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Vecheslav Kazakevich - Russian writer, poet. In the past it was famous for the originality of style that was both wise and naive, tinged with lyricism and humor. He was for many a close source.

In the book "Heart-ship" of the selected printed works from the early editions, also teenage poems from the first book, which was never published.

A prose Style Kazakevich conflicting reviews among critics – put it on a par with George. Durrell, Dovlatov.

Vecheslav Kazakevich. Biography

V. S. Kazakevich – Russian writer. Born in 1951 in Belynichi the Mogilev region (Belarus). He graduated from the Higher military-political Academy in Leningrad, joined the army. From 1974-1979 he studied at the Philology of Moscow state University, graduated from the Department of Russian language and literature. Worked several jobs: in the Museum in Melikhovo, in the Institute, also worked in the archive.

Since 1993 he lives in Japan. Worked at the University, which specializiruetsya in foreign languages, as well as a visiting Professor at the universities of Toyama.

Vecheslav Kazakevich

Vecheslav Kazakevich, a poet and writer

To Create a poetry began in high school, and then went out of his early publications in the Newspapers of Belarus. Next, Vecheslav Kazakevich has been published in magazines and Newspapers of Leningrad. First edition in Moscow – in the journal “Youth” in the 1980's. Wrote 4 books of poetry: “Who would call me brother?" (1987, with drawings by Garifuna Basyrov), “Lunar" (1998, barely reached the public due to unforeseen circumstances), “Holiday in the province" (1985 writing; for it the author received the prize. Gorky), “Crawl, the snail!" (2004, first book of Russian poetry, which was created in Japan) and prose "Hunting for beetles". Poems Vecheslav Kazakevich released in Russia. In 2004, the Japanese saw the release of the book “the Glorification of sunset”, the newspaper of Japan actively wrote on her review. Since 1989, em was accepted into the Union of writers. A collection of “Heart-craft” was created from the favorite poems from other publications, and it includes early poems from unpublished works.


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Vecheslav Kazakevich. The poet

Books of his poems. Publications in journals

Vecheslav Kazakevich wrote “Holiday in the province" of these verses was published in "Young guard" in 1985, “Who would call me brother?” (published in “contemporary”), “Crawl, the snail!” (“the Futurum”).

The Product of “the Life and adventures of a fugitive” was published in selected poems in the anthology “Milestone”, there was published a book of poetry “Heart-craft”.

"the Life and adventures of a fugitive" is not just the usual literature and poetry, this collection, which is based on the real life of the writer - from the boys of Belanica native Mogilev region to the distinguished Professor of Japanese University of Toyama. It describes the nature and anxiety of the mother, then he calms her down. Further, he speaks of Japan and its government.

A Sensual attachment to poetry was a good answer to the question, which he called his second collection: "Who calls me brother?" - which was written in 1987. This collection helps many remember the name of the poet. As in the work "Family", in which the author recalls Emmanuel Kazakevich (author of the popular books "the Star" and "Blue notebook"), it is with irony that goes into a sarcasm, said all interested readers about your family tree.

Vecheslav Kazakevich. Biography

Prose of Vecheslav Kazakevich

As has been said, the critics have appreciated the prose of this author. The story “the Hunt for beetles” ironic and bitter literary work with the exact details. The book talks about that in the 70-ies called roads, science, murder, power, land, laws. This book is about the end of life in the village and how close people unquestioningly and foolishly demolished themselves and their land.

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