, it was then predicted the Apocalypse. But then life on Earth has not stopped. Now and again people create a panic, believe that it's still going to happen. You can not blindly believe everything. In fact, there is a new date when the world will end. For example, the scientists of the Moscow state astronomical Institute, expressed his opinion about the fact that the Apocalypse will come in 2029, and if to be more exact, the thirteenth of April. They believe that in this day an asteroid, the weight of which is fifty million tons, a huge diameter in the three hundred and twenty meters after cross the orbit of the moon, with great speed sweep towards Earth, carrying the energy into sixty-five thousand atomic bombs. As scientists believe, still possible and even necessary to try to find ways to stop the deadly path of the asteroid. Just like in the movies.

In the pursuit of sensations and new discoveries, many are trying to think of something, something to Supplement a – to bring to life your fantasies, your fantasies. The result is a panic, when the whole world is engulfed in thoughts about the end of the world. But actually nobody knows when it will be. Just nobody can predict. Let's live, love, dream, and don't think about the fact that it's all over. Our life is full of adventures and unexpected events. May they be the best, most positive.

Most Likely, many more generations will not find this terrible moment when all life will perish. The main thing is just not to create panic, not to think about the worst. If everyone in life, everything will be OK, then it is unlikely to be interested in the question of when the world will end.

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