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Divination by wax in magic and healing used since ancient times to obtain hidden knowledge. Remember Pushkin's Tatyana, who is curious eyes staring at the wax flushed? In the famous poem by the Great poet actually describes divination by wax. In those days to perform this ritual was used beeswax. We for this purpose it is quite suitable conventional candle and a water-filled bowl.

Almost everything that you will need for the ritual. There is usually a need to do some reservation. Many mages believe that the candles must be wax and paraffin are not suitable. Our goal is not to create controversy, and to learn more about the rite.

As for the opinion of the author, it is a matter of faith. Without faith it is unlikely that anything you do, even if you will use real beeswax. But breaking a candle just does not follow, because that way, guess one loses touch with a Higher Power. As for the candles out of real wax, they can be purchased in the Church. From them even comes honey scent. With the aim of preserving wax to avoid stains on the table, it is advisable to put them in the candlestick.

Divination by wax is carried out in the following order. After you lit the candle, let it ignite. As soon as the wax starts to melt, tilt the candle above the bowl and allow the wax to drip into the water. This action can be repeated several times. In General, it is necessary that the water formed drops are sufficient for the interpretation of the number. Naturally in this case you need to think about your goal, desire, about whom or what you want to learn.


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Water, over which it is divination by wax, ideally, should be Epiphany or at least melt. It can be done yourself. You just dial plain water in a plastic bottle and freeze in the freezer. On the day of the ritual defrost water. In the process of divination by wax, the values occurring in the water wax figures will allow to penetrate into the invisible world of causes and to look to the future.

The Described method is probably the most simple. The figures, which emerged in water, remove and go to their interpretation. In particular when you will be spending divination by wax, the values can be the following. For example, if you were wondering on the narrowed and saw in the water a wreath, pretty soon your wedding will take place.

The Appearance of wax figurines in the form of a snake warns that certain obstacles exist. It could be a rival, and perhaps disease. Good news promises you the appearance of figurines Swan. The horseshoe is a symbol of happiness. This wax promises you a happy married life.

The Crown also symbolizes and promises success to those who are wondering. But mill warns about the gossip and intrigue around your Union with a potential suitor.

Divination by wax involves the use of your intuition. You can do that with nothing certain not to associate appearing in the water wax. Perhaps it will be like no other for you drops. Then use inner feelings. Feel the peace in our hearts figurine evokes positive emotions, means to be good, the wish will come true. If there is a feeling that something is lacking, then there may be obstacles, but if feelings are negative then the outcome is unfavorable.

Divination on wax – values that are not specified previously:

  • Grapes is a symbol of love, fidelity, prosperity.
  • Fan – complexity in manufacturing, the lack of understanding in the workplace promises the appearance of this figure.
  • Mushroom promises longevity, is a symbol of vitality.
  • Dragon the dream, a favorable completion of the business enterprise, the birth of a child.
  • A leaf of the tree warns of envy, intrigues, calls for caution.
  • Bridge – don't push it, compromise.
  • Glasses – expand your horizons.
  • Elephant – your power use wisely.
  • Ball – the situation is stable.
  • Egg & ndash; update the appearance of something new, the birth of a child.

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